Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chloe♥s Cafe

"Let's kill Sunday morning... "

(No official web-site.)

Place: Chloe♥s Cafe

Location: 1399 Church Street (on the corner of 26th Street); phonicular contact: (415) 648-4116

Hours: open 8:00am every day of the week

Meal: Special Scramble ~ 2 scrambled eggs (hence the "Scramble" part of the name) w/ spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, leeks, Italian parsley[1] & choice of cheese (this morning the offered choices were: [Norwegian] Jarlsberg[er, perhaps], Feta, or Pepper Jack; I chose Feta, hence the "Special" part of the name); and a large glassa grapefruit juice

(There are no real juxtaselections for today's EweToobular songs. For all I know, ol' Robbie might be a bigger fan of Spanish or even French parsley... but I am sure he knows that αυθεντική ελληνική Φέτα is the only indisputably legitimate Feta.)

At least once a year, I like to get back to Chloe♥s Cafe (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, March 4th, 2017) for a -felt breakfastary repast. For a long time (near-enough ten years during the wild 00's), this great little place was a fixture in my Breakfastary Starting Rotation. Unfortunately, it is located just about as far away from my neighborhood as can be on the opposite side of town. The "long" drive over there this morning started out with a light drizzle in the Richmond; however, by the time I was about half-way there (Japantown/the Fillmore or such), the rain had stopped entirely, but the weather was still much too chilly to venture sitting outside in one of their sidewalk tables (even if those were on the sunny side of the street, Mr. MacGowan [no relation]).

Their weekend scramble "Specials" can vary depending on whatever might be available seasonally. I liked all of the seasonal items in this weekend's version. For being only a "2-egg" scramble, this was still an awful lotta food. I was very pleased to see that this was made with lots of Feta throughout the scramble mess, too!

They are now offering most breakfast meals with a choice of two sides from a list of four: some boring ol' fruit salad (I can cut up d*mn fruits myself at home); a huge pile o' some awesome homefries; some stinkin' rabbit-food side-salad; or toast made with their own extremely good, fresh-baked breads. Guess which two I went with? For an extremely good toast, I chose their rosemary-potato bread (I am not sure of the ethnicity of the rosemary they use, though).

For condimentary supplementation, Chloe♥s Cafe has both Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce for use. After many, many, many visits over the past (almost thirty years now?), I was well-aware of what they had to offer and again brought a few of my own hot sauces. I used some Dixie Crossroads Hot Habañero[ sic ] Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) 
on parts of the scramble and some Dat'l Do-it® 
Zesty Chipotle Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom! ... and I can thankfully state that there is probably just one more dosage left in that bottle now) on the homefries.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Special Scramble ~ 6.9 
(this would probably have been just a 6.7 with the [Norwegian] Jarlsberg[er] choice, Mr. Cleese, or a 6.6 using Pepper Jack... there's not much call for Cheddar 'round these parts)


1. Like I could really ever tell the difference between prezzemolo italiano and persil français or perejil español, anyway.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


"They may take our first name... but they will never take our Puka French Toast!"[1] 
~ Sir William Kalani Paiʻea Wohi o Kaleikini Kealiʻikui Kamehameha o ʻIolani i Kaiwikapu kauʻi Ka Liholiho Kūnuiākea Wallace

Place: grindz

Location: 832 Clement Street 
(between 9th and 10th Avenues)

Hours: open Saturday & Sunday at 9:00am for "Brunch"

Meal: Puka French Toast ~ brioche, piña berry compote, vanilla Chantilly; a side of potatoes; and a cuppa (and two full refillas) Bicycle Coffee co

(I am sure that Bruddah Iz loved him some Puka French Toast, too.)

Sometimes you just want to keep it local and simple for breakfast, so I simply located myself back to  grindz 
(see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, February 18th, 2017... so, simply-exactly one year ago) again this morning.

My attentive and knowledgeable (we talked about Bicycle Coffee co a bit) server-dude this morning was Chase. He did a great job plying and 
re-plying me with the good Coffee stuff.

I only have kine words to say about this dish! Sure, I may have ordered this same meal on my last visit, but that was the first time that I had ever had it in the (at the time) five years that I had been going there. What can I say? It made the #3 spot on "My Favourites" of 2017 for a reason. They offer this as a "half" (1 piece) or "full" (2 pieces) order. (Now why would anyone want just one piece?!) I am not exactly sure what is in their piña berry compote, but I think there were at least some blackberries-and/or-raspberries (both of which are not botanical berries, of course; however, the fruit of the pineapple tree is considered "coalesced berries"; go figger) and blueberries (now this is an actual botanical berry, Chuck). Luckily, I did get a lot more of the tasty compote this time than last year. I bet this French toast would also be great with their Li Hing Pineapples (ripe pineapples dusted with Li Hing powder [ground dried plum skin]) and/or coconut crème Anglaise (which they use on their Apple Banana Pancakes; I can attest to this being a very good topping, too) on top.

Unfortunately, once again they have stopped serving their extremely good Plantation Potatoes, but the current homefries version was still very good.

grindz offers two of their own homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) condimentary supplements: The Original Hawaiian Ketchup and The Original Chili Pepper Water. Because I already have a bottle of their ketchup in my refrigerator, I used a good bit of the Chili Pepper Water on the potatoes... and because I brought it with me (specifically for this deliberately disgustingly diabolical purpose), I used some of my own (just a hihihi[2] dusting really) 
Charlie's Chili Stuff by Thyme Farm Vinegars 
(Thanks, Sharon!) on one of the slices of French toast. (Don't you dare judge me!) Just as I had expected, it really went very nicely, too!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Puka French Toast ~ 7.6;
Bicycle Coffee co ~ 7.2;
Bruddah Iz ~ 7.8


1. Even if those greedy corporate bastages at Ono Hawaiian BBQ made them change their name a few years back, dis is still some of the ono-est grindz, bruddah!

2. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

According to Google Translate (and I can not believe that they even offer a Hawai'ian-English choice) the translation for "a skosh" in Hawai'ianese is "hihihi".

Sunday, February 11, 2018


♪ "Never for money, always for Coffee...
Come on up and say 'Good Morning!'..." ♫

(No official-type web-site thing.)

Place: home

Location: 1222 Noriega Street (near 19th Avenue)

Hours: open Monday - Friday at 7:00am, Saturday & Sunday at 8:00am

Meal: Toast - Tomato, Truffle Oil, Pesto ~ ​topped with tomato, truffle oil, pesto, freshly grated cheese, freshly ground pepper, and a pinch of red pepper flakes, Torched (I did not see exactly what this is "torched" with, but I am assuming some kinda hand-held butane vessel like they use for brûlée-ing crème), and with a fried egg laid (they told me that they have special asbestos-laiden hens back in the kitchen that do this for you) on top; and to drink a Rose Latte (topped with some dried rose petals even)

I figured that it would not take me very long to get back to (or, in this case, getting to their other/original coffeeshop) home (see last 'blog-entry from last Saturday). Strange and sweet Coffee drinks may not be for everyone, but I am just a strange and sweet kinda guy. 

This original location of home has been open for only three years now (almost exactly, too ~ since early February 2015). Like their coffeeshop along Clement Street, it also has a very large, open café space to it; this makes sense, as it used to house a diner/restaurant (the Bashful Bull; I had eaten breakfast there a few times in the past). Also, as with their other coffeeshop on Clement Street, you order and pay first at the counter and they call out your name when your drink order is ready, but they will bring the food over to your table.

I do like that they offer a few different breakfastary dishes (mostly other Toasts) at this specific location where eggs can be added. However, it really will not matter much; I will probably be going to their Clement Street coffeehouse more often as it is just a lot closer, within walking distance even (... well, if I am feeling like a twenty-four block round-trip walk).

(What?! No cool puppy dog or teddy bear pictures in my Latte-foam today? What's up with that?!)

While this was a very good Coffee drink (excellent, really), and definitely worth reordering, I liked last week's Lavender Latte just a tad bit more. I think the Lavender Latte had a more subtle flavour to it. I had never had a rose-flavoured Coffee drink before and really liked its uniqueness, too.

Not much really to say about this meal. It was pesto and sliced tomatoes on a thick slice of brioche toast with a fried egg on top. I liked it.

Once again, I did not bother checking to see if home offered anything in the way of condimentary supplements. I had come prepared with a few bottles of my own hot sauces and used a little (about five to six drops) of Hot Licks® Serrano Hot Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on top of the egg on top of the tomatoes and pesto on top of the toast on top of the plate on top of the table. ("That seems like an awful lotta 'on top ofs', Brian." Well, yeah. I am getting paid by the word here, after all. Wait... what?! I am NOT getting paid for any of these-here 'blog-things? Whose idea was this?)

Twisted donuts & coffee ~ a breakfastary dessert afters Interlude

When I pulled up this morning in front of home, I happened to notice that right across the street (and down a few doors) there was a new-ish doughnut shop ~ Twisted donuts & coffee. Because of which, I decided to only order the one cuppa with breakfast and skipped ordering a pastry with a "dessert" Coffee afterward. 

Twisted donuts & coffee has all your standard-type doughnuts (cake doughnuts, jelly-filled, bars, croissants, etc.), but on the weekends, they also offer five or six different specials. I chose a nutella® Fruirrito and a Coconut Guava (a cake doughnut). There were even two different cake doughnut specials for those of you that partake of the dead, decaying, crisped-up porcine bits: Bacon & Chocolate and Bacon & Chocolate & Jalapeño.

The nutella® Fruirrito was basically made with a flour tortilla (hence the portmanteau-ed "fruit burrito", I assume; why people feel the need to come up with totally madeuppery words is beyond my comprehensibilitation) filled with nutella® and then deep fried. While I liked the idea of this one and applaud their originality, I did not particularly like the actual conception of it. It was all a bit too hard (both in form and to eat) for my liking.

As for the Coconut Guava (cake doughnut)... now, this one was verrrry good! The guava icing on top would have been great all on its ownsome, but really paired nicely with the coconut shavings.

I also ordered a small cuppa Peerless Coffee & Tea® Sumatra Mandheling (a medium roast). They offer about six different types of Peerless Coffee & Tea® in Coffee-thermos/canisters/dispensers/what-have-yous (Are you sure that I am not getting paid by the word for any of these 'blog-entries?) at the end of the counter from which to choose. Not that I really needed another cuppa right after the Rose Latte, but it did help to balance-out the sweetness of the two pastries. (If all of this Coffee does not keep me up all day, the extra sugar surely will.)

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Toast - Tomato, Truffle Oil Pesto ~ 6.4;
Rose Latte ~ 7.2;
nutella® Fruirrito ~ 6.0;
Coconut Guava (doughnut) ~ 7.0;
Peerless Coffee & Tea® Sumatra Mandheling ~ 6.7

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cafe Mason

Place: Cafe Mason

Location: 320 Mason Street 
(between Geary and O'Farrell Streets)

Hours: open 24 hours(???) every day of the week(???)

Meal: Blintzes[1] ~ ​cheese blintzes on top of your choice of homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) apple or blueberry sauce; a side of hashbrowns; and a glassa mango juice

(Why this particular EweToobular juxtaselection? I have it on good authority that not only is Dave Mason a big fan of cheese blintzes, but Randy Meisner, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey all love/d blueberries.)

If Cafe Mason (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, November 18th, 2017) did not happen to be "all the way" downtown, it could easily be a contender for a spot in my Breakfastary Starting Rotation. I have eaten there several times now over the past few years and have never had a bad breakfast (which they feel the need to list as "Brunch" on their menu ~ no matter how early in the morning it may actually be served) there yet. Once again, I scored the really cool (small-ish) two-seater booth along the front window.

There are several pages of breakfast ("Brunch", whatever) items from which to choose, ranging from categories listed as Crépes[ sic ], California Breakfast (not "Brunch", for some reason), Benedicts, French Breakfast (again, not "Brúnch", though), Omelettes (and Frittatas), Eggs, and Pancakes (or French Toast). Still a few other ideas that I want to get back to try: 

Spinach Crépes[ sic ] ~ homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) cream spinach soufflé topped with cheese and Mornay sauce[2] (Spinach, cheese, and Mornay sauce? They already had me at spinach alone.); 

California Omelette ~ tomato, Jack cheese, cilantro & fresh herbs (this can also be upgraded with added avocado, which would be the only way to go, anyway);


Fresh Homemade (again, Restaurant-made) Pumpkin Pancakes (3pc).

Now I am not sure if they still offer a breakfast ("Brunch", whatever) sandwich called Croque Vegetali. This was basically a vegetarian version of a Croque Monsieur made with diced and grilled portobella mushroom, zucchini, sundried tomato, and Feta cheese with homemade cilantro pesto on egg-battered nine-grain French toast. It was listed on an older version of their menu when I first started going there, but I have not seen it listed on their printed menu the last few times I have visited, and it is no longer listed in their on-line menu either. Bummer. I was really looking forward to trying it. Maybe they will add it back again some day in the future (because they can not add it back in the past, of course... unless they happen to own a 1985 DeLorean with a Flux-Capacitor... 
Great Scott!).

They had these Blintzes listed under the Crépes[ sic ] category; however, I think blintzes would best be listed culinarily under the Pancakes (or French Toast) 
section. These came as two blintzes, and were filled with some kinda soft cheese (probably quark[3] or farmer cheese[4]). I liked the blueberry sauce and it even had more fresh blueberries added between the two blintzes. I think the blueberry sauce was the way to go. I am sure the applesauce would have been good, too, but when I think of blintzes, I usually think more along the lines of a cherry compote.

Knowing that the blintzes alone would not have been a full meal enough (even for my rather exiguous appetite), I made sure to get a side order of some potato products. Both their current printed and on-line menus state that they serve "homefries" as an accompaniment with many of the breakfast ("Brunch", whatever) dishes. However, I was informed this morning that they only have hashbrowns now . Sadly, it does not seem as if they offer homefries any longer, and this is a real shame as their version was really very good; the homefries were one of the main reasons that I went back for a second visit after my initial visit a few years ago. Now, don't get me wrong, the hashbrowns were fine, but their homefries were sooooo much better.

Today's fruits (сегодняшние фрукты): strawberries (клубники); apple (яблоко); orange (апельсин); cantaloupe (мускусная дыня); honeydew melon (дыня); pineapple (ананас); and blueberries (и черники).

For condimentary supplementation, Cafe Mason only had Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce). I used some of my own (schlepped-with) Palo Alto Fire Fighters XXX Ghost Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) all over the hashbrowns.

the Wild Parrots of San Francisco Interlude

On my way to the restaurant (and also upon leaving), I heard a herd (flock/pandemonium... whatever) o' Wild Parrots straight up Mason Street near Geary Street. I am pretty sure that they must have a major roost atop one of the taller buildings nearby.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Blintzes ~ 6.4;
the Wild Parrots of San Francisco ~ 8.5


1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, часть первая:

"Blintz" (singular) in Roosky is "блинчик" (pronounced "BLIN-chick"); "blintzes" (plural) is "блинчики" (pronounced "BLIN-chickee").

2. Well, technically, a Mornay sauce should already include cheese in it. The friendly folks at WikipediA already did the research (or stole it from elsewhere off the World Wild Webs), so here is their explanation:

"A Mornay sauce is a Béchamel sauce with shredded or grated Gruyère cheese added. Some variations use different combinations of Gruyère, Emmental cheese, or white Cheddar. A Mornay sauce made with Cheddar is commonly used to make Macaroni and cheese."


Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, часть вторая:

"Quark" in Roosky is "творог" (pronounced just like it looks).


Sunday, February 4, 2018

6th & B

Raccoon Island Discovery Day ~ Anniversary the 4th

Place: 6th & B

Location:  452 Balboa Street (on the corner of 6th Avenue)

Hours: open Thursday - Monday at 8:00am (closed Tuesday and Wednesday, which they felt the need to specify as such on their web-site for those of us that are calendarly-impaired)

Meal: ​sweet porridge ~ steel cut oats, brown and red rice, slow cooked in milk topped with sweet potato compote and fruit; a side of house potatoes (homefries basically); and to drink, a glassa watermelon man ~ mint+watermelon

(What's with today's EweToobular juxtaselection? Well, it is a little-known Cliff Clavinistic fact that Trey Anastasio is also a big fan of Mariani Nut Company California Almonds ~ Whole Almonds[1].)

In a direct effort to try and keep it "local" this morning (because after returning from my little trip to Raccoon Island after breakfast, I planned on doing nuthin' else all day long), I simply headed back to 6th & B (see previous 'blog-entry from Sunday, January 22nd, 2017).

This was only my second visit breakfastarily, and there are other ideas still that I want to get back again to try:

quinoa bowl ~ gold and red quinoa, potatoes, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, poached egg (this will probably be my choice next time);

french toast ~ brioche bread, coconut milk batter, seasonal fruit, organic maple syrup;

lemon ricotta pancakes ~ seasonal fruit, organic maple syrup;

b toast ~ fried egg, cheese, avocado, baked on Vienna white bread, mini salad;


egg[ sic ] benedict ~ two poached eggs, baby spinach, chard, baby kale, Hollandaise, French country bread, house potatoes (this is also available in a few meatetarian options, with: bacon, applewood smoked ham, pork pico de gallo, beef tomato salsa, smoked wild salmon, or Dungeness crab).

I figured that a "healthy" breakfast was in order today because I plan on eating a ton of "junk" later in the day before/during the Super Bowl-thing. Now, this weren't yer standard Quaker-man instant-type oatmeal! (Sorry, Greg, but these are only made with "steel-cut oats". They probably do not want to have to import Macroom oatmeal from Ireland by way of Michigan using UPS to mail them to Pennsylvania, then having them forwarded via USPS to an APO in England to then have them shipped to California... ). It was served in a very large bowl (think bibimbap-bowl size) and was very good. I really liked the sweet potato compote addition, too. The fruits that were on top this morning were red grapes (halved), strawberries (quartered, mostly), and blueberries (whole).

I especially like their version of homefries. These are made with halved small potatoes, roasted and/or fried, and smooshed a bit to give them a nice crunch. Plus, there were some fried, crispy strips of kale and carrots throughout. This side dish alone is worth a return trip. "But, Brian, why would you order a side dish with yet more carbohydrates?" What else are ya gonna do with them?! 

As far as condimentary supplementation, 6th & B offers Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce), Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce, and Frank's® RedHot (Original). I just used some of my own Sunbelt Plantations Vidalia® Onion Picante Hot Sauce (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!) on the potatoes.

Raccoon Island Discovery Day Anniversary Strange Interlude ~ 2018

As everyone is well-aware, Raccoon Island Discovery Day is actually on January 30th, but, as with many other major national holidays, we usually celebrate it for an entire weekend. Unfortunately for me, it seems that all of the indigenous Procyonids had also taken the entire weekend off, and I did not see neither hide nor bandit-masked hair of any of them. And to make matters worse, there was only one solitary Squirrel (seen in above photo squirreling[2] away two illegally placed [someone has some 'splainin' to do, Lucy] Mariani Nut Company California Almonds ~ Whole Almonds"But, Brian, unless you were the culprit that had 'illegally place' those almonds, how do you know exactly what kinda nuts they were?!" Trust me. Coming from my family, it is very easy to discern the true nuts out there.) cavorting in the large tree overlooking the shore (there are normally dozens of these furry-tailed rats nearby). However, I did see a few Steller's Jays (not pictured above, though) and many, many LBB's.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
sweet porridge ~ 6.8;
house potatoes ~ 7.2



2. Hey! I just got that expression now!

Saturday, February 3, 2018


♪ "... is where I want to be,
Pick me up and turn me around... " ♫

Richmond (District) Coffeehouses ~ #36

(No official-type web-site thing.)

Place: home

Location:  2018 Clement Street (between 21st and 22nd Avenues); phonicular contact: (415) 742-0038

Hours: open Monday - Friday at 7:00am, Saturday & Sunday at 8:00am

Meal: Let's AVO-Cuddle ~ toast made with thick-cut brioche, baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, avocado, & chilli flakes; to drink with breakfast: Lavender Latte; and for "dessert" after: Cookie Monster (another Latte drink) ~ made with Biscoff® Cookie Butter-stuff[1]

(We should all be so lucky to be able to dance with a lamp.)

You don't have to hit me on the head to let me know... I guess that this must be the place... so, let's not be naïve about it.

I just "discovered" this great new coffeehouse in my neighborhood, within walking distance of my apartment (if your walking-distance happens to be twelve blocks back and forth), last week. home has been open only since May of last year in this location. home does have another coffeehouse in the Sunset (on Noriega Street, between 19th and 20th Avenues; it is in the same building that used to house the Bashful Bull diner/restaurant) that is a few years older. I am not sure why I had never noticed them before now. That was a major oversight on my part and hopefully I will make up for it with many more return visits in the future.

I am not sure exactly what kind of business used to be located in this spot on Clement Street (it may have been yet-still-another Richmond beauty salon). I am pretty sure that it was not a restaurant or coffeehouse, though. In addition to having a very large seating area up front, they also have another large backroom space. Plus, there is an as-yet-unopened backyard patio area; there is a sign on the back door stating they are still working on getting the permits, etc. for it.

They do not offer any egg-laden (get it "lay-egg"... what-ever!) dishes at this location. Whereas, at their original Noriega Street location, they do offer several eggy-type dishes. However, that is because that location is still equipped with a complete kitchen. (Of course, now I have to make plans to check out that coffeehouse one of these days, too ~ next weekend, perhaps?) Even so, there are still a few other ideas that I would like to check out for breakfast: 

ABB's of Toast ~ almond butter, banana, & honey;

Matcha Love ~ organic matcha and condensed milk (??? I have no idea what that would taste/look like on toast, but I will try anything once);


some kinda cheesy-toast-thing (okay, so, I forgot to write down its description).

They also offer two non-vegetarian friendly items that I might still like to try less the dead, decaying porcine/piscine products:

BR-AVO ~ bacon crumbles, radish, & avocado (I happened to mention to one of the barista-ladies that I would have to just order that as "R-AVO"; unfortunately, it took her a bit to get that stupid joke);


Seoul Much AVO ~ spicy kimchi (which I was informed by the same barista-lady is homemade ~ coffeehouse-made, whatever ~ and does include some kinda fishy-element in it; which is too bad, as this was going to be my first choice this morning), seeds, & avocado.

Even if home didn't really offer any other interesting breakfastary/food ideas, I can see this coffeehouse becoming a "Go-To" place for other good snack/dessert-drinks... such-as:

(Coffee drinks)
Rose Latte; Sea-Salted Caramel Latte; Holy Cow (which they have listed as a condensed milk Latte; this was described to me by one of the other very friendly and informative barista-type guys, named James, as sorta a Vietnamese Coffee-style Latte); nutella® Latte; and Coconut Vanilla Latte

(Tea drinks)
Godzilla (listed as "iced sparkling matcha tea", whatever the h*ck that may be); London Fog (Earl Grey tea with vanilla); and Lavender Jasmine Tea Latte

and even a few variations of Hot Chocolate.

There was nothing really special about this dish. It was just another ubiquitous (which is a word that you see everywhere these days) version of avocado toast. I did like that it was served on an extra-thick slice of brioche toast; besides, I always like arugula, baby!

(I will let you guess which is which.)

I have just one word to describe all of their Lattes: "ridiculously disgusting" (or "disgustingly ridiculous", but that would be two words). Now these were the real find and the reason for which I will be going back again... and again! They currently make all of their Espresso/Latte drinks with Counter Culture 
Forty-Six roast/blend.

I know what you are thinking: "Lavender and Coffee, Brian?!" Trust me on this one; it really works. It was even topped with some organic dried lavender. I am not sure which disgusted me more, today's Lavender Latte or the Crème Brulee Latte at Rise & Grind (see 'blog entry from Sunday, October 16th. 2016); both are worth disgustingly repeating.

I would not normally get two different cuppas while at a coffeehouse-joint (because of which, I may not be able to get to sleep until later tonight), but I figured it would be nice to try another Latte as a "dessert" this morning. Luckily, the Cookie Monster really was not as sweet as I feared it was going to be. I was told (again, I pestered poor ol' James for this information) that they actually use Biscoff® Cookie Butter in the preparation (James even showed me the jar of it). I figured that it was going to be just some kinda cookie-dough flavoured syrup that they added.

I said "currently make" in the above paragraph, because when I had stumbled upon them just last week, they were still using the more locally-sourced De La Paz Big City as their Espresso-base. On that visit, I had to try the extremely disgusting Red Velvet Latte. I also really liked it, but it was even sweeter than the other two Lattes that I had this morning.

For any of you Coffee-purists, they do also offer plain-ol' drip and pour-over single cuppas, either using Colombian- or Peruvian-origin beans from Counter Culture. I will have to try those on a future visit... once I have tried all of their other utterly disgusting options, of course.

Not that it really needed any extra condimentary supplementing, but I had brought along a few of my own hot sauces just in case I went savoury (which I did) over sweet this morning. So I used some of my own Palo Alto Fire Fighters XXX Ghost Pepper Sauce on just one half of the avocado toast-thing.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Let's AVO-Cuddle ~ 6.4;
Red Velvet Latte ~ 6.9;
Cookie Monster ~ 7.1;
Lavender Latte ~ 7.3 (possibly higher, and I will definitely be ordering that one again)


1. You had to ask?!

If you have never tried this gunk, it is posilutely-absotively disgusting! (Which just means: I posilutely-absotively love it.)