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Do people with dyslexia take penicillin twice a year to combat the effects of DST?[1]

Place: Suppenküche[2] 
Location: 525 Laguna Street (on the corner of Hayes Street)
Hours: "Brunch" is served on Sundays at 10:00am
Meal: Kaiserschmarrn mit Apfelmus und Pflaumenmus[3] ~ Emperor's Pancake with brandied raisins, served with apple & plum compotes; a side of one Reibekuche mit hausgemachten Apfelmus; and a glass of Andechs Doppelbock[4] vom Fass

(Just a couple of "timely" EweToob videos by the Airborne Toxic Event to commemorate Daylight Saving Time. Does anyone else see the irony that this is a complete waste of time twice a year?)

Ich kehrte zurück zum Suppenküche für heute Morgen Frühstück (see last 'blog-entry from August 15th, 2010). They only serve "Brunch" on Sundays. I wonder if "Brunch" in Germany is called "Frühtagessen". (Let's see how many cunning Herm linguists get that stupid joke.)

The seats are Bierhalle-style with long, unfinished wooden bench-tables, where you are apt to share the table (but not necessarily your meal) with strangers. This is like eating breakfast (or "Brunch" or "Frühtagessen") in a Bayerische Bierhalle, but just without any threat of annexing the Sudetenland or invading Poland right afterward. Sorry, Frau Huneycutt, I didn't even get the name of die hübsche blonde Kellnerin that served me this morning; see, it's not just a sexist thing with me.

After perusing their "Brunch" menu, I understand why it has been over three years since I last ate breakfast ("Brunch", "Frühtagessen", whatever) there. They really do not offer that many items on the "Brunch" menu, and even less for dusslig Vegetarier. Unfortunately, even the Bratkartoffeln (roasted potatoes/homefries) are made mit Speck (with bacon); so that automatically cut out most of the other "Brunch" dishes, too. Sure Hitler was purported to be a "Vegetarier" himself, but I think that was just the German version of a vegetarian, where they consider you a vegetarian if you finish all of your vegetables and only eat five or six different portions of dead, decaying animal flesh with your meal. 

It is always interesting to hear people trying to pronounce unknown German words. "Jäger(schnitzel)"[5] is not pronounced like the last name of the lead singer of die Rollenden Steine, but more closely pronounced like General Chuck's last name (he had the right stuff, of course).

I like that they bring out a small basket of fresh baked Brötchen mit Butter to start you off. There were three rolls in the basket this morning, two with caraway seeds and one lightly-salted roll. There were two different kinds of jams on the table, which I tried a little of each on both types of bread; I think one was apricot and the other some kind of either rasp- or blackberry.

Now the main meal was not really "pancakes" as most 'merikanischen Idioten would know them; these were kind of like a cross between deconstructed pancakes and funnel cakes. They were a kind of fluffy shredded pancake. The homemade Apfelmus was just the standard smooth, runny kind; it was still good and had some nice spices in it, but I prefer the chunkier style. The Pflaumenmus was very good (they didn't specify if this was also hausgemachtem or not, though) and I actually liked it better than the Apfelmus.

The Reibekuche (which is also called Kartoffelpuffer) was just a potato pancake; this was nice and crisp and crunchy. I had some as my main meal the last time I was there. The potato latkes that I had at Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen (see 'blog-entry from December 15th, 2013) were a little better version I think.

Suppenküche has an excellent selection of Deutsch-Bier and the Andechs Doppelbock was a very good version of a Bock Bier; at 7.0 ABV, it was a semi-strong Bier, too. Why a Bier with breakfast? Well, Bier is like German Coffee. When I was living in Berlin, the German workers were actually allowed two Bier breaks during the day. And then you wonder why there was all the invading of Europe going on in the 1930’s.

All in all, this was an awful lot of carbohydrates even for me with the rolls, two types of pancakes, and the Bier. Apparently the word "diabetisch" is a ferren word in Das Vater.

Other than das Kompott provided with the pancakes, I have no idea what kind of hot sauce condimentary supplements might be offered by Suppenküche. As usual, I had brought a few from my own collection with me, but there was really nothing on which to use them this morning.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Kaiserschmarrn mit Apfelmus und Pflaumenmus ~ 6.6; Reibekuche mit hausgemachten Apfelmus ~ 6.5; Andechs Doppelbock ~ 7.2

1. If anyone thinks I am unjustly making fun of dyslexics, tell them that they are free to call their lawyers and "use" me if they want.

2. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, Nummer eins:

"Suppenküche" is the German compound word for "soup kitchen" (I will leave it to you to figure out which part means which).

3. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, Nummer zwei:

Part A:
"Kaiserschmarrn" is another compound German noun. The "Kaiser" part comes from "Kaiser Franz Joseph I of Austria" (yeah, that guy from WWI) and "schmarrn" is just a kind of pancake. The German word "schmarren" is related to "scharren", meaning "to scratch".

Part B:
"Apfelmus" means "applesauce" in German. 

Part C:
"Pflaumenmus" means "plum jam" in German.

4. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, Nummer drei:

Part A:
"Doppel" means "double" in German (like in the word Doppelgänger).

Part B:
"Bock" means "billy goat" in German.

Why is a German Bier named after a billy goat? Ask Wikipedia:

5. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, Nummer vier:

"Jäger" means "hunter, huntsman" in German.

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