Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cafe Golo

"We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie." 
~ David Mamet, Boston Marriage

(No official web-site.)

Place: Cafe Golo
Location: 1602 Lombard Street (at Gough Street, of course); phonicular contact: (415) 673-4656
Hours: open at 8:00am every day of the week;
Meal: Breakfast Quesadilla ~ melted cheese with avocado, black bean and corn salsa in a flour tortilla; a side of Country Potatoes; and a glass of orange juice

(There is no correlation between today's breakfastary destination and these EweToobular juxtaselections; I just felt like linking "Every Time You Go Away" and "Lowdown".)

I went back to Cafe Golo (see last 'blog-entry from July 21st, 2013) for another fine breakfast this morning. Miss PB was just opening up (and on time, I might add, too) as I arrived this morning. I am thinking about adding Cafe Golo to my Breakfastary Rotation, but then I would have to make the hard decision on which restaurant to send back down to the Minors.

There are a few other good ideas (for stupid vegetarians) left on the menu that I have not yet tried: Golo Ranchero (corn tortillas topped with eggs, cheese, jalapeño pepper, salsa verde, and sour cream) and Spinach Scramble Omelet (spinach, mushrooms, cheese, and a few other items that I didn't write down; I was really intrigued by its ambiguous name ~ are you a "scramble" or are you an "omelette"? This is the 21st Century; come out of the food closet and show your true breakfastary colours); as well as Veggie Tater Scramble (country potatoes topped with sautéed onions, peppers, the vile weed, artichokes, mushrooms, zucchini, and cheese; which I had on my first visit there and wouldn't mind having again).

This morning's "pastry bites" (which are also known as "baked-goods crack" ~ see, they give you a "little taste of the good stuff" expecting you to be stupid enough to fall for it and purchase whole pieces of their fresh-baked goods. Well, you will never see me succumb to such pedestrian marketing tactics and buying one of their pastries… nope, I usually am a sucker for at least two or three pieces.) were: Kiwi-Cranberry Tart, Cranberry Scone, and Apple-Pear Tart. And, of course, I got some fresh-baked pastries to go(lo): a Sweet Potato Tart (one of my favourites of theirs) and a Mixed Fruit Tart (I was told that today's mixture included: pear, apple, apricot, and blueberries).

(I happened to notice that I am using B&W photos again for a visit to Cafe Golo ~ see previous 'blog-entry from August 26th, 2012. This was completely coincidental. Blame Tim Rice for the timing if you must.)

The Breakfast Quesadilla was very good, and the ingredients description that they have listed on the menu really don't do it justice. Of course, it also included scrambled eggs inside the quesadilla with lots of cheese to bind it all together nicely. The black bean and corn salsa is a great addition on its own, made with lots of onions and jalapeños in it. The Country Potatoes, made with both sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, is always a good side. This was definitely a carbo-overload for me this morning (I like to tell people that I do not adhere to the Paleo Diet; I have evolved a little bit and am on the Mesolithic Diet).

Cafe Golo offers for condimentary supplements Crystal® Louisiana’s Pure Hot Sauce and a few other hot sauces. I had come fully prepared with a couple of my own and used some Hula Girl Chipotle Habanero (Thanks, Jim!) liberally all over the quesadilla and some Dave's Gourmet® Ginger Peach Hot Sauce (Thanks, J.T.!) on the potatoes. The ginger-peach flavours went extremely well with the sweet potato-potato combination.

As I was leaving, Miss PB pointed out to me that in April or May, she and Jay will be opening up a new restaurant at 210 Jones Street (between Eddy and Turk Streets over in the Tenderloin, where Manor House Restaurant used to be). They do not have a name picked out yet for the new place. I suggested (in keeping with the whole Cafe Golo theme) maybe either Cafe Edjo (or Joed) or Cafe Tujo (or Jotu), none of which really seemed to be a hit with Miss PB. I also suggested the obvious: Cafe PB&J or PB&J Bistro. I will have to keep my eyes open for when it finally opens and check them out in early Summer.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Breakfast Quesadilla ~ 6.7


  1. This sounds very good, but please use color for pictures, it makes the dishes look "yummier" :D

  2. No problem, Eugen. I do usually take colour photos, but they only had Black-and-White memory cards at the store this month and I had to make do.