Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sweet Maple

Place: Sweet Maple

Location: 2101 Sutter Street 
(on the corner of Steiner Street)

Hours: open for breakfast Monday through Friday at 8:00am (however, open for "Brunch" Saturday and Sunday at 8:00am)

Meal:  (from the Benedict and Friends section of their menu) Hemingway Benedict (and I always thought his first name was Ernest) ~ smoked salmon (which did not make the edit), lemon, capers, cucumber wasabi Hollandaise, served with potato medley; and a glassa fresh-squeezed orange juice

(Sorry, as far as I know, there are no Rock-and/or-Roll singers with the last name of "Steiner" that have done duets with Sir George Ivan, so there is no corresponding EweToobular juxtaselection for today.)

I headed back to Sweet Maple (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, June 4th, 2017) mainly as a comparison to yesterday's breakfastary meal at its sister-restaurant Surisan. More than likely I will be returning to the other three to four restaurants in this family-owned mini-chain later this month, too.

The breakfast (and "Brunch") menu at Sweet Maple 
has many of the same items that are offered at Surisan; some are exact replicas (names and ingredients), and some are similar, just tweaked a bit. And like Surisan, there are still several other good ideas yet to try: 

(also off the Benedict and Friends section of their menu) 
Southern Benedict ~ chorizo (which I would have ochenta-y-seis-ed ¡Cómo no!), cherry pepper, tomato, chipotle Hollandaise (which would be the real reason to check this one out); served w/ potato medley;

(off the Omelets, Scrambles, etc. section of their menu)
Hass Omelet ~ avocado, bacon (sorry, but no, Glen), Monterey jack, side pico de gallo; served w/ potato medley and ciabatta au levain[1] toast

Snowed Spinach Scramble ~ baby spinach, Vermont Cheddar, Parmesan; served w/ potato medley and ciabatta au levain toast

(off the Maple Plates section of their menu)
Crunch Flakes ~ cornflake crusted French toast (depending on the size of this meal, I would probably have to order a side of their very good potato medley);


Sweet Potato Pancakes ~ cinnamony[2] healthy goodness (I would also probably order a side of the potato medley with these).

I ordered the Hemingway Benedict today because I liked the sound of it on yesterday's menu, too. As far as I can tell, this is the exact same dish as served at SurisanSweet Maple just adds the word "cucumber" to the sauce name. I suppose this dish might seem a tad-bit boring without the dead, decaying piscine flesh (it would be just poached eggs on English muffins, after all), but I still liked the capers (which I think had been deep-fried) and thinly sliced lemon bits in it. I was extremely happy to find (and to taste) that the cucumber wasabi Hollandaise is worth a try all on its ownsome. 

Like Surisan yesterday, Sweet Maple offers as condimentary supplements Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (both Original Red Sauce and Green Jalapeño Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce; additionally, this particular restaurant also has Traina® Hot Sriracha Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup (which I have had before and knew to be very good). 
I used some of my own Palo Alto Fire Fighters 
XXX Ghost Pepper Sauce on half of the potato medley and some Traina® on the other half.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Hemingway Benedict ~ 6.8;
cucumber wasabi Hollandaise ~ 7.2 (on its own)


1. Che cosa?

This article is a simple explanation of what this type of bread is:

2. "Cinnamony"* is a totally madeuppery word.

*(Now this is pretty funny. 

On the Intro-Net, both Collins English Dictionary and Random House Dictionary have the adjectival form of cinnamon as "cinnamonic". Whereas, Merriam-Webster has it listed as both "cinnamonic" and "cinnamony". 

Take your pick. Let the World Wild Webs battle it out among themselves. Personally, I like "cinnamonic" better; it has a nice harmoniocity ring to it.)

Saturday, October 14, 2017


♪ "Sometimes we know, sometimes we don't
Sometimes we give, sometimes we won't
Sometimes we're strong, sometimes we're wrong
Sometimes we eat Brussels 
(or Brussel [ sic ]) sprouts... " ♫

Place: Sursian

Location: 505 Beach Street 
(on the corner of Jones Street)

Hours: open for breakfast everyday [ sic ] at 8:00am

Meal:  (from the Benedicts & poached eggs section of their menu) Brussel [ sic ] Hash ~ Brussel [ sic ] sprouts, Yukon (potatoes, or possibly Cornelius, they do not specify which), bacon (which I had them zesentachtig), chorizo (which I also made sure they quatre-vingt six-ed), onion, mushroom, cherry pepper, tomato, poached egg(s), Parmesan, and a Popover(!); and a glassa fresh Raspberry Lemonade to drink with the meal;
and afterward (for a breakfastary dessert kinda thing) a Snowy Plover at Andytown Coffee Roasters

(The juxtaselection ratiocination for today's EweToobular  trifectation: 
for the first two songs - "Jones" as in "Jones Street" ~ simples; 
because there are no groups named "Andytown
[that I am aware of], Whiskeytown will have to suffice, Mr. Adams.

Besides, I never really need an excuse for any Sir George Ivan stuff here.)

Because I originally claimed this new (only open since December 2016) place my Best "New" Breakfast Find of 2017 (plus, Best Breakfast on Fisherman's Wharf), I figured a return visit was in order while it is still 2017 (It is still 2017, isn't it?) back to Surisan (see previous 'blog-entry from Sunday, March 19th, 2017).

Seating-wise, this restaurant is probably second in size to its sister restaurant, Sweet Maple, but probably not by much. I sat inside again this morning, but I really shoulda sat outside in the large corner patio seating area in the front of the restaurant. The weather was more than comfortable enough for it (Can you say 70° and climbing at 8:00am?); hopefully the next time I get back there, the weather holds up as well.

Here are a few other reasons for future visits:

(under their Korean "Brunch" section of the menu) Boosted Jook[1] ~ rice porridge with carrots, spinach, mushroom, bacon (which I also would have made sure to have had여든 여섯-ed), scallion, cherry pepper, poached egg;

(under the Sweet and Fruity [which really should be a category specific to their sister-restaurant in the Castro, Kitchen Story] section of the menu) Blueberry Stuffed Crunch French Toast w/caramel sauce (this was going to be my back-up choice if I was in a fruitfully sweet mood);

or maybe even

(again from their Benedicts & poached eggs section of the menu) Hemingway Benedict ~ smoked salmon (which would have to be edited out; sorry, Ernest), avocado, fried capers, lemon, pickled onion, wasabi Hollandaise (this needs to be checked out if for nothing else other than to see what their wasabi Hollandaise tastes like).

This dish may not have been as awe-inspiring (or is that "Awwww!"-inspiring?) as the first meal I had there, but I still liked this one a lot. It is no secret that I am a big fan of this member of the cabbage family, and, luckily, this dish included a very good amount of Brussels (or Brussel [ sic ]) sprouts in it. I think this was supposed to come with two poached eggs on top, but they only gave me one (and that one egg was brought out separately in a small bowl after they had already served me the dish)... but as they say in Koreatown: 
"No biggie-san!" This was served in a black (piping hot ~ yeah, I had to touch it to make sure) skillet. It turned out to be a large amount of food, all of which I just barely finished.

Once again the Raspberry Lemonade was a bit strong and sweet, so I kept cutting it with water whenever there was space in the glass. It was all good and turned out perfectly after a few watering-downs. 

Surisan offers Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce 
(both Original Red Sauce and Green Jalapeño Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce for condimentary supplementation. None of these was needed/used (nor any of my own hot sauces that I had brought) as the dish proved flavourful (and picante) enough with the quantity of cherry peppers in it.

I had purposely skipped any Coffee with breakfast mainly because I was planning on heading back to Andytown Coffee Roasters (see recent/previous 'blog-entry from Saturday, September 30th, 2017) to one of their three locations in the Sunset. I returned to the scene of the crime (to their original shop on Lawton Street) specifically to pick up another bagga their totally awesome Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate. This bagga was not for my own use (I still have several cuppas left from the bagga I picked up two weeks ago). However, sometimes "turn-about is fair play" with all these gift-giving things and I am finally re-paying some long-overdue "Thanks!" to Greg (of the "Greg & Cindy"/
"Cindy & Greg" numerous hot sauce gifts).

While I was there, anyway, I figured I might as well also get me a cuppa one of their Coffee-kinda drinks. I am not normally a sweet or iced Coffee drinker, but I had been told by one of the barista-persons on my last visit that their signature iced Coffee drink is the Snowy Plover. Who am I to go against convention  (or iced Coffee recommendations from a barista-person)? So I gave it a go. They make their Snowy Plover by pouring S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water over ice into a 16 oz glass (or plastic cup if it happens to be "to go", like mine was this morning) until it is two-thirds full (and I bet that particular amount just drives OCD-Pessimists absolutely crazy); they add two shots of Andytown's home-roasted (roastery-roasted, whatever) Espresso and a small amount of brown sugar-based simple-syrup (which might be the real kicker to this great sparkling refresher); then, finally, they top it all off with a generous dollop of homemade (well, coffeehouse-made) whipped cream. Stir, sip, and enjoy!

This ain't your Uncle St*rbucks crummy ol' Iced Cr*ppuccino...

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Brussel [ sic ] Hash ~ 6.9;
Snowy Plover ~ 7.0;
(whereas) Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate ~ 8.2 
(at least, and trending upward)


1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

As best as I can figure, the Korean words "" and/or "" (transliterated/pronounced close enough to "jook" or "juk") simply mean "gruel" or "(rice) porridge".

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 17

(Sunday, October 8th, 2017)

(Sorry, there are no corresponding photos of either any of the performances or of any of the actual food consumed. Someone decided it would be too much excess weight to pack an 8 oz small camera in his backpack. Of course, that same someone had no problem making sure to pack three frozen packs in with the bottles of Beer and water to keep them cold. Well, at least that someone had his priorities in order.)

Place: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 17

Location: Golden Gate Park
(Helman Hollow, Marx Meadow, and Lindley Meadow)

Hours: 12:00pm-7:00pm (Friday, October 6th, 2017); 11:00am-7:00pm (Saturday, October 7th, 2017); and 11:00am-7:00pm (Sunday, October 8th, 2017)

Meal[1]: (these are pretty much in the order of my eating all this stuff) Broccoli Rabe - Mac & Cheese; Fried Cauliflower & Waffle (with warm maple syrup poured all on top of the waffle; Cajun seasoning sprinkled all over the cauliflower florets and also on the waffle ~ trust me; some barbecue sauce on one of the cauliflower florets; and they even threw in some freebie turnip greens on the side); (popsicle) pop nation ~ Bourbon Peach; (another popsicle, but from some u/i vendor) Corn Flakes Frozen Custard Pop (yes, this was made with corn flakes and I loved it); a slice of cheese Pizza; and two Tootsie Pops® Miniatures ~ Orange and Cherry (I think these were what put me over the limit; unfortunately, there was not an Indian [Native American, whatever] Chief on either lollipop label)
(to drink) a 12 oz bottle of Ballast® Point Pumpkin Down Scottish Ale with Pumpkin; and a 16.9 oz bottle of Arrowhead® Brand Mountain Spring Water ~ Sparkling Watermelon Lime

Of course, all the food is secondary in this-here silly 'blog-entry.

With six stages spaced out over a half-mile area in Golden Gate Park and thirty-seven acts throughout the day, it was impossible to be able to see (or hear) all the great music that was offered. I made a plan to specifically try to catch some of my favourites: Dave Alvin & the Guilty Ones[2], the Flatlanders[3], and Lucinda Williams[4]

There were also a few other groups that I caught peripherally while walking around and waiting for those three acts to play, to include: Hot Tuna Electric (they were already playing when I scoped out a good spot at the Banjo Stage to await two-plus hours of back-to-back music with Dave and the Flatlanders) and Cheap Trick ("Cheap Trick?! at a Bluegrass festival, Brian?!" ~ Yes, that would be where the "Hardly Strictly" part of the name comes in; they were playing at the next stage over while I waited for Lucinda Williams to come on and it was loud enough to hear every song of theirs, too.).

I have seen Dave Alvin perform many times now over the years: from the first time I caught him at the Guinness® Fleadh (which is pronounced "Flah" in Irish) back in 1999, to solo shows at Slim's and Freight & Salvage, to performing with the Blasters, and several other Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 
festivals (I think I have been to about twelve or more of the seventeen they have run now) ~ where I always make an effort to see him play. Dave's voice is sounding a little rougher year-by-year, but his shows are always entertaining. I was a little disappointed that Dave didn't play either "Marie, Marie" (which is almost always his closer), "King of California", or "Blackjack David" (all three are some of my favourites of his). I was also disappointed that his brothers Simon and Theodore couldn't join him for this show...

I have seen the Flatlanders perform a few times at other Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festivals, too. I have also seen them perform together at Slim's and also a few solo Jimmie Dale Gilmore performances. If you ever get the chance to catch a Jimmie Dale Gilmore show (or with the Flatlanders), I highly recommend doing so. This so-called "Texas Tenor Whippoorwill" is always a fun show.

Lucinda Williams has been one of my favourite female singer/songwriters for over fifteen years now. I had seen her perform only twice before (once at the Warfield [Thanks, Skip!] and another freebie show at Stern Grove). I think this was only her second appearance at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. I hope she attends many more, though.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Andytown Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate ~ 8.2;
Ballast® Point Pumpkin Down ~ 7.0;
Dave Alvin & the Guilty Ones ~ 7.4;
the Flatlanders ~ 6.9;
Jimmie Dale Gilmore (solo) ~ 7.3;
Lucinda Williams ~ 7.6

(I didn't bother rating any of the food today. It was all good, but the music and festival were much better... 
and free.)


1. I skipped any breakfast because I knew I was going to be eating a ton of junk... er... festival foods. I did start the morning earlier with a most excellent cuppa Andytown Coffee Roasters ~ Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate (see previous 'blog-entry from Saturday, September 30th, 2017) made in my kitchen* via the single-cuppa pour-over/drip method. This particular roast/blend is now my current local favourite. It is even probably in my Top Ten All-Time Best Coffees of All-Time now (and quite possibly in the Top Five).

*(To all you nay-sayers† that think I do not know how to "cook", even I can boil water without burning it. Well, most times.)

†(And, d*mmit, stop saying "nay" so much unless your diet consists of oats and hay.)




Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dottie's True blue café

Place: Dottie's True blue café

Location: 28 6th Street 
(on the corner of Stevenson Street)

Hours: open 7:30am Thursday through Monday 

MealZucchini[1] Cakes ~ topped with poached eggs & spicy Marinara sauce, ("served with" is implied; I am pretty sure they did not mean also "topped with...") fruit & potatoes; and a glassa orange juice

(I remember going to see the Pousette-Dart Band[2] at a popular nightclub [whose name unfortunately eludes me right now] in Kenmore Square way back in the Summer of 1977. I think they may have even been on the same line-up with Livingston Taylor[3] that night.)

In continuing with my One Visit a Month in 2017 to Dottie's True blue café (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, September 9th, 2017), I went back there again this morning for my one visit for the month of October.

I happened to score "Seat #1" again at the corner of the counter-seating area (which was pretty easy as I was the first idiot waiting in line this morning; I think I had arrived there about ten minutes earlier than the next idiot even).

What (else) can I say...[4] (that I haven't said ten to twenty times already) about this great take on Uova Benedetto? Dottie's Zucchini Cakes really is (are?) one of my favourite breakfastary meals in all of San Francisco.

Sitting where I was, overlooking the kitchen prep-and-cook area (well, that is the technical cookery term I am going with), I noticed one of the prep-guys (also another technical cookery term I am going with) cutting up a long loaf of Dottie's chili-Cheddar cornbread for later use in the morning. This got me to thinking that I bet this would also make a great base for an Eggs Benedict-type dish, perhaps with some kinda nice chipotle-Hollandaise (even though Kurt really hates poaching eggs).

Today's fruits were: green and black grapes (actual botanical berries [see footnote 1. below]); blueberries (also abb's); strawberries (not abb's); and honeydew melon (I think this is also abb's, but I am not exactly sure; however, if watermelons and pumpkins are abb's, I can only assume that honeydew melons have to be, too).

For condimentary supplementation, I used some of Dottie's Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce ~ Chipotle Pepper Sauce all over the potatoes (about as much as a normal person might use plain ol' ketchup). I left the spicy Marinara sauce unscathed, as it is pretty d*rn tasty all on its ownsome (plus, I didn't want Kurt throwing me out for messing-up his creation any).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Zucchini Cakes ~ 7.6


1. As strange as it sounds (or is that "it sounds as it is strange"?), the zucchini is actually a fruit, and also botanically a "berry".



4. Now you might get the above EweToobular juxtaselection for today's video input. Either that, or perhaps Jon Pousette-Dart just happens to be a big fan of Zucchini Cakes himself.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

KitTea Cat Cafe

Place: KitTea Cat Cafe

Location: 96 Gough Street (at Page Street)

Hours: open Saturday and Sunday at 10:00am 

MealFiggy Cheese (Bubble Waffle Wrap) ~ sharp Cheddar + goat cheese + arugula + berries + fig drizzle + olive oil; and a potta Hojicha[1] (Green Tea) ~ roasted spring Sencha tea leaves gives this tea a buttery sunflower taste

(You were expecting "Hound Dog", perhaps?)

(Sorry for the quality ~ or lack thereof ~ of these photos of some of the cats. These were taken through the window separating the Cat Lounge area from the café dining area. I am not sure of the names of the two cats in the top photo. I was told that the big fluffy black cat staring at me in the bottom photo is named Steve; he is a full-time resident there. It was pretty funny as he almost blended into the big furry black ottoman in front of him.)

Sometimes breakfast is not just about the food, but about the destination.

A couple of weeks ago I saw something pop-up on the funny pages of defacedbook about a "Cat Café" in San Francisco. The idea intrigued me, so I made a mental note to check it out some day in the future. Well, today happened to be that mentally-noted future day.

KitTea Cat Cafe has been open now since June 2015. It is the first Cat Café to open in San Francisco and the first ever established in the nation. The idea behind this unique place is pretty simple (as stated on their web-site):

"We're a unique cafe experience dedicated to enriching the interactions between humans and felines in a relaxing environment. Slow down, sip on some tea, and support the welfare of cats. 

We provide high-quality care to our permanent resident rescue felines and work with local cat rescues, including San Francisco's Animal Care and Control, Toni's Kitty Rescue, and Wonder Cat Rescue to find our featured adoptable cat(s) a forever home at each cat's own pace."

I did not count how many cats were in the Cat Lounge this morning, but there were anywhere from eight to ten "(permanent) resident cats" and about four or five 
"(adoptable) rescue kittens" lounging around inside.

The actual café seating area (if you are just going for food/tea and not visiting the cats, like I did this morning) is not very large. It has just three tables for two people, one table for four(-ish) people, and five counter seats overlooking the window into the Cat Lounge area (which is where I should have sat, but stupidly took one of the two-seat tables against the opposite wall; I had to keep getting up to view the cats and kittens playing in their space).

There are not a lot of items from which to choose in the breakfastary-mode, but there were still a few other waffle-ideas (in both the Belgian and Bubble categories) that I could have gone with. Plus, they do offer salads and sandwiches that I could have made into a light breakfast, too.

Whereas their breakfast (and general eating) menu is not really that extensive, they do have a very prolific selection of teas from which to choose. I really liked the sound of their "Earl Grey Creme ~ Award-winning, fresh + fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea with beautiful blue corn flowers, bergamot oil, and Ceylon black tea." From speaking with the lady working at the counter in the tearoom area (and watching her making a number of teas this morning), their most popular tea happens to be "Ceremonial Matcha ~ Our Japanese Ceremonial Matcha is delicately sweet with underlying elements of green pea and mango. Made by slowly grinding shade-grown Sencha leaves from the first harvest of the year on a stone mill in Wazuka, Kyoto Japan. Matcha contains antioxidants and nutrients with many health benefits, including enhancing calmness and improving concentration."

I have only had this type of Japanese tea once before (see 'blog-entry from Monday, September 7th, 2015) and really enjoyed the smoky/nutty flavour of the one this morning. On the recommendation of the lady at the front counter, I used some milk in the first cuppa that I poured. However, on the subsequent (five or six) cuppas, I drank the tea plain all by itself; I preferred it better all on its ownsome. Due to the natural sweetness of this style of tea, no added sugar was needed or used.

Not that I really went there expecting some kinda 4-paw breakfast, but what I had turned out to be pretty good. They serve these egg puff/bubble waffles in a wire cone (kinda like you would see at a Belgian or French frites joint) and wrapped around the various ingredients. The berries in my wrap were blueberries (an actual botanical berry) and strawberries (not so much an actual botanical berry). I bet this would have been equally as good with either mint or basil leaves in place of the arugula. I also bet this would have been even better with some of the balsamic drizzle that they offer on a few of the other dishes; I am well aware that figs and strawberries go great with balsamic vinegar (and I would expect blueberries would, too).

I had checked out their menu before heading over there and did not really see the need of bringing any of my own hot sauces with me for use as condimentary supplements. I suppose I could have used some fresh-cracked black pepper on top, but I only thought of that after I had finished the meal. 

I doubt that I will be getting back there any time soon for breakfast, but any time I am in the neighborhood, I will have to stop in for a cuppa or a potta and to check on all the kitties.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Figgy Cheese (Bubble Waffle Wrap) ~ 6.5;
Hojicha (Green Tea) ~ 7.1;
Cats and Kittens ~ 8.45


1. 何?

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Andytown Coffee Roasters

"Gotta get Coffee
Gotta get Coffee
Gotta get Coffee

Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Andytown?... " ♫

Place: Andytown Coffee Roasters

Location: 3655 Lawton Street 
(on the corner of 43rd Avenue)

Hours: open "7-5 everyday [ sic ]" 
(I mention "[ sic ]" there, because I think that it should actually read "every day" [as two words, not "everyday", the one-word adjectival form]. But what the h*ck do I know? I use completely madeuppery words like "breakfastary" and "condimentary" in this silly li'l 'blog-thing all the time.)

Meal:  one Cheddar-Jalapeño Corn Muffin;  one Chocolate-Pumpkin Scone; and, especially (seeing as this was the reason for the visit), a cuppa Wind & Sea Blend

"We wanted a Coffee to rejuvenate us after a long, hard Ocean Beach surf session. So, we created the Wind & Sea blend. A hearty mix of Colombian and Ethiopian Coffee, the Wind and Sea is sweet, bold, and well rounded. This blend is best paired with a foggy day[1]."

(Now, I have no idea whether either Crosby or Nash prefer their Coffee locally-roasted or if Andytown believes in Whale Conservation, but I figured this would be a much better EweToobular juxtaselection for today than any ol' songs by Andy Williams or Andy Griffith.)

In an attempt to keep trying new and varying places throughout my fair city, I am always open to suggestions of new (or untried) places. A few weeks back, after an afternoon snack at Saltroot Café (see previous 'blog-entry from Monday, February 20th, 2017), while talking to the owner guy-person about 
local Coffee joints in the city, he mentioned 
Andytown Coffee Roasters to me. This new(-ish, only opened since March 2014) coffeehouse fits both criteria: it is new (to me) and I had never been there before.

Andytown Coffee Roasters has a very local-neighborhoody feel to it. This shop is located only six blocks from Ocean Beach. There are currently three locations in the Outer Sunset. This location is the original spot and used to do all the roasting and baking duties; now it is just a coffeehouse and where the baking is done for all three shops. Now they have a much larger roasting facility which also serves as a storefront coffeehouse and retail shop. (I made sure to stop by there right after breakfast and check it out; there are some great gift ideas to be had... be forewarned, anyone getting a Christmas gift from me, expect some kinda Coffee-themed gift from 
Andytown Coffee Roasters.) Like the (also) Sunset District-local Snowbird Coffee, this place will probably be my "go-to" roastery for both gift Coffees and Coffees for my own use. (Okay, I did also buy an 
8 oz bagga their Ethiopia Natural Banko Fuafuate for later home-use. I plan on making a cuppa or two-a later today or at latest tomorrow morning. It smelled really good while I was grinding-up [-down?] the beans for use. I gotta say my entire kitchen smells absolutely great right now. [I don't know why the jeenyuses at Lysol® or Febreze® don't make a Coffee-scented aerosol; it seems like a no-brainer to me.])

This particular shop is a medium-size coffeehouse. The seating includes: one large table up front (as soon as you walk in) that can seat four to six people; four tables for two along the side wall (facing their bakery area); and four tables for two to four outside on the 43rd Avenue sidewalk side. There is also a long bench on the outside front wall which would be the perfect waiting area for any of your loyal pupsters. (When I first arrived, there was a small dog with his family of two seated there). There are even free fresh homemade (well, bakery-made) dog biscuits by the front door!

While this might not look like a whole lotta food for a simple breakfast, it really was more than sufficient for my early morning appetite. I am very happy to state that I enjoyed the baked-goods stuff just as much as my cuppa. I especially liked the corn muffin; it had a good amount of Cheddar cheese melted all over the muffin-top and just the right amount of sea salt sprinkled into the melted cheese. Both the scone and muffin were crunchy on the outside, but super-moist on the inside; this is something a lot of places can not get right ~ a scone should not/does not have to be as hard as a rock.

And now, down to brass tacks (if you like drinking a steaming cuppa push-pins  made of copper and zinc, that is), and the main reason for this trip "all the way over" to the Outer Sunset, just how good is their Coffee?! Well, I am verrry pleased to say that I liked the cuppa that I did have. Wind & Sea is their touchstone/paradigm and standard house-blend, it seems. They do not offer other roasts/blends as single-drip/pour-over cuppas at this location, but I was informed by one of the very friendly and knowledgeable barista-type guys-persons that you can get that specific style for a number of roasts/blends at one of their other coffeeshops (the one on the foggy far-reaches of Taraval Street, just one block away from Ocean Beach).

As far as any condimentary supplementations that may be available at Andytown Coffee Roasters, I have no idea. I did not ask and none were really needed today with my simple breakfastary fare. (See? I used two of my completely madeuppery words in the same paragraph even.)

The only questions that remain unanswered are: 
"Who is 'Andy'?" and "Why 'Andytown'?" The next time I go back there (and I will be going back), I will have to remember to ask them why they came up with that specific moniker.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Cheddar-Jalapeño Corn Muffin ~ 7.5;
Chocolate-Pumpkin Scone ~ 7.1;
Wind & Sea Blend ~ 7.3


1. If you know that area of the Outer Sunset*, you know that you will be able to pair this particular blend with about 367 days a year.

*(Much like I don't really have a separate Label for the "Inner" or "Outer" Richmond District[s], I am sticking with just the one "Sunset District" Label-designator, too.)