Wednesday, November 20, 2013


"A morning without coffee is like sleep." ~ Author Unknown

Coffeehouses, coffee shops, XM Channel 31, etc. ~ whatever you like to call them. These are generally establishments where fresh-roasted coffee can be purchased in either whole bean or ground form. Additionally, there are usually small bites of food that can be purchased to eat along with a fresh-brewed cuppa: sandwiches, bagels, pastries, etc. There does not always have to be a full breakfast menu involved. These are not to be confused with "Café" (or "Caffè" ~ but just never "Caffé", or "Cafè") when it is used as a hoity-toity name for a place to eat (see also: "Bistro", "Brasserie"[1], "Cafeteria", "Etc."). 

There have been examples of local coffeehouses that serve a decent enough variety of food in some of my past 'blog-entries: 
  • Simple Pleasures Cafe (see 'blog-entry from March 15th, 2010)
  • Java Beach Cafe at the Zoo (see ‘blog-entry from June 14th, 2010)
  • Garden House Cafe (see 'blog-entry from March 17th, 2012)
  • Velo Rouge Cafe (see 'blog-entry from June 2, 2012)
  • The Blue Fig (see 'blog-entry from September 16th, 2012)
I am surprised that I have never made a specific label with "Coffeehouse" or "Coffee Shop" already. However, it's too far gone now to go back and amend all of the older 'blog-entries (not that there were that many as it is). I suppose, that going forward now, I will use the label and maybe just add it to those older 'blog-entries when I come across them again.

And if these places are usually purveyors of more than one kind of coffee, shouldn't they technically be called "Coffeeshouses" or "Coffees Shops”?

1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, numéro un:

"Brasserie" in French literally means "brewery", from Middle French "brasser" (the verb "to brew"), from Old French "bracier", from Vulgar Latin "braciāre", of Celtic origin; compare Welsh "brag" ("malt").

(Also not to be confused with "brassiere", which is the place where babies dine.) 

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