Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jane (on Larkin)

"Humor keeps us alive. 
Humor and food. 
Don't forget food. 
You can go a week without laughing." 
~ Joss Whedon

Place: Jane
Location: 925 Larkin Street (between Geary and Post Streets; on the corner of Cedar Street, which is really more of an "Alley" than "Street", though)
Hours: open every day for breakfast at 7:00am; and, on the weekends, they have an additional "Brunch" menu from which to choose (also starting at 7:00am, which is nice, considering the snooty-*ss "Brunch" sobriquet)
Meal: Baked Egg Hash ~ heirloom fingerling potatoes (Who bequeaths their tubers to family members?), bell pepper, spring onion, curried cauliflower, two eggs (baked, presumably, hence the name of the dish); one Citrus Brioche (which ended up being both a starter 
[I ate a little of it while waiting for the hash-stuff to arrive] and dessert [I finished the rest of it while enjoying the last of my Coffee]); and a cuppa their House Coffee, which is called Bread & Butter

(I know that you must be puzzling as to what exactly the EweToobular juxtaselection is with this song and today's destination. It is a well-known fact that Perry Farrell is a YUGE[1] curried cauliflower fan.

While this really isn't any kinda breakfastary song, it's one of my favourite songs from the 80's and, to me, it epitomizes the late 80's sound. Plus, how many Rock-and/or-Roll songs utilize a steel drum in them as a major component?)

As I have about run out of places to eat breakfast, I am always on the lookout for new places. Jane is one such "new" place for me. There are two other locations in San Francisco: they have their original café-shop on the "good part" of Fillmore Street (which has been open about six years now; I have eaten there a few times for lunch) and a brand new (as in opened only for a few months ~ I think it opened sometime in December 2016) bakery-only on Geary Boulevard (I ride past this spot everyday on my way to work and this was what triggered me checking them out this morning).

The Larkin Street shop is rather unassuming (as can be seen from the storefront photo above, they do not even have any signage out front stating this is the place) and does not really have much of a décor of which to speak, but it fits in fine with the neighborhood (Upper Tenderloin/Lower Nob Hill). Seating-wise there are just seven tables for two, two tables for four, and seven counter stools.

For a small café-joint, they do offer a pretty impressive selection of breakfast (or "Brunch") items. There are still many other good ideas (for stupid vegetarians, even stupider Vegans, and dead, decaying animal-fleshetarians alike) that I can see going back to try, ferinstance:

off the Weekend "Brunch" menu:

Southwest Scramble ~ red and green peppers (well, when seasonably available, I can only assume), black beans, onion, avocado, and salsa, served with fresh fruit or a small salad and a biscuit; 
Spicy Baked Eggs ~ two eggs, spicy tomato and black bean stew, Cheddar cheese, cilantro, toast (this was going to be my initial choice until I saw the "curried cauliflower" in my final choice; I figure that this might be similar to the Middle Eastern/North African dish Shakshouka, and I always like that); 
the Un-Smoothie ~ burrito filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon (which I could always have un-ordered), sausage (un-ditto), Cheddar cheese, pico de gallo;


off the standard Breakfast menu:

Avocado Mash ~ avocado (nacherly), cracked black pepper, soft boiled egg, pickled shallot and jalapeño on house sourdough;
Jane's Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl ~ dragonfruit (nacherly, again), pineapple, banana, ginger, coconut water, blueberries, raspberries, hemp seeds, flax seeds, cocoa nibs, goji, mulberries (I saw this on another diner's table and it looked very good; if you are in the mood for something sweet and less eggy, this would be a good choice);
Warm Quinoa Bowl ~ quinoa, roasted brussel [ sic ] sprouts (!!!; Brussels sprouts are the anti-"Vile Weed" to me), sweet potatoes, kale (all of which I bet would be great with a poached egg laid ~ well, placed ~ on top).

Plus several other dishes that I am too lazy to mention here.

This was made with lots of curried cauliflower (a big plus + in my book); which I was happy to see, as this was the ingredient that caught my eye and made this dish my deciding one. The fingerling potatoes (whether they were actually passed on from generation to generation or not) consisted of three (maybe four) types: purple, red, and white (possibly some yellow in there, too). It stated on the menu that this had bell peppers in it, but I did not see (nor taste) any in it really. I had completely forgotten that it was supposed to include bell peppers in it, and as I was eating it, I was actually thinking that this dish could use one (or two) more elements (for texture or crunch) in it, like bell peppers or mushrooms (or, better yet, some fresh corn kernels ~ them are "maize colonels" to you Brits). It was all still very good, anyway. I guess they must have been out of bell peppers this morning, because everyone knows that those are a very hard item to find in California.

Their Coffee was a very interesting surprise. I have been to many bakery-joints that don't always have Coffee as good as their baked-goods. In this case, I actually liked their Coffee better than their Citrus Brioche (don't get me wrong, it was very good on its ownsome). I was told by one of the counter-service ladies-persons that they do their own roasting (but I expect that it is actually farmed-out and roasted for them at some other local roastery). Once again, I know that I really shouldn't be wasting time ordering any Coffee with all of my own Coffee that I still need to drink up (and down), but I figured when at a local bakery-coffeehouse, do like they do in Rome...

For condimentary supplements, Jane offers Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce), Tapatio® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce, Cholula® Hot Sauce (Green Pepper), and Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Chili Ketchup. However, unlike yesterday, I did bring some of my own hot sauces for use and went with some Sunbelt Plantations Vidalia® Onion Picante Hot Sauce (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!) on top of one of the eggs and some Dat'l Do-it® Scorching Habanero Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) on top of the other egg.

See, Jane hit the spot, Dick!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Baked Egg Hash ~ 7.1;
Citrus Brioche ~ 6.9;
Bread & Butter Coffee ~ 7.2


1. Do you think that in five to ten years, this joke will still be understood?

I can only hope that it has long been forgotten, though.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


"All sorrows are less with bread." 
~ Mikey de Cervantes Saavedra

(And they are even much less so when combined with da kine eggy-batter mixture, piña berry compote, and vanilla [crème] Chantilly[1], bruddah.)

Place: grindz
Location: 832 Clement Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
Hours: open for "Brunch" Saturday and Sunday at 9:00am (well, their official-type web-site states "9:30am", but I know that they were already open and serving when I arrived there this morning at 9:05am)
Meal: Puka[2] French Toast ~ brioche, piña berry compote, vanilla (crème) Chantilly; a side of Plantation Potatoes; and a cuppa (and, because I could, two full refillas) Bicycle Coffee co Dark Roast (Guatemala)

(Believe me, I tried finding Ukulele Jake[3] doing a EweToobular version of "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" [the other Bruce Springfield hit after "Jessie's Girl"]. This will have to suffice.

"If it's jake with Jake, it's jake with me!")

Luckily for me, the last few days of torrential rainfall had stopped a few hours before I was going to head out this morning for breakfast at grindz (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, May 22nd, 2016). Even though I no longer have grindz in my Breakfastary Starting Rotation, I am giving them a Spring Training try-out. 

There are still a few items left on their "Brunch" menu that I want to try one of these days: Li Hing[4] Pineapples (ripe pineapples dusted with Li Hing powder [ground dried plum skin]; which I would have had to have supplemented with an order of Plantation Potatoes, too) and Breakfast Sandwich (furikake[5] brioche, sage breakfast sausage, egg, Cheddar, mixed greens; but no matter how intelligent those dead, decaying porky products might be, I would have had to have them substituted for avocado). If ever needed, I can always re-order my (past) favourite dish of theirs, Kalua Benedict (kalua pig, luau[6], Kings sweet bread, piña de gallo, tarragon Hollandaise, potatoes; which I always order without the shredded piggy-stuff).

(I only wish that I knew how to say "Yowzah!" in Hawai'ianese.) Not only was this dish very good, it is now my favourite dish of theirs (overtaking my old favourite Kalua Benedict). Plus, I am claiming this as my Best "New" French Toast Find of 2017! This was made with two very thick (easily an inch-and-a-half to two inches thick) slices of homemade (well, restaurant-made) brioche bread (the owner/manager lady-person informed me of this when I was raving about how much I liked it; not that this piece of information would ever influence my Glen Bacon Scale Rating, but it is always good to know). This dish was very similar to their dish, grindz Waffle (which I have had in the past, and they do not seem to offer on the "Brunch" menu any longer), but just way much better, due to the fact that it was made with homemade (well, restaurant-made) brioche bread. How have I missed this great dish all of these years?!? I have been going to grindz for the past five years now ever since they opened (two months after they opened, actually) and have never ordered this before. If I were getting paid for this silly little 'blog-thing, I would fire myself for this major omission. Now this may not be quite as good as le Pain Perdu ultime at Baker Street Bistro, but I am highly recommending this to anyone that likes French toast or sweet breakfast dishes. If I did have one little complaint, it would be that I would liked to have had more of the extra-tasty piña berry compote; I am sure that if I asked for some more, they would have provided it to me, anyway.

Also of (high) note, they are now making their potato side dish again like they did in the past as Plantation Potatoes (not that there is anything wrong with hashbrowns, these are just so much better). These are made with lots of chopped celery bits, (white) onions, and red bell peppers (in addition to lots of cubed roasted potatoes, of course).

Smart*ss Coffee-snob comeuppance interlude ("D'oh!")

I normally like to know which specific roast/blend of Coffee that I am drinking from the local roasteries. So, I asked the waitress/server lady-person.

Me: Which Bicycle Coffee co do you serve?
Waitress/server lady-person: I think it's a Medium Roast.
Me: Okay, thanks! 

(Then, thinking to myself, "Why do I even bother?!", because I just figured she had no clue.)

Well, it turns out that Bicycle Coffee co does not use any fancy-schmancy names for their blends/roasts and that they do have one simply called "Medium Roast".

However (because I didn't want to settle for the simplistic answer "Medium Roast"), a little later on, I asked the owner/manager lady-person the same question and she told me that it is a "Dark Roast", and this time I did ask a little further and she told me that is just what Bicycle Coffee co calls it.

So, my Coffee-snobbery may have been wrong in not believing the "Medium Roast" moniker, but it also turned out that the waitress/server lady-person was wrong in her answer.

So there!

(Now back to our regularly scheduled unsnobbish 'blog-program.)

grindz offers two very nice homemade (well, restaurant-made) condimentary supplementations: 
The Original Chili Pepper Water and 
The Original Hawaiian Ketchup (as pictured above in the opening photo). Knowing this, I did not bother bringing any of my own hot sauces with me this morning. I used a little of each on differing halves of the potatoes. I even ended up buying a bottle of the The Original Hawaiian Ketchup  to bring home with. Right now I still have wayyyyyy too many (near-enough to thirty bottles) of my own hot sauces, or I might have bought a bottle of the The Original Chili Pepper Water, too.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Puka French Toast ~ 7.6;
Plantation Potatoes ~ 7.3


1. Now, I could not tell you the difference between a good crème Chantilly and regular ol' whipped-up cream, but here is some information and a recipe for anyone wanting to "cook" some up themd*mnselves:

2. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, number one:

"Puka" (as in "puka shells", apparently) is the Hawai'ianese word for "hole" and refers to the naturally occurring hole in the middle of small seashells.

(Now, why they have named a bready-breakfast dish after a sea-snail's home, I dunno, brah. Maybe that is the secret ingredient in their crème Chantilly.) 

3. Jiminy Cricket! Let's see how many people get that silly little pun.

4. Yeah, I could do another whole "stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day" thing here, but I figured it's just easier to link the information that was already gathered by the friendly folks at WikipediA (even if their information can be suspect at times):

5. Once again, I am just going with the much simpler WikipediA link than doing a whole 'nuther* verkakte** (not to be confused with furikake***) "stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day":

It seems that this product is not vegetarian-friendly. If I ever order this dish, I would have to ask for it without any of the grounded-up dried fish-stuff.

*(Is there such a thing as a "half 'nuther"?)

**(Subsetted stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

"Verkakte", with the adverbial meaning of "sh*tty or cr*ppy", comes from the Yiddish word "פֿאַרקאַקטע" ["farkakte"] which means "sh*tted upon". Its word root is from the verb "קאַקן" ["kakn"] [meaning "to sh*t, def*cate"]. I kakn you not.

It is interesting to note that this rather vulgar word does not appear in my usual go-to lexicon of Yiddishisms, The Joys of Yiddish by Leo Rosten.)

***( And I always thought that "furikake" meant "Kitty Bung-holes" in German.)

6. (Now here I will settle for my own) stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, number two:

"Lūʻau" (and if I need to tell you how to pronounce this word, you will have to deal with Danno) is the Hawai'ianese word for "taro leaves", literally "young taro tops".

Sunday, February 12, 2017

SoMa Inn Café

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." ~ (George) Bernard Shaw[1]
Man and Superman[2]

(Do not bother opening that web-site. I am just linking it for informational purposes. It is mainly an advert web-site from the idiots at GRUBHUB.)

Place: SoMa Inn Café
Location: 1082 Folsom Street (between 7th and 8th Streets)
Hours: open for breakfast Monday - Friday at 7:00am; open Saturday at 7:30am; and open Sunday at 8:00am
Meal: Mediterranean Omelet ~ baked egg-plant [ sic ][3], sweet pepper, tomato, pesto sauce, & Feta cheese, served with either home fries or hash browns, and toast or two pancakes; and a cuppa (with one refilla) Peet's Coffee® French Roast

It has been almost two years since I first visited 
SoMa Inn Café (see previous 'blog-entry from Sunday, May 10th, 2015) and figured a return visit was warranted. I was the first customer of the morning (it was probably close to 8:15am already) and was greeted warmly by Joe (I only know his name as there were a few "regulars" that came in after I was there and they all greeted him as "Joe"), whom I can only assume is the owner/manager-guy.[4] I noticed a bit of an accent when speaking with Joe and asked him where he was from (I was assuming he was Arab) and he told me he was from Israel. He told me how to say "Thank you!" in Hebrew (which I forgot as soon as I walked out the door, of course). Unfortunately, the only Hebrew words that I remember any more are the numbers "1" through "5" and the phrase (which sounds something like) "Aysa Khatikha!" and means "What a nice *ss!"; however, I did not really think that would be appropriate to use to thank him for the good meal.

I am still not sure if there is actually any "Inn" associated with this "Café" or not. The next time that I go there, I will have to ask Joe about the name.

Their breakfast menu offers several other good ideas and I will have to plan to get back again (... in two years or so): Special Monterey Omelet (three eggs omelet, served with applewood smoke bacon [which I would always have nixed, Stevie], pesto basil sauce, fresh avocado, Monterey Jack cheese, home fried potato & choice of toast... [they actually added the "..." on their small specials menu]); Florentine Scramble (spinach, mushroom, artichoke hearts, eggs, & shredded cheese, served with choice of potatoes or toast); Banana Hot Cake [ sic, as two words and singular] 'N' 4 Berry Sauce (two jumbo cake [ sic, again singular] stuffed with fresh banana, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry with powdered cinnamon sugar and whipped cream [Note: They previously had this on their menu as "'N' 3 Berry Sauce". They have now corrected the number of "berry" count; however, botanically, there are only two berries there: banana and blueberries.]); or, the most intriguing-sounding-of-all, Banana Streusel (French toast topped with fresh banana, berry [here they do not specify which berries are in this; I just hope the berries are not tomato, bell peppers, or eggplant] sauce, whipped cream & powder cinnamon sugar; this will have to be checked out on my next visit... in two years or so).

Do not worry, there are still plenty of other good ideas for those of you that are dead, decaying animal-fleshetarians. There was an interesting one that I noticed on their small specials menu: Country Benedict (grilled English muffin, topped with country sausage patty, poached eggs, country white gravy & scallion, served with home fried potatoes... [again, they added the "..." there]; somehow, I am thinking ol' Joey ain't exactly one of them Kosher Jews).

They offer a choice of either "organic" or "regular" eggs to be used in their omelettes and egg dishes. Not that I could ever tell the difference either in taste or in a side-by-each comparison, but I went with the "healthier" (per Joe) choice of "organic" eggs for my omelette. I liked that there was a good amount of eggplant (or "egg-plant") in the mixture. If I had just one little complaint, I would have liked a little more Feta in it, but I always want more Feta, anyway. (It's a Feta-ish thing with me. "Mo' Feta, mo' betta'!")

I went with the side choice of home fries over hashbrowns, but stupidly went with plain ol' sourdough toast instead of two pancakes! (D'oh! or [Sour]D'ough!). I really like having a choice between two different breakfastary potato side dishes. Plus, their version of homefries are a true work of art. They are made with a combination of white and red potatoes and have thin slices of (grilled) zucchini mixed in with white onions, scallions, and red bell peppers.

Once again, I was not planning on ordering any Coffee with breakfast this morning as I really need to use up all the Coffee I currently have at home, but I am weak, and, in my defense, Peet's Coffee® is very good Coffee. SoMa Inn Café offers two different roasts, too, French Roast and a House Blend (however, I didn't bother to ask which specific roast/blend that was).

For condimentary supplements, SoMa Inn Café had both Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce. I just went with some of my own Dat'l Do-it® 
Spicy Jalapeno Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) on top of the omelette and some Laura Plantation Vidalia® Onion & Peach Hot Sauce (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!) on the potato-mixture.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Mediterranean Omelet ~ 6.7;
home fries (on their ownsome) ~ 7.4


1. Ol' Bernie was also of the stupid vegetarian sect.

2. Of course, the "Man" would be "Clark Kent" and the "Superman" would be "Kal-El".

3. Much like its confusing cousins, tomato and bell pepper, eggplant is not only botanically a fruit (or is that "fru-it"?), but also a berry (or "ber-ry"?).

4. Here is why you should not believe everything (anything?) you read on stupid yelp*. I had checked that Food-Nazi site last week to double-check what the hours of operation might actually be and saw a few (well, several) very negative reviews; these were mainly about how "rude" the owner is to customers and his employees. I can not corroborate any of that as both times that I have eaten there, I had a great experience (both in the food and friendly service). 

So, do like those Roman dentists always said: "Cavities are empty!" (Of course, my general distrust of yelp* 
reviews makes me think that it could very well be changed to "Cave Seruasse*!") 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mo'z café

"I'm not crazy about reality, but it's still 
the only place to get a decent meal." 
~ Groucho Marx

Place: Mo'z café
Location: 36 5th Street (on the corner of Stevenson Street; between Market and Mission Streets)
Hours: open at 6:00am(???) every day of the week 
(I still have no idea what their actual hours are; their web-site does not state times anywhere; all I know is that they were open a little after 7:00am when I arrived this morning, and that is good enough for me)
Meal: Tofu (Savory) Crepe ~ grilled tofu & spinach (& onions, not listed on the menu, but there were plenty in it) tossed in a peanut sauce, served with choice of mixed greens or fruit; and a cuppa (but only one half-refilla ~ I didn't want to be up all day) the house Coffee 

(What's the EweToobular juxtaselection for this song? Everyone knows that Kevin Roosevelt Moore likes crêpes and Coffee.)

It was another trip downtown to Mo'z café (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, March 5th, 2016) for breakfast this morning.

Just who is "Mo"? Is that short for "Muhammad"/
"Muhammed"/"Mohamad"/"Mohamed"/"Mohammad"/"Mohammed"/"Muhamad"/"Muhamed"/"Muhammet"/"Buddha"? (Whichever it is, I am pretty sure it is not short for "Moses", Mr. Horwitz.) Next time I visit there, I really need to find this out.

Like a lot of café-joints in town, you order at the front counter/cash register and pay first, then they bring you out the food when it is ready.

There are still a few other breakfast dishes that I could have ordered, suchas: Eggs Florentine (however, I just had different versions of Eggs Benedict over the past few weekends); Belgian Waffle (with fresh strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream); or Italian Scramble (off Mo'z Specials board) (eggs, onion, mushrooms, spinach, Italian sausage, topped with a pesto sauce, served with fruit or salad; which I would have ordered without the dead, decaying, grounded-up porky stuff [I am pretty sure that Italian sausages are haram, anyway], and I bet they would allow me to substitute that boring side stuff with their good hashbrowns, too).

All in all (and probably all halal), this was a very nice crêpe breakfast dish (with or without the correctly added circumflexed "ê"). The peanut sauce was very good and it went nicely with the grilled tofu, spinach, and onions mixture. There was a good amount of cubed tofu chunks inside; I just would have liked a bit more spinach in it, though. The guy at the front counter/cash register (Who I assume is the owner-guy ~ Mo, perhaps?) allowed me to substitute (at no additional charge, I might add) hashbrowns in place of the stupid side choice of either mixed greens or fruit.

The guy at the front counter/cash register also told me that he blends three different roasts of Coffee beans to make his own "house blend". This is a very good blend, too, and I have enjoyed the several cuppas of it that I have had over the past three visits there now.

Mo'z café has for condimentary supplementation Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (both Original Red Sauce and Green Jalapeño Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce. I used some of my own 
Pope'sWhiskey River Hot Sauce (Thanks, Amy and Chef Joe!) on the hashbrowns (and, thankfully, I am almost to the bottom of another bottle of hot sauce finally).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Tofu Crepe ~ 6.4;
house Coffee (whatever the h*ck it might be) ~ 7.0

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kate's Kitchen

♪ "Another short stack of pancakes 
on the 405..." ♫ 

(Ha! This is almost exactly ["almost exactly"?] the same photo ~ angle/distance ~ as I had taken on my last visit there.)

Place: Kate's Kitchen
Location: 471 Haight Street (between Fillmore and Webster Streets)
Hours: open Monday at 9:00am, Tuesday - Saturday at 8:00am, and Sunday at 8:30am
Meal: Cornmeal Buttermilk Pancakes short stack (2) ~ with strawberries, banana, and (homemade [restaurant-made, whatever]) lemon curd; a side of homefries; and a cuppa (with 1-1/2 refillas) 
San Francisco Coffee Company ~ N'Arlins-style blend (with roasted chicory)

(Another 'blog-entry where there is/are no EweToobular juxtaselection/s. I just like Neko Case. Deal with it.)

It had been almost exactly ("almost exactly", again?) a year since I had last breakfasted at Kate's Kitchen (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, February 13th, 2016), so I figured it was about time for a return visit.

This is another place that also offers a good selection of breakfastary ideas (for vegetarians or not) that I still have yet to try:

Flanched Farney Garney or Carney (their menu has "Garney" printed on it, but their web-site has it as "Carney", Art) ~ the original flipped egg and cheese sandwich with home fries; 

"Veggie" (ugh!) Scramble ~ avocado, Cajun cauliflower, onion, roasted tomatoes, seared in a habanero salsa, Cotija cheese, eggs! (the "eggs!" seemed to have been added as an afterthought; probably to not confuse any Vegans into thinking that this dish consisted entirely of scrambled "veggies");

Texas Fries  ~ home fries topped with bacon, salsa, Cheddar, and sour cream; which I would have ordered without the crispy pork belly stuff and had an egg laid (placed) on top instead; 


French Toast Orgy ~ orange spice French toast topped with fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, and honey.

I also probably would have ordered a side of Hush Puppies ([6] beautifully deep-fried balls of cornmeal, served with Pooh butter [which I can only hope is some form of "honey-butter" and not something else]) with either of the first two choices; and a side of homefries with the last choice.

Because I do not normally order pancakes when I go out for breakfast, this was a nice change for me. These turned out to be two very LARGE pancakes; I am glad I went with the "Short Stack" (of just two) and not the "Tall Stack" (of four). It would have been way too much food for me with the additional side of potatoes (as it was, I left maybe two bites of pancake on the plate, but I did make sure to finish the entire side of potatoes). The homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) lemon curd really made this dish; the tartness was the perfect 
juxtataste to the sweet fruits and maple syrup (which I probably didn't really need to add, but did anyway). It did not state it on the weekend blackboard specials, but these pancakes also came with blueberries (which, like bananas, are an actual botanical berry; unlike that poser strawberry which is not an actual berry).

I really probably shouldn't have ordered any Coffee with breakfast as I still have more than a sufficient amount of my own Coffees at home that need to be drank-through. I ended up adding the fresh mint sprig[1] from the top of the pancakes stack to my Coffee; I must say, the mint and roasted chicory went very nicely together.

For condimentary supplements, Kate's Kitchen had Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce and Mezzetta® Brand California Habanero Hot Sauce Twist & Shout. I used some of my own Sunbelt Plantations Vidalia® Onion & Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!) on the potatoes.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Cornmeal Buttermilk Pancakes with strawberries, banana, blueberries, and (homemade [restaurant-made, whatever]) lemon curd ~ 6.8


1. Not really a stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, but more of a stupid, useless etymological pointer of the day:

If you are curious like me and had ever wondered just what the heck a "sprig" is supposed to be. The English word "sprig" (meaning: "a shoot, twig or spray of a plant, shrub") probably comes from Old English "spræc" ("shoot, twig") of obscure origin. (cf. "sprag" and "spray")

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pork Store Cafe

♪ "Struck me kinda funny, seemed kind of funny, sir, to me
How at the start of every hard earned day people find some reason to eat breakfast..." ♫ 

(I sure hope those are some beef steaks on that plate and not pork chops. Because that would just be creepy...)

(Do not bother clicking on this web-site link right now. It seems to have problems with it and I can not get it to open correctly. I am mainly linking it here for [future?] reference.)

Place: Pork Store Cafe
Location: 1451 Haight Street (between Ashbury [Oh, geez! I just got now why they call this neighborhood "Haight-Ashbury".] Street and Masonic Avenue)
Hours: open at 7:00am Monday-Friday; open at 8:00am Saturday-Sunday
Meal: Green Benedict ~ scrambled eggs (Say whaaa'??? They will substitute these for poached eggs ~ which is exactly what I had done ~ to make it truly a Benedict dish, Arnold.) with asparagus over fresh avocado on toasted sourdough bread, topped with Hollandaise, served with grits or hash browned potatoes; and a cuppa (and 1-1/2 refillas) Farmer Brothers® Coffee (I have no idea which roast/blend, though)

(There is/are no EweToobular juxtaselection/s between dead, decaying porcine flesh and Aimee Mann or Christopher Penn's older brother or Bruce Springfield. I just like this cover version.)

I went back to Pork Store Cafe (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, September 13th, 2014) for breakfast this morning. I had been thinking about revisiting this restaurant from a month ago when I almost had to use them as another Breakfastarian Back-up "Plan 9 From Outer Space" due to ¡venga! empanadas not opening on time on Boxing Day. Pork Store Cafe was actually pretty busy for an early rainy-day Saturday morning; and I had arrived only about ten minutes after they had opened. I ended up sitting at the same end-of-the-counter stool that I had eaten at last time, too.

I like this place because, despite their moniker, they do offer a lot of alternative good ideas for stupid vegetarians to choose from. The other dishes that I was debating on getting this morning were either Pesto Feta Scramble (3 eggs scrambled with homemade pesto sundried tomato sauce [they make a point of noting on their menu: "pesto contains parsley and walnuts"; I think they have to legally state that for anyone with severe parsley allergies], "the vile weed" [which I would have, of course, nixed; and how come they never have a "the vile weed" allergy warning?], and Feta cheese, served with hash browned potatoes or grits, and choice of bread or biscuit) or the '49er (2 eggs any style with potatoes or grits, biscuits & sausage gravy or "veggie" [ugh!] gravy; I hear that it is optional to either stand or kneel when eating this dish). 

Surprisingly, they even offer a few dishes that feature the dead, decaying porky products for those of you that like that sort of thing.

While this dish may not have been as knock-yer-socks-off-stellar as last week's version of Eggs Benedict, I was tempted to remove at least one of my shoes in a celebratory motion... but the counter-waiter-server dude kept eyeing me suspiciously. I really liked that this was made with a good amount of asparagus (and I am glad it was, as this was the main reason that I passed up the Feta dish). I had completely forgotten that it also had avocado in it, and was very impressed with the amount of that green berry that was under the poached eggs, too. I also liked that this had sourdough toast (just one large slice, though) as its base in place of the same-ol'-same-ol' input from Mr. Thomas.

I would also like to point out that their version of hashbrowns (or "hash browned potatoes"... You say "potayto", I say "Mmm-mmm!") were extremely good.

Pork Store Cafe offers several choices for condimentary supplements: the Standard San Francisco Triumvirate of Hot Sauces (Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce [Original Red Sauce], Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce, and Cholula® Hot Sauce [Original]), El Yucateco® Hot Sauce Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero (Red), and Frank's® RedHot (Original). Even with that impressive array of hot sauces, I still used some of my own Pepper Palace Gator Bite Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on top of just one of the poached eggs and some Dat'l Do-it® Zesty Chipotle Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) with the potatoes.

Th-th-that's all, f-f-f-folks!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Green Benedict ~ 6.9

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Happy Raccoon Island Discovery Day!!!

Place: LaLe
Location: 731 Irving Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
Hours: Breakfast is served everyday [ sic ] between 8am and 3pm!
Meal: Portland (Benediction) ~ tomatoes, veggie (ugh!) hash, mushrooms on a housemade (restaurant-made, whatever) topped with poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, served w/ potatoes; and a glassa pomegranate juice

(I was trying to get fancy and take a photo of some tulips[1] that were on one of the tables and align it with a large tulip picture on one of the walls. The alignment seemed to work well enough, but the tulips in the foreground took on a bit of unwanted bokeh.)

(Yes, Lena Horne and then Phish. Two more differing versions you will not find on the World Wilde Webs.)

I have stated this for the last few visits to LaLe (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, October 15th, 2016), if there is ever a need to DFA any of the restaurants in my Breakfastary Starting Rotation, this place would be an immediate perfect replacement. And depending on whether or not the new ownership at Ella's keeps their current "Brunch" menu format, we might just see this rookie brought up to the Bigs later this year.

There are still several other good ideas (for both stupid vegetarians and dead, decaying animal-fleshetarians) left for me to check out on subsequent visits: 

Mexico City (Egg Scrambler) ~ chorizo, green onions, mushrooms, guacamole, sour cream, cheese (I would have had to ochenta-y-seis-ed the spicy porky sausage stuff, of course);

Napa (Egg Scrambler) ~ goat cheese, mushrooms, bacon, bell peppers (once again, the porky belly bits would have to go);

Toronto (Benediction) ~ ham, grilled tomato, spinach (without the Canadian porky loin stuff, eh?!);


Ricotta Stuffed Almond French Toast ~ served with seasonal fruit, orange butter, housemade (restaurant-made, whatever) whip-cream, organic maple syrup.

Additionally, they also offer a few changing weekend specials:

Polenta w/ mixed veggies + poached eggs (I would assume this would have been very similar to what I did order today);

Baked Potato stuffed w/ bacon and veggie ragu and topped w/ poached eggs (Say whaaaaa'?! Without the crispy porcine junk, that sounds amazing, too.);

or (and I really want to try this dish one of these days)

Dutch Pancake w/ caramelized apples (however, you have to allow twenty minutes for this dish to be prepared; I am never that patient when I go out to eat breakfast, though).

Ho-boy! This was another great tasty success! The "veggie (ugh!) hash" was a melange of zucchini, tomatoes, onions, and red bell peppers. Unfortunately, with this selection, I was not able to use/enjoy any of their housemade (restaurant-made, whatever) jams or marmalade this morning.

For condimentary supplements, LaLe has both Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce. I used some of my own Punch Drunk Chocolate Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (Thanks, Sean!) on top of just one of the poached eggs and some Pepper Palace Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!) all over the potatoes.

(It's a good thing that squirrels can not read.)

Raccoon Island Discovery Day Anniversary Strange Interlude ~ 2017

The actual date of Raccoon Island Discovery Day is tomorrow, January 30th, 2014, but, for some reason, it is not a National Holiday day-off... yet. I went back there this morning hoping to see Rocky and some of his friends, but they must have taken the three-day weekend off (as they should) or were sleeping-off any earlier celebrations from last night. Unlike that completely made-up holiday on October 12th, there are never any indigenous mammals protesting this holiday.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Portland (Benediction) ~ 7.2;
Raccoon Island (when there are actually some of the masked beggars around) ~ 8.5


1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

Again, the word "lâle" (as best as I can figger, it is pronounced as "lah-lay") is Persian-Farsi and Turkish for "tulip".