Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art’s Café

슬라이스 보단 낫네.

(Some guys playing an à propos song for this morning's gloomy weather.)

I revisited Art's Café (see last 'blog-entry from August 14th, 2010) for breakfast this morning. Art's Café is still located in the Sunset District (over on Irving Street), much as it has been for the last 60 years (or so their web-site says). As stated in the past, they have seating for 14 people only and everyone has a counter/diner seat (so, Jesus could have also invited Mary Magdalene after all to his last supper shindig at this place; that is if they really like hashbrowns or kosher Korean food).

Art's Café offers several good breakfast selections from which to choose: standard egg dishes; omelettes (which they have mispeleded on their menu as "omeletes"); pancakes; and French toasts (Is that really the plural of "toast"?) ~ especially one called Grilled Banana French Toast (with walnuts and whipped cream), which may deserve a look-see one of these days, too. However, today I made the trip all the way over there (in the off-and-on pouring rain, mind you) specifically to try one of their Specialties: Hashbrown Sandwiches. This is truly an amazing invention, and as stated in the subtitle above (What, you can't read Korean?), it's even "better than sliced bread", Lord Montagu. It's really a pretty simple idea and starts with thinly layered hashbrowns covered with Cheddar cheese, then the other ingredients are inserted inside and the hashbrowns folded over à la mode d'une omelette (or "omelete", even).

I had the Vegetarian Hashbrown Sandwich ~ Onions, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, and Tomatoes; served with Melted Cheddar Cheese on Hashbrowns, two eggs (over medium), and toast (or "toasts", sourdough). I also ordered a large glass of odwalla® orange juice.


This was excellent, and I recommend it highly. It was just as I had pictured it would be. Nice and crunchy with the sandwich of hashbrowns and very tasty with all the ingredients inside it. They squirt a little barbecue sauce in with the vegetables while sautéing them; at first I had thought that it was the sweet-hot Korean hot sauce "gochujang", but after tasting it, I could tell that it was just a basic barbecue sauce, probably so as to not scare any of us "round eyes" off. The only thing that might have made this even better would be the addition of spinach and/or avocado; the lady next to me got avocado and tofu in hers. No one told me I could make substitutions! Next time I am gonna ask for mine with tofu, spinach, and gochujang.

After breakfast, I stopped at Beanery (the one on 9th Street, just around the corner) for a pretty decent cuppa French Roast (Organic). Beanery has four locations in the Bay area now, with two in the Sunset just a few blocks apart, one in Alameda, and one in Berkeley. I think the one on 9th Street is the original Bay Area location, which has been there since 1989.

Now this is one table of which even Cosmo would be very proud!

Art's Café offers for condimentary supplements Tabasco® (just the standard red) and Crystal®, as well as their home-made gochujang. I forewent the aforementioned hot sauces and once again used some from my own collection: a little Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce on the sandwich (Thanks agains, Amys!) and a little Oaxacan Hot Sauce on the eggs (Thanks, me!).

Actually, if I knew I was only going to get one last meal, I think I'd have to opt for a "Last Breakfast", and as good as the Hashbrown Sandwich was, I would probably go to Dottie's True blue café instead… and I really doubt I would invite those ungrateful fargin' bastages Judas Iscariot or Thomas ~ they would probably try to sneak in some bacon into their meals, anyway.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Vegetarian Hashbrown Sandwich ~ 7.4; Beanery, French Roast (Organic) ~ 7.0; Sliced Bread ~ 6.0

(The management regrets to inform that there are no stupid, useless cunning linguists pointers of the day today.)

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