Monday, May 30, 2011

Just For You cafe

How do you (mis)pronounce the Capital of Louisiana*?

(No real reason for the Little Feat** songs other than I like them and felt like including them with today's 'blog-entry. I have actually been from Tucson, AZ, to Tucumcari, NM, and I've been to Tehachapi, CA; I have never been to Tonopah ~ neither the one in AZ, nor the one in NV ~ though.)

Trekked it on over to Dogpatch this morning for another stellar breakfast at Just For You cafe. (See 'blog-entry from January 3rd, 2011 for my last visit.) This is really a great place for breakfast, Mister Spock.

My main problem this morning was once again having to decide which of their breakfasts to choose from. I had their most-excellent Huevos Rancheros the last time I was there, and the time before that I had their Omelette of the Decade. The Greek Scramble ~ with Feta cheese, onion, spinach, tomato, and real
Καλαμάτα olives looked to be a tasty one, too. However, I settled on the Greg's Scramble ~ 3 eggs scrambled with spinach, onions, garlic, and topped with Parmesan cheese; with mushrooms and zucchini (the veggie version). This is served with home fries or grits (or fresh fruit for an additional charge) and choice of homebaked bread/toast: white, whole wheat, cinnamon***-raisin, biscuits, cornbread, scone, or English muffin.

I mainly went with the Greg's because I knew my North Yorkshire host would probably hate the addition of mushrooms in an egg dish bearing his name (I think he's okay with zucchini, though). I chose the (homebaked) cinnamon-raisin toast and was not disappointed; this was chock full o' raisins and smelled greatly of the barky spice. As usual, I opted for the home fries over grits (or fresh fruit). The scramble had lots of fresh spinach, mushrooms, and zucchini in it. I would also like to point out that this was covered with lots of REAL shredded Parmesan, not that fake Parmesan powder stuff that comes in a can.

I also had to have a good cuppa their N'Orleans-style house coffee (that is with chicory), which is an "imported" blend from Louisiana ~ Community Coffee®. I must have had 3-4 cups of the stuff. I will probably be racing like a piss-horse all day and may not be able to get to sleep until later tonight…

Now, for complimentary supplementation I knew that they have one of the better collections available, but I still brought a few of my own just for the heck of it. I ended up using some of their El Yucateco® XXXtra Hot Sauce ~ Salsa Kutbil-ik de Chile Habanero on the scramble, and some of my own Palo Alto Fire Fighters Pepper Sauce (Thanks again, Amy!) on the home fries.

"Round up the usual suspects…":

Dogpatch… the final frontier. Who knew?!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Greg's Scramble ~ 7.0

*(I actually got the guy sitting next to me at the counter today with this old one. I asked him if the Capital of Louisiana is pronounced "New OR-leans", "New Or-LEANS", "N'Arlins", or even "N'Or-leeON". He said his grandfather was from Louisiana and that it is definitely "N'Arlins"!

He was very disappointed when I informed him it is actually "Baton Rouge"… supply your own pronunciation of that one, though.)

**(I once made a cuts-tape of all Little Feat covers. I called it "Tiny Shoos".)

***(Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

"Cinnamon" comes to English from the Greek word "
kinnámōmon", which is taken from the Phoenician word akin to the Hebrew word "qinnāmōn".)

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