Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dottie’s True blue café

'Blogging in 俳句[1],
While nice, is not feasible.
芭蕉 understands.

Place: Dottie's True blue café 
Location: 28 Sixth Street (between Market and Mission Streets) 
Hours: open at 7:30am everyday of the week (except for Tuesday and Wednesday when they are closed)
Meal: Avocado, Tomato, Jalapeño, Scallion, Corn, & Feta Frittata ~ served with toast and potatoes; and a large glass of (Ruby Red?) grapefruit juice

(Okay, for some reason, this 'blog-spot doesn't seem to recognize these two hyperlinks this morning. You will have to do the ol' "cut-and-paste" thing if you wish to listen to these selections.

D'Cückoo are/were a local San Francisco Bay Area music/performing arts group. I used to go see them all the time in the 90's; I don't know if they still perform today. They used to have this one really cool "electronic beach ball" that they would toss out into the crowd and when someone hit it, different lights would go on and various musical notes would be played off it. They also had one helluva cool electronic-computerised marimba, which can be heard in the two Ewetoob videos here.

Here's a little know Cliff Clavin fact, D'Cückoo's music is done entirely in Haiku verses… Nah, not really, but that would have been pretty cool for today.)

This morning I ventured back to Dottie's True blue café (see last 'blog-entry from August 25th, 2013). I can't believe it's been almost five months since my last breakfast there. I got there about fifteen minutes before they had opened and, while waiting in line with about four other people in front of me, I was treated to an impromptu street performance by the indigenous populace (at no extra cost). 

I actually met Kurt's younger brother at the door this morning (he looks just like Kurt); apparently the Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ location did not work out (I blame this on people like Karl Brandt that couldn't be bothered to drive the measly two hours to Scottsdale from Tucson to eat breakfast there… like there is anything better to do in Arizona).

I think it's funny how Dottie's current kitchen area is approximately the same size as the entire old space was back on Taylor Street. One of the things that has remained the same is the collection of snow-globes that idiots bring there from all over the World. (Okay, I may have donated one from Martha's Vineyard and one from Vienna, myself.)

My meal this morning was off the Weekly Specials Board. There were a few other very good choices: Zucchini Cakes (a favourite of mine, which I did talk another unsuspecting innocent diner into trying); Spinach-Provolone Strata; or Sweet Potato, Caramelized Red Onion, & Gruyere Tart. Unfortunately, I had just had all of these on recent trips there last year and wanted to try something different. Just my luck, next time I go back, they may not have the Zucchini Cakes on the board. 

This was a very good frittata. I like all of the ingredients that were in it. I especially liked that there was lots of fresh avocado (of course, I have never really had any avocado from a can, but still) and Feta in it. The corn always gives it a bit of a fresh "pop", too. I went with homemade buttermilk bread as my toast choice.

Dottie's always has a very decent selection of condimentary supplements: Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (three styles: the standard red, green jalapeño, and Chipotle); Tapatío®; and Frank's® RedHot® Chile 'n Lime™. Be that as it may, I still used some of my own Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce ~ XX Habanero (Thanks agains, Amys and Brian!) on the homefries (and it was the last of that brave soldier, too) and Serious Food… Silly Prices Chunky Habanero Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the frittata.

Appetite sated.
Both breakfastarily and

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: ATJSC&F Frittata ~ 6.9; my attempts at Haiku ~ 4.5

1. As anyone that has a defacedbook account is very well aware, today happens to be the 19th Annual Haiku Day there. (Well, it's either the 19th Annual on January 2nd, or the 2nd Annual on January 19th. One or the other. Whatever)

Because, after all,
俳句 is like poetry,
Just with no rhyming.

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