Sunday, August 24, 2014


A breakfastary roadtrip (part the second):
Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA

Place: Breakers
Location: 145 Rockaway Beach Avenue, Pacifica
Hours:  Open 7:00am every day!
Meal: Greek Omelet(te) ~ spinach, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, & a blend of Mozzarella & Feta cheese, served with potatoes & choice of bread; and a cuppa (well, actually a pitchera) Peerless Coffee® (I didn't get the actual roast/blend)

(Three EweToobular videos today? What gives?! 

Well, I am just continuing my International Linda Ronstadt Weekend. Plus, the first song can double as today's earthquakey theme. And, besides, Mick never looked anywhere as good singing this song when he was wearing nothing but a bandana, a black vest, blue jeans, and knee-high cowboy boots.

The second song serves both for the Linda Ronstadt tribute and sort of a juxtaselection with the name of today's restaurant.

And the third song is just because how awesome is a duet with Linda and Bonnie Raitt? Man, I would have loved to have been made into a "Brian Sandwich" with those two back then. I may even have allowed some of that vile white goop, mayonnaise, on it, but just none of the vile weed.

I suppose I coulda linked "Santa Monica" by Everclear ~ just listen to the lyrics ~ but, again, Linda was much cuter than Art Alexakis, even with his awesome bleach-blonde hair.)

Just for the heckovit, I made another breakfastary roadtrip all the way down to Rockaway Beach (the one in Pacifica, CA, not the one in Queens, New York City, NY). It is exactly fourteen miles due south (I odometered it), which is only about thirty minutes driving along the Great Highway and Highway 1 (and equal to a simple trip across town even, if not quicker). (I have discovered that all the lights along the Great Highway are timed at 35mph… and, surprisingly enough, also at 70mph.) Breakers is right across the street from yesterday's breakfastary destination, NICK'S (or NICKS). (However, I am pretty sure that the name of today's restaurant is the plural noun, and not in the Genitive case ~ unless the owner happens to actually be named "Nick Breaker".)

There was a great view of the Pacific Ocean/Rockaway Beach from my window seat this morning. Breakers is a decent sized place and seating is (approximately): six tables for two; four tables for four; and ten to twelve booths for two to four people. It is definitely a family/kid-friendly place as there was a table next to me with two families and three kids between them. They give every kid a complimentary (or maybe even a "complementary") box of crayons and a placemat to colour. The 4-pack of crayons is probably ~ Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue. I don't really know for sure, though, as NO ONE offered ME any of the fun stuff (I was sure to point out this major disappointing omission to one of the waitress-server ladies; I also let her know that it would not affect the amount of the tip in any way, though).

In addition to a good selection of 3 Egg Omelets, Breakers also offers several Three Egg Scrambles (and this area of the menu actually had "Three" spelled out, whereas the omelettes section had the Arabic numeral "3"), Frittatas (they don't specify if these are "3 Egg" or "Three Egg"), Pancakes, French Toast, Belgian Waffles, and several Crepes (which they have spelled sans un accent circonflexe). From the Frittatas section I liked the sound of the Veggie (diced vegetables, salsa, sour cream & chives). From the Crepes section: Roasted Eggplant (red peppers, glazed onions, portabella mushrooms, garlic, Jack cheese, marinara sauce & sour cream) and Garden (avocado, spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, Jack cheese, tomatoes, sour cream & chives) would have been good options for stupid vegetarians.

This was a pretty good omelette. It was made with lots of Feta and spinach (inside and even with more Feta sprinkled on top), both major plusses in my book (which is of the colouring type and here is where I coulda used some of those damned crayons); however, they just use those sliced, canned black olives; this would have been soooo much better with real Kalamata olives, of course. My choice of bread was sourdough; and I liked how they make it: they actually toast it a bit first and then finish it on the grill! (I happened to mention this to the owner, Mr. Breaker, when I was paying and he said they do it that way specifically because that is how he likes the toast to be made). The side of potatoes were of the hashbrown variety.

I enjoyed the idea of them leaving the pitcher/pot (in a plastic thermos thingy, à la IHOP®) of Coffee right on the table, that way you could make your own refillas whenever you felt like. I made sure to utilize it at least two to three times, too.

Breakers has Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (the standard red) and also Tabasco® Brand Habanero Sauce for use as condimentary supplements. They may possibly offer Cholula® Hot Sauce, too, as I saw it on one other table, but it could easily have belonged to the guy sitting there as it was gone the next time I looked over at his table right after he had left. What kinda complete idiot brings their own hot sauces to a public restaurant? For a change, I actually used some of their Habanero Sauce on the omelette. This is one of the better flavours that Tabasco® has to offer (my favourite of theirs being Chipotle), and it has more flavour and heat than the standard red stuff. I also used some of my own Hula Girl Chipotle Habanero (Thanks, Jim!) liberally (as in "feel free to use as much as you like") all over the potatoes.

I took some of the extra Feta and red onions that were on top of the omelette and mixed them into the hashbrowns, because, of course: "Everything is betta with Feta!"

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Greek Omelet(te) ~ 6.5 (which would probably have been a 6.7 or 6.8 with real Kalamata olives)

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