Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous

(No official web-site.)

Place: Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous
Location: 699 22nd Street (at 3rd Street); phonicular contact: (415) 970-0750
Hours: open at 11:30am Wednesday through Sunday 
Ice Cream: Jasmine Calamansi[1] and Candied Orange Peel

Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous happens to be directly across the street from Serpentine, but I had about forty-five minutes to kill before they opened, so I just walked around Dogpatch a bit.

Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous has been open for about three years now, but I have only been there a handful of times (or, seeing as this is Ice Cream we are talking about, a mouthful of times). I only learned of them about a year ago from a friend (Thanks, Lori!), and if they weren't located all the way over in Dogpatch, I probably would go there a lot more often. 

They usually only have ten to twelve flavours at a time available and rotate them weekly, or whenever they run out and make a different flavour. My one complaint is that they don't have a web-site to check which flavours are currently available; so you have to be surprised when you get there. It really is a "mooo"-t point, as they make excellent Ice Cream, and I have yet to try a flavour that I didn't like.

The other flavours for the day/week this morning: Crown Royal, San Miguel Negra, Pumpkin, Earl Grey, Cookies & Cream, French Lavender, Chicory Coffee, Grasshopper, and Chocolate Choc Chip. I sampled both the Crown Royal and the San Miguel Negra. I couldn't really taste any Whisky in the Crown Royal, and probably wouldn't order it. The San Miguel Negra made a decent flavour of Ice Cream and I may have ordered it if I hadn't already ordered the other two flavours. I have tried and really enjoyed their Earl Grey before. I probably should have tried the Chicory Coffee, too, as I bet I would have liked that one a lot.

As for the two flavours that I did get, they were both excellent. I think I liked the Jasmine Calamansi just a little bit more than the Candied Orange Peel, but I would order both of them again.

And there is absolutely nothing that says that you can't have Ice Cream for breakfast (or "Brunch"). After all, it is made with eggs and milk (or cream), both of which scream "Breakfast!" to me, Mr. Cosby!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous Ice Cream (in general) ~ 7.5 to 8.0

1. Calamansi is a sour citrus fruit indigenous to the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is usually seen in its unripened lime green state. When left to ripen, it turns to a tangerine orange colour.

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