Saturday, January 20, 2018


(No official web-site.)

Place: Eats

Location:  50 Clement Street 
(on the corner of 2nd Avenue); 
phonicular contact: (415) 751-8000

Hours: open for breakfast every day of the week at 8:00am

Meal: Kale Quinoa Salad ~ cucumbers, Ricotta salata[1], carrots, radish, arugula, cranberries, walnuts, garbanzos, tahini vinaigrette (they do not state it on the menu, but there was also some quinoa and juuuust a little kale in this, too ~ hence the name, I suppose) and two poached eggs (which I ended up dumping on top of the salad) just so the meal would not be 100% d*mn rabbit-food; and, to drink, a 12 oz glassa Refresher ~ cucumber, pineapple, romaine (if I had had any more green in my meal today, I probably would have to move to Mars ~ the community in Northern California, not the planet, 'cause that would just be too far)

Continuing with a pre-Spring Training work-out of my Breakfastary Starting Rotation for 2018, I hopped on the bus, Gus, (even though it is only about thirty-one blocks away, I didn't quite feel like hoofing it all the way there and back, Jack) to Eats (see last 'blog-entry from Monday, September 4th, 2017).

With this morning's meal, I think that I have now worked my way through their entire menu (well, the parts of the menu that are vegetarian-friendly-enough or that I mostly wanted to try, anyway). Now that only took me about six or seven years to complete...

This salad included a whole mess o' kale (as opposed to only a 3/4-mess o' kale). This will probably meet my weekly requirements for Iron and Vitamins A, C, and K. Luckily, I am not of that intolerant ilk that is kale-intolerant (no brothers of mine named "Sean" shall be singled out here). This combination of kale and quinoa seems to be the new trendy culinaristic marriage. This salad could easily have been called "This Year's Pomegranate-Açaí Berry Salad" or "Kale-Quinoa is the New Black Salad" (or "Sean Would Never Touch This With a 10-Foot Pole [or a 4-Foot Czech even] Salad"). 

If I could, I had just one minor quibble (¿uno quibblito?): there was hardly any Ricotta salata grated/shredded on top of the salad. I would have liked a bit more. There was just so much kale, I figured it could have had a little better ratio of the cheese-stuff to it.

Eats has a pretty decent selection for condimentary supplementation. Not only do they offer the San Francico Trimuvirate of Hot Sauces™©®Ⓤ (Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce ~ Original Red Sauce, Cholula® Hot Sauce ~ Original, and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce), they also have a triumvirate of El Yucateco® (Salsa Picante Roja de Chile Habanero, Salsa Picante Verde de Chile Habanero, and XXXtra Picante Salsa Kutbil-Ik® de Chile Habanero). Even being aware of this, I still used some of my own new hot sauce (and the last of the bunch that I received for Christmas that I needed to try out finally) H*ll's Kitchen® Sriracha Chili Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) on top of both of the poached eggs. 

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Sean Would Never Touch This With a 10-Foot Pole 
(or 4-Foot Czech even) Salad ~ 6.6 (mainly for its unprecedentedly preposterous preponderance of kale)


1. Ricotta salata is a pressed, salted, dried, and aged variety of Ricotta. It is milky-white and firm and used for grating or shaving. Ricotta salata is sold in wheels, decorated by a delicate basket-weave pattern.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ella's American Kitchen

"The one with the Mushroom Swiss Omelet."

Place: Ella's American Kitchen

Location:  500 Presidio Avenue (on the corner of California Street)[1]

Hours: open for breakfast Monday through Friday at 7:00am; open for "Brunch" Saturday and Sunday at 8:30am

Meal: Mushroom Swiss Omelet ~ sautéed mushrooms, Swiss, country potatoes, toast; and a glassa Ginger Orange Juice Punch

(Just a couple of [pitch-perfect] songs from Lady Ella to help weather Ol' Man Winter.)

Working my way through my Breakfastary Starting Rotation for the first time for 2018, I went back to Ella's American Kitchen (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, September 2nd, 2017). I sat at their new (well, it was new on my last visit and it is still new-ish) counter seating area overlooking the kitchen.

It seems as though they no longer do a (Seasonal) Weekend "Brunch" Specials menu, but their standard menu items still offer a few new ideas that I have not tried yet. Such-as:

Chilaquiles ~ slow roasted pork, tomatillo salsa, lime crema, queso fresco, two eggs (I made sure to ask the head chef-lady Veronica, and she confirmed that this could be made suitable for stupid vegetarians if requested);

(the simply enough-named) Avocado Omelet ~ avocado, Cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, country potatoes, toast;

or maybe even

(despite the extremely cornbally-named [whoever came up with that name oughtta be severely "pun"-nished]) Kale Caesar Salad ~ organic kale, croutons, Parmesan, Caesar dressing (however, I did not think to ask if the Caesar dressing had any anchovy in it; I would probably have two poached eggs added on top).

I happened to notice a large amount of fresh cilantro bunches at the cook/prep station and (to continue an earlier conversation from defacedbook) I also asked head chef-lady Veronica what she thought about it. She once again agreed 100% with my (amateur) assessment that it is necessary in both a good pico de gallo and in any Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches (besides, the soapy taste can be used to cleanse your pallet... and the dishes afterward).

I thought I noticed that my waitress/server-lady Iris had a bit of ein Akzent. I correctly guessed and asked her "Bist du Deutsche?" She informed me that she was in fact from Deutschland... and from (West) Berlin to be exact. I asked her which town/neighborhood she used to live in, but I forget which it was now.

This was a good omelette, nothing really special, but much better than I could ever manage. I liked that they sautée the mushrooms (I watched them do so in a separate pan) before adding them to the omelette stuff; plus, there was a good amount of melted-stretchy Swiss cheese in it, too.

For my toast choice, I went with sourdough rye for a change of pace. I am not sure if they still make all of their own breads and baked goods (the bakery section is/was in the next room and I didn't think to check it out).

The glassa Ginger Orange Juice Punch now comes in a large glass (16 oz?), which is nice. It used to be served in a much smaller glass, probably just an 8 oz-er.

Ella's American Kitchen offers for condimentary supplements just Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce 
(Original Red Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante 
Hot Sauce.  So I used two more of my new hot sauces ~ some (just a few drops, really) H*ll's Kitchen® Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce on the omelette and some Whiskey Habanero Hot Sauce (Thanks for both, Mom!) on the potatoes. (It is pretty funny; the ingredients listed on the Whiskey Habanero Hot Sauce state "Whiskey flavor"?! Wha'?! Why couldn't they just use actual Whiskey as an ingredient?) That just leaves one last new hot sauce left for me to check out now...

the Wild Parrots of San Francisco Interlude

After breakfast, on the way back to my car (I had parked two blocks away over on Masonic Avenue where it meets Euclid Avenue), I heard first then looked up to see a decent-sized pandemonium of at least twenty Wild Parrots flying overhead heading southward (to which destination, I do not know). You do not generally see them this far West into the City. 

Strange Coffee Interlude

While keyboarding up this silly li'l 'blog-entry, I enjoyed another Christmas gift of a cuppa Bettys (well, technically Taylors of Harrogate) Rare Blossom Ethiopia[2] Ground Coffee (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!). This was another excellent Coffee from the folks at Bettys (and Taylors of Harrogate)! This might be my second (or third) favourite Coffee from them now. For an authentic Britishlander Tea Rooms kinda place, Bettys always offers some mighty d*mn good Coffee, too!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Mushroom Swiss Omelet ~ 6.6;
Bettys (Taylors of Harrogate, whatever) 
Rare Blossom Ethiopia Ground Coffee ~ 7.8;
the Wild Parrots of San Francisco ~ 8.5;
the pitch-perfect singing of Lady Ella Fitzgerald ~ 8.9


1. Not that it truly matters any, but I had always assumed that Ella's American Kitchen was located in the Laurel Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. However, after viewing the spot on a map, it appears that it is actually situated right on the upper northwest corner of Lower Pacific Heights (which is just across the street technically from Laurel Heights). Both Laurel Heights and Lower Pacific Heights are (supposably) incorporated into the Western Addition District, anyway.

Whatever... it seems like they are constantly changing the borders of these neighborhoods in the City, anyway. (Kinda like Israel does with the Palestinian homeland.)

2. What the h*ck do they know about Coffee in Ethiopia, anyway? Everyone knows that "real Coffee" originated in Colombia and Java...

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dottie's True blue café

First we take Zucchini Cakes...
Then we take Bettys Jamaica Blue Mountain!

Place: Dottie's True blue café

Location:  28 6th Street 
(on the corner of Stevenson Street)

Hours: open 7:30am Thursday through Monday 
(so, if my Common Core Math is any good, that would mean they are closed at least Tuesday or Wednesday)

Meal: Zucchini Cakes ~ topped with poached eggs & spicy Marinara sauce, served with fruit & potatoes; and a glassa orange juice

(There is no EweToobular juxtaselection for today's songs [well, that I know of; h*ck, ol' Lenny-boy[1] might have been a big fan of Zucchini Cakes himself, too]. I just received the two CD set "The Essential LEONARD COHEN" for  Christmas [Thanks, Cindy!] and just wanted to include a couple of his songs here today.)

It was basically a forgone conclusion (if conclusions can be forgonely basic) that for my first breakfast at Dottie's True blue café (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, December 2nd, 2017) for 2018 I was going to order the Zucchini Cakes (as long as it was being offered on the weekend specials blackboard, and it has been on there pretty consistently for a few years now ~ at this point Kurt should just add it to the d*mn printed menu). The only way I may not have ordered it this morning was if they had offered Black-eyed Peas Cakes as a New Year's Special; they had done this a few times over the years, but not this year it seems (or, possibly, it might have been offered the first week in January and I missed it then).

I sat at "Seat #1" once again at the counter seating area overlooking the kitchen (which was easy enough as I was the first idiot waiting in line this morning).

Today's mini-bowl of fruits were: blueberries, strawberries, red grapes, blackberries, and honeydew melon.

Because Dottie's generally has a pretty decent array of condimentary supplementation from which to choose, I do not normally schleppen any of my own hot sauces with me when I visit there; however, I still need to test out the last four (of the seven new bottles) that I had received at Christmas. So I used some H*ll's Kitchen® Chipotle Chocolate Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) all over the potatoes. Which just leaves three more left to check out now...

Here is where I wish I had a bigger appetite (or at least had someone with me this morning to share this with) because I really wanted to try one of Dottie's fresh-baked goods: either Lemon Blueberry Custard Cake or Red Velvet Chocochips Muffin. Both looked really good in the display case at the front counter. Hopefully one or the other will be available the next time that I visit.

Strange Coffee Interlude

While computering up this silly li'l 'blog-entry this afternoon, I enjoyed another Christmas gift of Bettys Jamaica Blue Mountain[2] (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!). Great breakfast... great music... and even greater (greatest) Coffee! Happy New Year to me!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Zucchini Cakes ~ 7.61;
Bettys Jamaica Blue Mountain ~ 8.5;
the music of Leonard Norman Cohen CC GOQ ~ 7.2




Sunday, January 7, 2018

Eddie's Cafe

Note: No Korean waiter/busboy-type persons were maimed or killed during the eating of this breakfast this morning.

(No official web-site available.)

Place: Eddie's Cafe

Location: 800 Divisadero Street (on the corner of Fulton Street); phonicular contact: (415) 563-9780

Hours: open Sunday through Saturday at 7:30am (closed every other day of the week)

Meal: Vegetable Omelett[ sic ] ~ with added avocado and (real!) Cheddar cheese, served with hashbrowns and (2) homemade (café-made, whatever) biscuits; and a mugga (and one refilla) their house Coffee ~ served in a (your 2016-2017 NBA Champion... well, unless you happen to be from Cleveland or named "LeBron") Golden State Warriors mug

(What is the EweToobular juxtaselection for today? Simples! Everyone knows that Michael Paré [Wow! Who knew he could sing that well? He shoulda had a singing role in that "Streets on Fire" movie, too!] is a big fan of omeletts[ sic ].)

Like yesterday's meal, today's breakfastary destination was another completely premeditated coddiwompling (moronic oxen be d*mned still!). I had picked up a Coffee cup during my recent Christmas vacation trip to Florida to specifically be gifted to Eddie's Cafe (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, January 7th, 2012 ~ now, what are the odds?! ~ that was exactly six years ago today). I initially had planned on getting a nice gift cup/mug from Historic Olde St. Augustine, but put it off too long while we were there and ended up just getting a chintzy, all-inclusive Florida cup/mug at a roadside combined fruit stand/candy shop/gift shop. At least it came with its own matching ceramic teaspoon (... which is nice). Even so, the Korean owner/manager guy still appreciated it. I made sure to wait until after I had already paid for my meal before giving it to them; they have this nasty habit of comping your meal if you bring in a gift cup/mug... no one gives Brian a free meal! D*mmit!

... wait... that is a good thing... right?!

Oh, okay, so maybe next time...

Once again, I sat at their diner-counter... all the better to view the hundreds(?) of other gifted Coffee cups/mugs on the shelves along the back walls.

There really is nothing much special about the food that is served at this local corner diner-ish place. It is just that this little (Korean) family-owned restaurant has a great friendly, neighborhood atmosphere to it and that is always a good reason to return (even if it might take six years to do so).

One thing I did like about the meal this morning was that it was named "Vegetable" (not "Veggie" ~ uggh!) Omelett[ sic ] (so they can be forgiven any mispelinks [besides, no Glen Bacon Scale points are ever deducted for type-o's... or Type AB Negatives, even]). The vegetables in the omelette included: tomatoes, green bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. I mentioned 
"(real!) Cheddar cheese" in the description above because many little diner-type places will tell you they use "Cheddar cheese" in their food, but it usually ends up just being that faux yellow "cheese-product" stuff. I also like that they offer a choice of toast or homemade (café-made, whatever) biscuits (yeah, that was a no-brainer choice for this no-brain; I can cook my own toast at home). Plus, they give you three good side-choices of hashbrowns, homefries, or greets (I have never had their homefries before; maybe next time I will order those if I get a freebie meal).

Eddie's Cafe only has bottles of Louisiana's Pure 
Crystal® Hot Sauce on the diner-top and at the booths (they do also have a hidden supply of Gochujang for use if you ask... I only know this because I have asked in the past). It really did not matter what they had to offer; I had brought some more of my own new additions to my (ridiculously, ever-growing) collection of hot sauces. Because I had only used a few drops of Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex 
Smack My *ss and Call Me Santa (Thanks again, Rick!) yesterday, I brought it with me again today to use in full force, where I went very liberally (okay, maybe it was more of a fake-Republican, very stable genius usage) on the omelette and some H*ll's Kitchen® 
Smoky Bourbon Hot Sauce[1] (Thanks, Mom!) on the hashbrowns.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Vegetable Omelett ~ 6.1;
Friendly, neighborhood atmosphere ~ 7.8


1. This was another new/Christmas gift that I was trying out for the first time. It included a set of five (5!!!) more d*mn hot sauces to take up space on my refrigerator door shelves.

(I have a sneaking suspition [and how come no one ever has an "overt suspition"?] that my mother may have purchased this set at a local W*lmarts. Not only does she know that I have put a moratorium on any new hot sauces until I can use up about half of what I already have clogging up my refrigerator door shelves, but she explicitly knows that I also absolutely loathe giving any money to those Chinese-owned b*stages at W*lmart!)

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Baker Street Bistro

Breakfast on Epiphany?!

Place: Baker Street Bistro

Location: 2953 Baker Street 
(between Lombard and Greenwich Streets)

Hours: open for "le Brunch" Saturday & Sunday at 9:00am

Meal: Pain Perdu A brunch favorite! ~ two slices of cinnamon French toast, fresh fruit, strawberry coulis & crème fraîche; a side of frites maison; and a cuppa (and 1-1/2 refillas) Café ~ avec des feuilles de menthe 

Cette certainement! I had an Epiphany this morning when I awoke... I figured the best way to start the New Year (Bonne Année!) was to eat my first breakfast out for the year at Baker Street Bistro (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, September 3rd, 2017) for some Pain Perdu vraiment extraordinaire! (Nah, not really. This was more of a premeditated coddiwompling [moronic oxen be d*mned!])

Unfortunately, it was still a little too chilly to sit outside on their sidewalk café seating area this morning. (Okay, so maybe it wasn't quite as cold as the freezing arctic temperatures they have been having in Florida lately, but it was still pretty cold for my liking, and I am a bit of a wimp like them buncha whingers in New England these days: "Ooooh! It is soooo cold outside. Six to eight feet of snow was dumped on us all in one day!"... boo-effin'-hoo! Think of all the poor iguanas in Florida that are falling outta the trees!)

Ce n'est pas un chef-d'œuvre! 
(... but it was pretty d*rn close, Leonardo!)

(I will just let the above photo do the thousand-word talking for me.)

Les fruits du jour: une fraise (pas une baie botanique) (and made into some kinda fancy-shmancy flower-thing); pomme (pas une baie botanique); pastèque (une baie botanique); ananas (pas une baie botanique); et cantaloup (une baie botanique).

Having eaten at Baker Street Bistro a few times in the past (sarcasm is so hard to detect in prose form), I knew that their selection of condimentary supplementation only ranged at Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce). Therefore, I made sure to bring along with me a few of my brand new (as in just presented to me at Christmas) selections from my ever-growing (and, let's face it, at this point, never-ending, Bastian) supply of hot sauces. The count on my refrigerator door shelves now stands at 31(!!!) (trente et un) d*mn hot sauces! I went with a good amount of Chili in Hawaii - Habanero Garlic Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the homefries and just a few drops of (because I had brought it along with me, anyway, I wanted to use some) Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex[1] Smack My *ss and Call Me Santa (Thanks, Rick!) on one small square of the Pain Perdu. (Don't you judge me! What is French toast but eggs, milk, and bread... Eggs always go great with hot sauce... Milk and bread? Sounds like Pizza to me; and everyone knows that hot sauce always goes great on Pizza, too... okay, so maybe the maple syrup was an anomaly... but still... )

the Wild Parrots of San Francisco Interlude

Once again, I parked over by the Presidio's Lombard Gate and was entertained by the sight of several (and heard many more, too) of my feather-brained chatterbird friends high up in their roost in the tall Eucalyptus trees by the wall along Lyon Street.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Pain Perdu A brunch favorite! ~ 8.2 
(mais certainement);
the Wild Parrots of San Francisco ~ 8.5



Apparently, this chain of (semi-)fast food restaurants got started and is based out of Florida. I had never been to one before my Christmas vacation to Orlando last week and had lunch at one in St. Augustine. 

I particularly liked that they offer about eighteen different versions (from mild to pretty d*rn hot) of bottled hot sauces for use (and most of those are available for sale; hence, my gift).

However, seeing as there really are no locations in Texas, I think they should call their cuisine "Flex-Mex" instead.

Monday, January 1, 2018

the Country Inn & Suites

St. Augustine, Florida
(Wednesday, 12/27/2017)

Place: the Country Inn & Suites

Location: 231 San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine, FL

Hours: open for breakfast Monday - Friday at 6:00am, Saturday - Sunday at 7:00am (and Coffee is served/available 24 hours a day!)

Meal: two egg patty scrambles and breakfast potatoes with assorted toppings; a bowl of mixed fruits with yoghurt; and to drink a glassa cranberry-apple juice (they had both cranberry juice and apple juice in separate dispensers, so I mixed them together as 'arf-'n'-'arf)

During my Christmas Vacation trip to Orlando, Florida last week, we (that "we" would be: my hosts ~ Greg & Cindy, Greg's brother ~ Rick, and me ~ Brian) made an overnight trip up to St. Augustine on Boxing Day. While there, we stayed at the Country Inn & Suites, which is just a few-ish blocks from downtown (close enough to walk there and back... well, that is, if you didn't just have knee surgery and weren't using a cane to get around). Breakfasts come free with the rooms, which is nice.

The breakfast fare offered was pretty simple. They had these prepared egg-scramble patties, sausage patties, and red potato homefries all ready to go in a covered heated server thing. There were bowls of shredded Cheddar cheese, diced jalapeños, and onions that could be added to the eggs (or, in my case, the eggs and potatoes) to make a sort of quick omelette dish. There were several cold cereals (even I can "cook" those at home myself, so I don't think I would need those while on vacation), hot oatmeal, bagels and cream cheese, and assorted breads, muffins, and pastries. They also had an electric Belgian waffle maker if you were so inclined to prepare your own waffles[1]. Rick was so inclined and made his own waffle. The waffles seemed to be a very popular item with many other people staying at the hotel, too, and the waffle-iron was in constant use.

I suppose I could have toasted a bagel or some bread and made the egg-scramble patties into a sorta Eggamuffin sandwich; however, I didn't see the bagels or bread until after I had already started eating. The fruit salad that was offered included (at least): pineapple, oranges, (possibly?) cantaloupe, and papaya, which you don't get everywhere, so I enjoyed that addition. I also mistook the prepackaged containers of maple syrup for honey and poured that all over my yoghurt and fruit; it was not what I wanted, but it really wasn't that bad like that.

St. Augustine is home to some fine Datil pepper[2] hot sauces, but, disappointingly the Country Inn & Suites only had plastic squares of prepackaged salsa to use. So I used one or two of those on my potatoes.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
egg patty scramble and breakfast potatoes with assorted toppings ~ 6.0;
bowl of mixed fruits with yoghurt ~ 6.1 (it really wasn't much, but I am giving it an extra 0.1 Glen Bacon Scale points for including papaya)
(whereas, Cindy's homemade gingerbread waffles ~ 7.2)


1. On Christmas morning, Cindy made some excellent homemade gingerbread Belgian waffles of her own. I had two and a half of the ones Cindy made, so I really didn't feel I needed any more waffles two days later, anyway.


Sunday, December 31, 2017

"My Favourites" of 2017

Because calling an End-of-Year list "Best of... " is rather subjunctive, for the past few years in a row (because "past few years not in a row" really doesn't make a lotta sense) I have gone with the more adverbial appellation[1] of "My Favourites... ". However, once more, I am keeping with the "Top Ten" format-idea, and the easiest way to rank these was just to go back through all my 'blog-entries from 2017 and see which ones had the highest Glen Bacon Scale Rating (and in the case of identical GBS ratings, I am simply listing them chronologistically[2]).

So, without further adieu...

1) It really should come as no surprise to anyone (well, anyone that has ever read my silly li'l 'blog-thing over the years) that le Pain Perdu extraordinaire at Baker Street Bistro (see 'blog-entries from Sunday, September 3rd et aussi Sunday, January 8th) is topping my list again this year. (As great as this dish is, if you can imagine it, it was even greater when they used to make their own cinnamon-orange-infused maple syrup to pour over it. And if Lucky the Leprechaun and Vizzini ever had a child together[3], I am sure that child would state that this was: "Inconceivably Delicious!")

2) Seeing as it is not only one of "My Favourite" breakfastary dishes in San Francisco, but the Touchstone for all Eggs Benedict dishes for me, it also should be no surprise that the Zucchini Cakes at Dottie's True blue café (see blog-entries from Saturday, February 25th, Sunday, June 11th, and Saturday, October 7th) comes in at the "Number 2" spot again this year. 

3) The Puka French Toast at grindz (see 'blog-entry from Saturday, February 18th) was so tasty and interesting that it is also "My Favourite" (New) French Toast Dish of 2017 Not Named le Pain Perdu extraordinaire at Baker Street Bistro. I just can not believe that this was the first time that I had ever ordered it there.[4]

4) Take my word for it, Fannie, the Fried Green Tomato Benedict at Mission Beach Cafe (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, September 17th) is good enough for an entrée at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Plus, I am calling this "My Favourite" New Eggs Benedict Dish of 2017 Not Named Zucchini Cakes at Dottie's True blue café.

5) Spicy Kale Skillet at Eats (see 'blog entry from Sunday, January 15th). They mistakenly have this dish labeled as "Spicy Tomato Skillet" on their menu, but I always have to correct it in my 'blog-thing. What do owners of their own restaurants know, anyway?!

6) Kugelhopf (think: French toast made from slices of a German/Austrian/Alsatian-style Bundt brioche bread/cake) at Mamas on Washington Square (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, April 2nd). Any other year, this may have taken the honours as "My Favourite" (New) French Toast Dish of 2017 Not Named le Pain Perdu extraordinaire at Baker Street Bistro, if not for #3 above.

7) I am very happy to note that an entry from 
Cafe GoLo ~ Boutique Cafe made the list this again year, as this may be the last time it does so (see special In Memoriam Interlude below): GoLo Ranchero (see 'blog-entry from Saturday, January 21st).

8) The Vegetarian Scramble at Surisan (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, March 19th) was so good (even if they always seem to misppel "Brussel[ sic ] sprouts") and a great surprise along Fisherman's Wharf that I am also naming the restaurant as "My Favourite" New Find of 2017 (plus, it is hands-down the best breakfast ["Brunch", whatever] place on Fisherman's Wharf today).

9a) Œufs Baker Street Bistro at... well... Baker Street Bistro (see 'blog-entry from Saturday, May 6th). Once again, I must state that even if they didn't have the Best French Toast in town, this Frenchified twist on Œufs Benoît would be worth going back again and again and again all on its ownsome.

9b) Polenta w/ Mixed "Veggies" (uggh!) & 2 Poached Eggs at LaLe (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, September 10th). This was not 'zackly a take on Uova Benedette, but it was served with a Hollandaise sauce over the poached eggs. And due to the tastitude of the entire dish, they can be forgiven for the use of the "Veggies" (uggh!) moniker.

9c) Brussel[ sic ] Florentine Benny at Blackwood ~ American Thai Fusion (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, October 22nd). It is all about the deep-fried Brussels (or "Brussel[ sic ]") sprouts, Jean-Claude!

(Okay, so maybe once again this list "goes to Eleven", Nigel.)[5]

2017 Specific Categories (& Honourable Mentions kinda stuff)

"My Favourite" Spot for Tea... and Cats & Kittens ~ KitTea Cat Cafe (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, October 1st)! Oh, and they also have some good stuff to eat there, too.
GBS Rating: 8.45

"My Favourite" New Local Coffee Roasters-place ~ Andytown Coffee Roasters (see initial 'blog-entry from Saturday, September 30th). I have tried a few different Coffee blends/drinks there now already. Their Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate was a great discovery and has to be one of the best Coffees that I have had in a long time. It is easily in the Top Ten All-Time for me, and possibly in my Top Three evah. This is "the Nicole Kidman of Coffees" ("the Marilyn Monroe of Coffees" remains Jamaica Blue Mountain, of course).
GBS Rating:
Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate ~ 8.3(-ish);
Special Release: Columbia "Woot-Woot!" ~ 8.0;
Wind & Sea ~ 7.3;
Snowy Plover ~ 7.0

(Yeah, big surprise here)
"My Favourite" Bready/Toasty Side
(World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!) at 
the Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House (this is an exact duplicate of 2016's, 2015's, and 2014's choices; as long as they keep making 'em, I will keep eating 'em; see most recent last 'blog-entry from Sunday, September 24th). 
GBS Rating: 8.2

"My Favourite" New Pastry Find
Cardamom Brioche/Bombolone-thing at 
Jane the Bakery (see 'blog-entry from Saturday, February 25th) ~ Can you say cardamom-custard? Well, even if you can not, just eat the d*mn thing and shut up already!
GBS Rating: 8.0
(Honourable Mention
Cardamom Spiced Coffee Cake at Marla Bakery [see 'blog-entry from Sunday, March 26th]. 
GBS Rating: 7.6)

"My Favourite" Cheese-bread
Cheese Popups (Pão de Queijo) at 
Saltroot Cafe (see 'blog-entry from Monday, February 20th).
GBS Rating: 7.4

"My Favourite" New Seasonal Pancakes
Miracle Pancakes (2) - Sugar Pie Pumpkin Pancakes at 
Zazie (see 'blog-entry from Saturday, November 4th).
GBS Rating: 7.4[6]

"My Favourite" (New) Crêpes with a Brazilian 
Romeu & Julieta (a Sweet Crêpe) and Veggy (a Savory Crêpe) at 
Café de Casa (see respective 'blog-entries from Saturday, November 25th and Saturday, April 29th). Plus, these are a great substitute if you happen to be a Paleolithic human suffering from Celiac Disease.
GBS Rating:
Romeu & Julieta ~ 7.1;
Veggy ~ 6.5

"My Favourite" Chilaquiles
Spicy Migas at 
Jo Ann's Cafe & Pantry (see 'blog-entry for Friday, March 10th).
GBS Rating: 7.0

Additional Honourable Mentions for Eggs Benedict-type dishes
1) Portland (Benediction) at LaLe (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, January 29th)
GBS Rating: 7.2
2) Vegetarian Eggs Benedict at heartbaker (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, December 17th)
GBS Rating: 7.2
3) Forest Benedict at Persy's Place (see 'blog-entry for Tuesday, May 23rd)
GBS Rating: 7.1
4) Eggs Florentine with Creole Hollandaise at Brenda's Meat & Three (see 'blog-entry from Sunday, November 26th)
GBS Rating: 7.0

Additional Honourable Mention for French Toast:
Mascarpone Stuffed Deep Fried French Toast at KITCHEN Story (see 'blog-entry from Saturday, June 10th). It was French toast... deep-fried... with caramelized banana and maple-glazed walnuts... what was not to like?!
GBS Rating: 7.0

In Memoriam Interlude 

And, lastly, it is with a very heavy that I bid a fond ado to Cafe GoLo ~ Boutique Cafe. It seems as though they have closed up (bakery) shop for good and may not be reopening at a new location in the Tenderloin as I originally had thought. Partings are such Sweet (Potato Tart) sorrows...

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Pain Perdu at Baker Street Bistro ~ 8.2 (mais certainement);
Zucchini Cakes at Dottie's True blue café ~ 7.6;
Puka French Toast at grindz ~ 7.6;
Fried Green Tomato Benedict at Mission Beach Cafe ~ 7.55;
Spicy Kale Skillet at Eats ~ 7.5;
Kugelhopf at Mamaon Washington Square ~ 7.45;
GoLo Ranchero at Cafe GoLo ~ Boutique Cafe ~ 7.4;
Vegetarian Scramble at Surisan ~ 7.4;
Œufs Baker Street Bistro at Baker Street Bistro ~ 7.3;
Polenta w/ Mixed "Veggies" (uggh!) & 2 Poached Eggs at LaLe ~ 7.3;
Brussel[ sic ] Florentine Benny at Blackwood ~ American Thai Fusion ~ 7.3


1. Contrary to popular belief, "Appellation" does not refer to a town in Washington State nor that little stretch of hills from Georgia (y'all) to Maine (Ay-yah!).

Plus, I kinda liked the alliterative sound of "adverbial appellation".

2. I always find it funny (in a "strange-haha" sorta way) that sometimes these completely madeuppery portmanteaus of mine are not only completely made-up by myself. Just Google "chronologistically" and you will see several other instances where other World Wild Web-users have also (foolishly) done so.

3. Hey! It could happen. Don't be so anti-LGBT*.

*(Even though this is a food kinda 'blog-thing, "LGBT" there does not stand for a "Lettuce-Guacamole-Bacon-Tomato Sandwich". Besides, if'n I were ever to make that particular sandwich combination, it would be an "LGST" ~ "Lettuce-Guacamole-Seitan-Tomato" one [and, trust me, it would be without any of the "vile white goop" added, too].)

4. "Hey, Brian. I thought that you said that 'in the case of identical GBS ratings'... "

First off, mind yer own soywax!!! 
(which is actually the correct Vegan anti-meddling saying)

Secondly, in the case of a tie, all considerations go to Dottie's

(And if you still don't like that, fine! Consider the Zucchini Cakes rated at 7.61! I am just not gonna go back and edit all past 'blog-entries to reflect that now to please any of youse Nostral E. Parkers.)

5. Hmmm?! Looking back over this list, it seems like there was a preponderance of French toast (three times) and Eggs Benedict (five times) dishes included.

6. "But, Brian, if this meal is rated a Glen Bacon Scale of 7.4, why isn't it included in the 'Top Ten [Eleven]' list above?"

a) Ooops! 

b) Besides, if I had included it in the list, that would have messed up the whole premedicated Spıal Tap
-pish "Top Eleven". (So sue me.)

7. Ladies, whatever you do, do NOT ask for the "Brazilian Twist" when you are getting a bikini-wax. It would be very painful... but decidedly gluten-free.