Sunday, November 12, 2017

Delancey Street Restaurant

(This is not the greatest web-site, but it is all they have to offer.)

Place: Delancey Street Restaurant

Location: the Embarcadero at Brannan Street

Hours: open at 10:00am for "Brunch" on Sunday only

Meal: New Mexican Omelette ~ pepper Jack cheese, green onions & tomatoes, topped with sour cream, salsa & guacamole, served with home fried potatoes & toast, additionally, all "Brunch" meals come with homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) bagel chips; and a glassa fresh-squeezed orange juice

(Happy 72nd Birthday to ol' Noel Yang!)[1]

I had joked the last time that I ate at Delancey Street Restaurant (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, February 9th, 2014) that I would probably get back there in another three years. Well...

The previous time that I ate there was the day after I had eaten at Town's End Restaurant Bakery 
(which is located just a block away) and it jogged my memory to try them again. Now it seems that turn-abouts-fairplay and I probably need a return visit to Town's End soon, too.

Once again this morning, I parked a block away over on Delancey Street (which is actually the last two blocks of where First Street would finish at the Embarcadero, but has been renamed such for several years now) where there was plenty of free and legal parking at that time of the morning on a Sunday. 

Even though they are located "all the way across town"... and they don't open until 10:00am... and they call this meal "Brunch", I still want to get back there again to try some of these other ideas:

Garden Scramble ~ onions, mushrooms, bell peppers & tomatoes, served with 7-grain toast and home fried potatoes (this was going to be my original choice ~ see following explanatory information below);

"Veggie" Benedict ~ English muffin, wilted spinach (okay, I understand that they are a nonprofit organization and all, but they really should use fresh spinach), roasted tomato & avocado, with home fried potatoes (despite the odiously monikered dish, this still sounds good);

3 Eggwhite Spinach & Mushroom Omelette ~ fat-free garlic & chive schmear[2], served with bagel thins & apple butter (sorry, I would probably have to order a side of their home fried potatoes or Potato Latkes, Mr. Gravas, to go along with this way too healthy-sounding meal);

Kale & Brussel[ sic; and this place isn't even owned by Koreans[3]] Sprouts Salad ~ diced brussel[ sic, again] sprouts, avocado, pomegranate seeds, shallots & shaved Pecorino (I would probably have them add a couple of poached eggs on top);


Cheese Blintzes & Homemade Tri-Berry Jam ~ with sour cream.

Beforehand (because I had arrived thirty to forty-five minutes before they opened and was going to walk around the neighborhood a bit), I decided to get a cuppa Coffee at the nearby Crossroads Café. I only later discovered when I got back home and looked it up on line that this nearby coffeehouse is also operated and run by worker-trainees from Delancey Street Foundation ~ so, there ya go! This is a pretty cool place; it is a bookstore, mini-arthouse, and café all rolled into one! I don't normally comment on the prices of items (let's face it, you are lucky to get some coin-change from a tenner when you order a cuppa and a pastry these days), but I really have to point out that a cuppa Coffee here was only one buck! And refillas are only two bits! H*ck, even Mackey-D's Rainbow Room charges more than that now-a-days! With prices that cheap, I prolly-shoulda figured that they were a charitable/nonprofit type place. This was a pretty decent cuppa, too. I didn't get the brand-name of Coffee that they served there, but I think I saw them serving Superior Coffee at the main restaurant.

I like that each meal comes with a little bowl of fresh-made bagel chips and butter as a breakfastary starter. I am not sure if they make all of their own bagels, but you can tell that these bagel chips were fresh-made there. There were at least four different types of bagel chips, too: plain, pumpernickel, poppyseed, and a cinnamon-raisin(? it may have been cinnamon-apricot even).

Here is where it would pay for me to look up past visits to make sure that I try something different... however, I actually did check earlier this morning and completely forgot that I had already ordered this same dish on my previous visit there (it was three years ago, after all). I was all set on getting the Garden Scramble, but overheard a women at the next table order the New Mexican Omelette. I then quickly re-looked over my own menu and thought that it did sound pretty good and changed my mind just as my friendly waiter/server-guy person (who, by the way, was more than proficient and should be working at another restaurant soon, I am sure) came by to take my order...

Even so, this really was a perfectly tasty choice for a Sunday "Brunch". It is not as if I go there every one to two years and order the same meal...

Delancey Street Restaurant only offers Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce ~ Original Red Sauce for use as condimentary supplementation. I used some of my own Palo Alto Firefighters XXX Ghost Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) liberally (a bit too much) all over their good homefries.

Looks like I am now due for a return visit sometime before New Year's Eve 2020...

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
New Mexican Omelette ~ 6.7;
a decent $1.00 cuppa at Crossroads Café ~ 6.4


1. The first EweToobular song is just a lotta fun with dueling Noels singing and harping together.

The second is one of my Top Five Favourite Noel Yang Songs, which makes it one of my All-Time Favourite Rock-and/or-Roll Songs of All-time. Plus, there is the extra-added bonus of the back-up singers (who can be heard prominently near the end of the song) ~ two unknowns named Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor... I wonder whatever became of them? I suppose they couldn't cut it in Show Biz and are now selling insurance somewhere.

And the last cover song happens to be my All-Time Favourite Noel Yang Song of All-time (and possibly #3 on my All-Time Favourite Rock-and/or-Roll Songs of All-time). I like that this album happened to be recorded live on my birthday, too.

2. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

There really is no kerrekt spelink for this word in English as it is of foreign origin. It can be spelled as either "schmear", "schmeer", "shmear", "shmeer", or "whathaveyeer". However, whenever it comes to any kinda words of Yinglish-origin, I will defer to my only lexicon of the Yiddish language ~ The Joys of Yiddish by Leo Rosten. In it, Mr. Rosten dictates:


Pronounced as it is written; rhymes with "shear". From German: Schmiere: "grease", or "bribe".

1. To paint.
2. To smear.
3. To spread. "Shmeer it on the bread."
4. A spread or paste. "With drinks, a caviar shmeer on crackers goes well." "Smoked fish, cream cheese, sour cream, and chives make a wonderful cocktail shmeer."
5. To bribe; a bribe. This is the most interesting usage, and has long been part of American slang. It is related to "greasing the palm". "Do the officials expect to be shmeered there?" "Do they take a shmeer?" There is a saying: "Az men shmeert nit, fort men nit." ("If you don't bribe, you don't ride" - or, less literally, "Without bribery, you'll get nowhere.")
6. To strike or beat. "He landed a shmeer between the eyes."

3. You would have to look back through a couple of my most recent visits last month to Blackwood ~ American Thai Fusion and Surisan to get that remark.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

eight am

I was almost in the Military once... 
I served nine years in the USAF.[1]

(No official-type web-site.)

Place: eight am

Location: 1323 Columbus Avenue 
(between Beach and North Point Streets); 
phonicular contact: (415) 292-4888

Hours: (ironically enough, they actually) open at 7:00am seven days a week

Meal: Avocado Toast[2] Three Ways & Fresh Fruit Salad ~ you'll get all three toasts described below and a side of fresh fruit[3]:
Avocado Toast with Fried Egg ~ toasted multigrain bread spread with mashed avocado topped with one sunny-side up egg;
Avocado Toast with Heirloom Tomato ~ toasted sweet baguette spread with mashed avocado and heirloom tomato slices; and
Avocado Toast with Bacon ~ toasted sourdough spread with mashed avocado and bacon (I had them substitute a second Avocado Toast with Fried Egg instead);
and to drink, a cuppa (and two refillas) Royal Cup Coffee and Tea Rain Forest Bold Coffee

(There is no particular juxtaselection for this EweToobular song this morning. I just have it under good authority that both Keith and Greg were big fans of the fruity avocado, but I heard that that d*mn Carl was an obstinate berry-hater! 

[And I bet that it will take longer to listen to this entire song than it will take to read this morning's silly li'l 'blog-entry.])

If I hadn't already had "discovered" Surisan (which is just around the corner a block away) earlier this year, I would easily (ex- and/or pro-)claim eight am (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, April 16th, 2017) as both Best "New" Breakfast Find of 2017 and Best Breakfast on Fisherman's Wharf. As it is, they are definitely My Second-Favourite New Restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf

Because it was not raining and Monsieur Soleil was (sorta) out this morning, I decided to sit outside at one of the four sidewalk tables for two. It was a bit cool still, but I had on both a jacket and sweatshirt underneath which made it sufficiently comfortable for me.

As for other possible ideas (and more reasons for return visits in the future; even if this means having to deal with driving "all the way over" to Fisherman's Wharf and having to deal with all the d*mn touristas, too):

Haight Ashbury (Frittata) ~ mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and Swiss cheese;

Nob Hill (Frittata) ~ mushrooms, spinach, shallots, and Swiss cheese;


Noe Valley (Frittata) ~ Black Forest ham, zucchini, and Gruyère (I would have, of course, sechsundachtzig-ed the Schwarzwälder Schinken, Adolf); 

and several different crêpes (both sweet and savoury) from which to choose, too:

7AM ~ tomatoes, yellow and red bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and Swiss cheese; 

8AM ~ berry compote made with fresh seasonal berries (hopefully not including any avocado or tomatoes) and Chantilly cream; 


11AM ~ peanut butter and sliced bananas drizzled with maple syrup.

♪ "Come and knock on our avocado..." ♫

Ha! These came out presented with two perfectly executed Mooby's-style sunnyside-up eggs! 

This was a virtual toasty Mélange-à-Trois (well, 
Mélange-à-Deux for me). What is there really to be said about Avocado Toast? It is basically mashed fresh avocado (and I know it was fresh as there was even one small piece of the skin/shell that I discovered before eating it... luckily) on toast. Simples! I did like that they offered three different (well, in my case, two different) versions and with three different types of bread/toast. Additionally, the heirloom tomatoes would be a welcomed sight and taste by everyone (well, by everyone not named "Greg Kipe", that is).

Even though it was just another "fruit salad"-thing, this contained a very impressive display o' fruits: banana 
(a botanical berry), kiwi (also a botanical berry), strawberries (not quite botanical berries), blueberries (quite the botanical berries), blackberries (nope, sorry, not botanical berries), raspberries (also, nope, not botanical berries), pineapple (I am not quite sure if the fruit of the pineapple trees are also botanical berries, but they are probably just as much a berry as strawberries or raspberries), cantaloupe (I really can't determine one way or the other on the berry-status of this one), and honeydew melon (see cantaloupe ~ ditto).

For condimentary supplements, eight am offers just Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) and Cholula® Hot Sauce (Original). Knowing this, and because I was figuring on ordering Avocado Toast Three Ways , I made sure to bring a troika of my own hot sauces to use upon each slice. I used some Dat'l Do-it® Scorching Habanero Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) on top of one egg, some Great Wall Wasabi Hot Sauce (Thanks again, Mom!) on top of the other egg, and some Sunbelt Plantations Vidalia® Onion Jalapeno[ sic ] Pepper Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on top of the heirloom tomatoes (I determined [correctly, I might add; even one of the waiter/server-guy persons agreed with me when he saw that I had three of my own bottles with me] that the jalapeño flavour would pair up nicely with the heirloom tomatoes [and just who the h*ck bequeaths their garden fruits and vegetables to their offspring?!]).

I am sure that Jack and Chrissy (and that other one) would whole-heartedly approve of this meal. However, Mr. Roper would probably frown-upon this frivolous use of perfectly good berries (he always disliked those "fruity"-types, after all). (No one really cared what Mr. Furley ever had to say, anyway.)

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Avocado Toast Three Ways & Fresh Fruit Salad ~ 6.6 (as simplistic as the meal was, I am still giving it a pretty good rating, mainly for the trinity [the Father, the Son, and the Holy Toast?] uniqueness and especially for their excellent fruit selection);
Royal Cup Coffee and Tea Rain Forest Bold Coffee ~ 6.6


1. Trust me. This joke kills at any VFW or American Legion hall among members of all the other Branches of Military.

A Happy Veterans Day to all of you that are Veterans!

(A Happy Saturday to everyone else!)

2. "Avocado Toast" is the new "black" in the Breakfastary World it seems. It can now be found ubiquitously everywhere as often as you might see the word "ubiquitous". Because of which, I have decided to add a separate "Label" (see right-side column) for it now. 

I have only had it a few times (at least two times that I could find in past 'blog-entries) in the past few years; so it took me a while to locate even those two times.

3. They didn't specify whether or not the fruits were into Ménage-à-Trois-ery. However, both avocados and tomatoes are technically fruits (and botanically berries).

Friday, November 10, 2017

higher grounds coffeehouse

"Across Chenery Street
P*mps tryin' to catch a crêpe that's sweet..."

(No official-type web-site.)

Place: higher grounds coffeehouse

Location: 691 Chenery Street (on the corner of Diamond Street); phonicular contact: (415) 587-2933

Hours: open daily at 8:00am

Meal: Alla Milanese[1] (à la mode d'une crêpe) ~ tomato, eggplant, Mozzarella, black pepper, olive oil, spices, served with potatoes & salad (you know, your basic boring salad mixed greens stuff, aka rabbit-food); and a (large-ish) cuppa the (coffee)house Coffee

(There are no real EweToobular juxtaselections with these two videos [well, other than the rain today]. Maybe ol' Bobby W. and the wolf-boyos like crêpes and eggplant[2], too.)

(Here we have a special bonusary Friday 'blog-entry due to the three-day Veterans Day Weekend this year. I knew it would pay off being one of them WWII Vets one of these days.)

While this morning's wicked ol' rain may have let up by the time I arrived at higher grounds coffeehouse (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, December 18th, 2016), there was still a bit of a wet mist in the air. 

It's funny, I had arrived just a little after 8:05am, but there were already several people (neighborhood regulars by the looks of them) in this tiny joint; some had been served already and some were still waiting to order ahead of me.

D'autres bonnes idées encore (all of which can be made as either crêpes or omelettes; next time [and there will be many other next times, believe me] I really should oughtta try one of their omelettes):

Pesto ~ cheese, pesto (well, natch'), mushroom, & Feta (this one I would probably like to try as an omelette);

Simply Italian ~ Mozzarella, Parmesan, basil, spices, salt, pepper, olive oil, zucchini (this sounds like it would be good as either);

Florentine ~ cheese, spinach, cottage cheese, onion (I don't care much for cottage cheese in my omelettes, so this would have to be tried as seulement une crêpe);

Curry ~ bell pepper, cheese, onion, sour cream, potato (while they don't state it on the chalkboard menu, I am sure there are some kinda curry-spices involved there, too; I could go either way with this one, but it sounds like it would be better as a crêpe); 


Apple Cheese ~ cheese (well, duh!), apple (duh x2), brown sugar, cinnamon (okay, this one should probably only be made as a crêpe, but I am not discrediting the choice of this as an omelette until I try it). 

I think that I might have enjoyed their Puttanesca Crêpe just a little bit better on my last visit, but this was another stellah-winnah for me! This was made with lots of eggplant in it (which is a good thing, as this was my main reason for going with this choice this morning) and the eggplant was cut into nice bite-sized/palatable 1/4" strips (sometimes places will go with 1/2" chunks or larger and it makes the crêpe a bit unwieldy... if you are into wielding crêpes, that is).

Their special coffeehouse blend/roast is very strong (read: good!), too, but they could serve brown mud-water there and I would still come back again and again for the great food. "But they are a coffeehouse, after all, Brian, shouldn't they be serving good Coffee, anyway?" You would be surprised...

As far as condimentary supplementation goes, higher grounds coffeehouse only has Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (just the standard Original Red Sauce). Knowing this (well, making sure to re-read the previous few 'blog-entries from this place), I made sure to come prepared with some of my own hot sauces. I used some Pepper Palace Gator Bite Hot Sauce (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!) on the (also very tasty) potatoes and some Dixie Crossroads Hot Habañero[ sic ] Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on the crêpe (which turned out to be a mistake, as this really didn't need any extra flavour, but I had already liberally doused it before trying it... oh, well).

This tiny bonhomous coffeehouse really is:
"a nice little place to eat".

I'll testify to that... heheheh!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Alla Milanese ~ 6.8;
higher grounds coffeehouse Coffee ~ 6.6


1. Didn't she star in "Who's the Boss?" with Tony Danzig?

2. Pop-quiz to see just how many of you have been paying attention or have been sleeping through class (well, these silly li'l 'blog-entry things):

Is an eggplant a vegetable or fruit (and it does NOT come from the chicken-tree, Nick!)?

Much like it's New World cousins tomato and peppers (both of the chilli and bell variety), the eggplant is actually a fruit... and botanically a berry!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dottie's True blue café

Place: Dottie's True blue café

Location: 28 6th Street 
(on the corner of Stevenson Street)

Hours: open 7:30am Thursday through Monday 

Meal: Two Eggs, any way you like (I liked them over-medium) ~ with home fries & toast (I went with buttermilk-dill); a Black & Blueberry Muffin (it musta had a rough Saturday night); and a cuppa (and two refillas) the house Coffee

(Just a coupla timely EweToobular songs to herald in the end of [the completely useless and stupid] Daylight Saving Time.)

For the eleventh month in a row (in an attempt to go there at least once a month for an entire year), I headed back to Dottie's True blue café (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, October 7th, 2017). 

I was the first idiot to arrive there early this morning (it was around 7:05am), but I really thought that because of the time-change, there would already be a bevy of touristas waiting in line ahead of me. Less than five minutes after arriving, many more people started to queue-up behind me, and the line was once again around the corner before they opened the doors. Luckily, it was a sunny enough morning and just cool enough to wait outside with a jacket on. Because I was the first one in the door, I had my choice of seating, and once again I chose "Seat #1" at the corner of the counter.

If I hadn't have gone the simplistic breakfast route, I was thinking about creating (well, choosing the ingredients and having Kurt do the actual "creating") my own three-egg omelette from the extensive list of ingredients that Dottie's offers. One combination that I came up with was corn, basil, and Feta (which sounded just strange enough that I know I would have loved it). Another idea was avocado, Kalamata olives, and Gruyère. And also maybe spinach, roasted garlic, and goat cheese. Maybe next month, if I don't see something different or more interesting on their Specials Board, I will try one of these.

This was a HUGE muffin and almost a meal unto itself. (I don't know if you can tell from the above photo, but the muffin took up almost an entire full-sized dinner plate.) I finished it, but just barely. It was very good with the combination and abundance of blueberries (a true botanical berry, of course) and blackberries (a not-so-true botanical berry) in it. They heat it up before bringing it to you, too.

It was two eggs over-medium with a side of homefries and toast. What more can I say about it?

Because Dottie's True blue café has a pretty decent selection of condimentary supplements, I never bother bringing any of my own hot sauces with me and I used some of the provided Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce ~ Chipotle Pepper Sauce all over the potatoes and some Frank's® RedHot® Chile 'n Lime on top of both eggs.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Black & Blueberry Muffin ~ 6.8;
egg-cetera ~ 6.4 (it was a pretty basic meal, but their potatoes are always top-notch)

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Ceci n'est pas un miracle réel... just one h*ckuva tasty petit déjeuner

Place: Zazie

Location: 941 Cole Street 
(between Carl Street and Parnassus Avenue)

Hours: "Brunch" is served Monday-Friday 8-2 and Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 9-3 (it is the same menu every day of the week, and they open up way early enough to be able to drop the snooty-*ssed moniker "Brunch", and seeing as they are supposed to be a snooty-*ssed authentique Frenchified bistro, they should oughtta be calling this early morning meal 
"Petit Déjeuner", anyway)

Meal: Miracle Pancakes (2) - Sugar Pie Pumpkin Pancakes ~ made with real roasted pumpkin, topped with pumpkin purée w/ vanilla whipped cream; a side order of Home-fries (or should that be "Maison-frites"?), with some of their homemade (Zazie-made, whatever) habanero salsa; and a cuppa (and two refillas) Zazie's Organic Specialty Coffee[1]

(This poster was above me and over my left shoulder. It was positioned correctly; I just thought I'd try something artistique.)

(There really are no EweToobular juxtaselections for those first two Motown mega-hits this morning. 

However, it is a well-known fact that both cherries and pumpkins are botanical berries[2], and I have it on good authority that Ms. Tunstall is a big fan of pancakes [like Haggis, pancakes are the other National Dish of Alba-nia][3].)

Once again, to be able to state: "I had breakfast from A (as in Andytown Coffee Roasters)[4] to Z in 2017", je suis retourné à Zazie (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, December 28th, 2014). 

I had arrived so early in the neighborhood (a little after 8:15am) that I even found a legal (and free) parking spot just around the corner on Parnassus Avenue. Because I didn't want to look foolish waiting in line for forty-five minutes all by myself, I made sure to walk around the area a bit checking out/noting the other breakfastary places along the street (of which, there are at least three-to-five other good options in just two blocks up and down Cole Street). When I got back, I ended up being the third "party" (thankfully, the maître d'/manager-guy person was nice enough not to call out "Brian... party of one!") in line. 

Since I last ate there, they have expanded their front sidewalk café eating area to four tables for two (or possibly two tables for four... or one table for four and two tables for two...). I did think (briefly) about sitting outside this morning (either in the front area or in their much larger backyard patio); however, it had rained earlier in the morning (much before I had even left the house), and I was not sure how long the clouds would keep back, so I wimped-out and sat inside once again (as it was, it did not rain at all while I was inside eating). Next time...

I can not believe that it has been almost three years since I last ate at Zazie. They have a really good standard breakfast ("Brunch", whatever) menu and they also offer seasonal/weekendly specials. These guys could easily be "Breakfastary Starting Rotation"-worthy if ever needed.

Ferinstance, quelques autres idées:

(off their "Brunch" Specials addition)

Ceci n'est pas un Pancake ~ Our kitchen's version of Huevos Rancheros, corn tortillas w/ melted cheese, slow cooked black beans, spicy tomato sauce, avocados, salsa fresca, two over easy eggs (this was going to be my initial choice... until I saw the miraculous dish that I ended up ordering);

Fresh squash & sage Raviolis ~ w/ wilted arugula (Sheesh! For the price, you would think they would use fresh arugula at least!), butter, garlic, white wine, and aged Parmesan (while not really a breakfastary sorta dish, I was also eyeing that this morning for something a little different);


Omelette du Jour (and I am so glad that they spelded "Omelette" kerrektly) ~ apple chicken sausage (which I would have had quatre-vingt six-ed, sans doute), tomatoes provençale [ sic; see, technically, the adjective "provençale" should be "provençales" in agreement with "tomatoes" being in the plural; also, it would be "tomates" if they were using the actual Frenchy word], fresh basil, and Feta cheese w/ home fries or salad (another tough choice not to choose);


(off their standard "Brunch" menu, specifically in the Scrambled Egg Dishes section; all served w/ choice of whole wheat or white toast and home fries or salad)

Fontainbleu ~ w/ wild mushrooms, spinach, Fontina;

Avignon ~ w/ eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, provençale herbs;

Greece (Et porquois pas la 'Grèce'?) ~ w/ red onions, spinach, Feta (this dish is another good reason for a return trip... hopefully not in the year 2020);


Italie ~ w/ tomatoes provençales (now here, on their standard printed menus, they have the adjective in agreement to "tomatoes"), cream cheese, fresh basil.

And, additionally (also off their "Brunch" Specials addition), they had a Sugar Pie Pumpkin Latte ~ made w/ roasted sugar pie pumpkin, maple, and spices, topped w/ vanilla whipped cream and cinnamon... St*rbucks only wishes they made it this delicious. (Let it be known that the last "... " section of that sentence was actually on their menu; I didn't even need to editorialise it in any way.) I almost went with one of those, too, but that would have been both a sugar (maple syrup, whatever) and pumpkin overkill. It did look very tempting, though; it was served in one of them extra large latte cups/boules.

I can not be sure (just because I was incessantly drooling, they kept barring my way into the kitchen to check it out), but I think they probably use their gingerbread pancake batter as a basis for this meal. Stuff like this is why ("are why"?) I will definitely have to get back there more often. The above photo quality might not do it any justice, but it was extremely tasty. The real trick was trying to get "la morsure parfaite" with a bit of butter, whipped cream, maple syrup[5a], and pumpkin[5b] purée all in the same forkful. They offer this dish as one, two, or three pancakes. Two pancakes turned out to be the perfect amount for me (with the additional homefries); one pancake might not have been enough and three pancakes would have been wayyyyy too much food for me to process.

Once again, I really enjoyed the homefries side dish. It included six (six) cloves of roasted garlic in with the potatoes this morning, and I made sure to eat each and every one. Look out, Eats, you have some competition here!

I did not ask what they might have to offer in the way of bottles of condimentary supplementation (nor did I bother schlepping any of my own hot sauces with me). I remembered from my last visit (well, I "remembered" after re-reading the 'blog-entry from my previous visit there) that they offered a homemade salsa of their own. I thought it was of a tomatillo-base, but it turned out to be of the habanero kind. Surprisingly, this habanero salsa was really not that épicé, but it did have a really nice goût to it. I ended up using a goodly amount of it all over the potatoes... okay, I admit, I did try some on one bite of pancake, too, and it really wasn't half-bad (to a pessimist, would that mean it is only "half-good"?).

As if I needed yet still another viable reason to patronise Zazie, there is this directly off their menu and web-site:

Zazie is Proud to be Tip Free!

All of our menu prices include a living wage, revenue share, paid family leave, fully funded health & dental insurance, paid time off, and a 401(k) with employer match for all of our hard working employees.
~No Tips Expected~

Wow! No tipping![6] Who says the French ain't got no culcher?! 
(Don't worry, I am not from KT Tunstall's motherland. I did end up tipping my normal 20% amount, anyway. I checked first with my waiter/server-guy person first, and he had no qualms with it either.) 

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Miracle Pancakes - Sugar Pie Pumpkin Pancakes ~ 7.4;
Maison-frites (avec de l'ail) ~ 7.56;
salsa habanera ~ 7.3;
Zazie's Organic Specialty Coffee ~ 7.1;
Andytown's Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate ~ 8.3


1. I checked with the maître d'/manager-guy person and he told me that they do still get their Coffee from LaCoppa Coffee in Mill Valley. I was not sure from my last visit there; they no longer mention it on the menu. Apparently, LaCoppa makes this special roast/blend for them.

2. Nah! How many times I gotta tell ya? Cherries are not an actual botanical berry; they are a fleshy drupe.

On the other hand, Peter, pumpkins are botanical berries. Go figger...

3. No, no! No, no-no-no...

The First Rule of the Intro-Net is: "Never believe nuthin' ya reads on these here World Wild Webs!"

The Second Rule of the Intro-Net: "When in doubt, see Rule #1."

Besides, just look at them dimples!
(And I meant Daryl's. KT is pretty d*rn cute, too.)

4. See previous 'blog-entry from Saturday, September 30th, 2017.

Earlier this morning, before even thinking about eating breakfast, I fixed me uppa (well, dripped me downa) a cuppa Andytown's Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate.

"I don't drink Coffee to wake up; I wake up to drink Coffee!"

5. Are there any foods more All-American (as in New World foods) than maple syrup and pumpkins? I can't think of anything else other than possibly: corn/maize, tomatoes (including their spicy little cousins, chilli peppers), potatoes, and chocolate.

6. Supposably, this whole stupid "tipping" thing started here in San Francisco ~ so, it should all end here as well!