Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Single Losers Day!

Okay, I know that today is "Mother's Day" (it's also my niece's birthday ~ Happy Birthday, Shannon! ~ I was gonna say "Happy Birthday, Sheesha!", but didn't want to embarrass her on the World Wild Intro-Net), but I have proclaimed today to now be called "Single Losers Day"!

I don't care what everyone else says, the most discriminated minority in America are Single Losers. African-Americans have NAACP, there are many LGBT* equality groups, the Jewish have B'nai B'rith, the Italians have the Cosa Nostra, and the Radical Right has FOX News; but there are no organizations dedicated to the equality of Single Losers. Think about it, who is more ostracized in a crowd than a Single Loser? Have you ever gone out to eat all by yourself to some snooty, high-falutin' restaurant and been asked with a sneer by the maître d' "Do you have a reservation?" Seriously? For one Single Loser?! I always answer with "Yeah, I have one reservation… I heard the food here sucks, but I decided to eat here anyways."

I am not an animal! I am just a Single Loser looking for a place to eat.

Single Losers should be pitied and paid more attention to. If we all ever decided to organize… well, I guess we wouldn't really be "single" anymore. Okay, idiotic rant over… for now.

Anyway, I had breakfast today at Home over on Market Street in the Castro. They actually have a sign in their window that says "Best Brunch in San Francisco". I don't know how they came up with that claim, but "Best Brunch" to me is like saying you are the prettiest one of "The Golden Girls".

And… guess what? I was actually asked when I got there just as they were opening for "Brunch": "Do you have a reservation?" The place is huge and was completely empty! They were "nice enough" to seat me at the bar. I know what you are thinking, "but it is that other completely made-up holiday and many families probably did have reservations for 'Brunch' today". Well… wrong!!! The entire time that I was there the place was maybe half-full (or half-empty). This is what I am talking about Single Losers!

Meh?! Their "Brunch" selection wasn't really that extensive, nor exotic. It is just the prototypical "Brunch" place: cloth napkins; fancy, over-priced drinks; etc.

I had the Bourbon** Spiked Brioche French Toast ~ Toasted Pecan Mascarpone***, Maple Syrup and a side o' Breakfast potatoes (that would be the home fried/house potatoes-style, Mrs. Huneycutt). To drink, I had a Home Fizz ~ Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple juice, Ginger Ale, with a splash of lime, and also a cuppa coffee.

The French toast was good; it just wasn't anywhere near as good as Baker Street Bistro's Pain Perdu (see 'blog-raves from April 17th, 2010, and January 22nd, 2011). Just in case you think this is an unfair comparison (Newsflash: Bea Arthur is nowhere as pretty as Marilyn Monroe), it wasn't even nearly as good as Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery (see 'blog-entry from July 10, 2010). Hey, they claim they are "the Best Brunch in San Francisco", not me. I guess, they meant "the Best Brunch in San Francisco… located on the corner of Market/14th/and Church Streets". The brioche does make for a nice base and I did like the toasted pecan mascarpone whip thing; however, I think this would have been even better with hazelnuts or almonds in place of the pecans, and maybe a little citrus zest (orange or lemon) added to it… oh, and how about some cinnamon or allspice, too. I was also a little disappointed that I really couldn't taste any of the "Bourbon Spiked" part of the mixture (maybe the chef takes a shot of Kentucky corn sqeezin's before preparing this).

The Fizz was okay ~ nice combo and flavour, but nothing really special that I couldn't "cook" up at home myself. I order a similar drink at bars when I don't feel like drinking any alcoholic beverages: "½-orange juice, ½-pineapple juice, and ½-ginger ale". It always gets a strange look from bartenders and they almost always say: "But that's three halves.", to which I reply: "That's okay, just serve it in a big glass!" (Okay, maybe I am starting to see why I am still a Single Loser.)

For condimentary supplementation they offer both Tabasco® (just the standard red) and Cholula®. So I went with some of my own Palo Alto Fire Fighters Pepper Sauce on the potatoes (Thanks again, Amy!), but I left the French toast un-spiked/un-spiced.

Home may not have been exactly "… where I want to be…", "… but I guess I'm already there…"; so it will have to do for today ~ being as it is such a big holiday and all, let's just not be naïve about it.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Bourbon Spiked Brioche French Toast ~ 6.5; Home Fizz ~ 6.3

*(By the way, this does not stand for "Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, and Tomato" sandwich. I asked my nephew and he confirmed it for me. Hey, Alan!… oops, I hope I haven't outed him on the Intro-Net in front of all his Gay friends.)

**(As I can't tell a Bourbon from a Scotch Whisky or Irish Whiskey, here is some additional information on Bourbon: )

***(Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese that is used in many dessert dishes, namely Tiramisu: 

Seriously, who knew there was a ""?!)

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