Sunday, May 11, 2014


"Home is not where the is, home is where the breakfast is…"

Place: homeskillet[1]
Location: 1001 Market Street (on the corner of 6th Street)
Hours: ??? YGIAGAM ???
(I can only assume that they open at 8:00am as they were just setting up as I got there this morning around that time; however, neither their official web-site nor their take-away menu show when they actually open daily; you'd think that would be a very important piece of information to include, right?)
Meal: #hashtag ~ fresh hashbrowns scrambled w/ Vidalia onions, melted Jack+Cheddar, topped w/ ripe avocado, Clover (Stornetta) sour cream, & parsley, served w/ 2 cage-free eggs (because it is so cruel to cage those poor little eggs for their entire lives) & choice of: toast or bagel; and a cuppa (well, three different cuppas) Equator Coffees & Teas

(Okay, the first EweToob song ain't exactly the Talking Heads, but I like Woody Harrelson's version, too. The second song is just a juxtaselection for Mother's Day.[2])

Despite having to guess at the time that they are actually open, homeskillet still opens up early enough for breakfast for the likes of me, and I like that. They are a relatively new place (only opened within the last two months or so now). They are just down the block from Dottie's True blue café, which could always be a good fall-back if you don't feel like waiting in a long line to eat at Dottie's (however, if I had driven all the way over to that crummy neighborhood on a Sunday morning with the intention of eating at Dottie's, I would just wait to eat at Dottie's, anyway). I think that this place has the same owner/owners as Little Griddle (see 'blog-entry from October 13th, 2013); I can see that, with some similar items on both menus; one of the main differences being that Little Griddle exclusively serves Stumptown Coffee and homeskillet exclusively serves Equator Coffees & Teas.

homeskillet is a relatively smallish joint with seating for about thirty-four people ~ amidst various sized and shaped tables, and two window-counter seating areas (unfortunately, the windows overlook "lovely and picturesque" 6th Street). You order and pay at the front counter first; they give you a number or letter (I got an "M" as in "Marilyn Monroe" this morning; Cool!); then they bring the food out to you.

They offer many other interesting breakfastary ideas on the menu: green tortilla sunrise (choose a meat: chicken apple sausage, pork chorizo, ground beef, bacon, or organic tofu ~ spinach tortilla wrapped w/ Jack+Cheddar cheese, cage-free eggs, black beans, green bell peppers, sweet onions, Clover sour cream, a fresh salsa, served w/ homeskillet hash or Balsamic greens); several types of omelettes and scrambles; Hotcakes (original; peanut butter[3] chips; milk chocolate chips; candied pecan; seasonal berry; or strawberry granola); three types of French Toast; and four versions of Eggs Benedict.

I knew that I was going to like this dish right off the bat with potatoes being the focal point of the meal, but with the added avocado slices and Vidalia onions it really put it over the top for me. The sweet Vidalia onions really were a stand-out. With two kinds of cheese melted throughout, it was all nice and extra cheesy, too. I had my eggs over-medium (with a side of free cages) and went with the sourdough toast choice.

Like yesterday, today's Coffee entry was from local roastery Equator Coffees & Teas. However, unlike yesterday, homeskillet offers three different roasts/blends from which to choose, and as many refills as you would like. So I made sure to try all three different Coffees; I may not need another cuppa for a few days now. I had them in this order and this would also be my ranking: Equator Blend > Mocha Java > Papua New Guinea Siherni.

Much like their Coffee offerings, homeskillet has a very decent selection of condimentary supplements: the San Francisco Triumvirate of Hot Sauces (Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce ~ both the standard red and the green Jalapeño for a change; Cholula® Hot Sauce; and Tapatio®); Huy Fong Foods Tương Ớt Sriracha; Frank's® RedHot; Crystal® Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce; and a Chinese-style chilli-garlic hot sauce. If I had known that they offered that many different choices, I probably wouldn't have schlepped some of my own with me. As it was, I ended up using some of my own Nando's® Extra Hot Peri-Peri sauce (Thanks, Kerry-Kerry!) on top of the eggs, and some Hula Girl Chipotle Habanero-Habanero (Thanks, Jim-Jim!) on the mess of hashbrowns, etc. Additionally, once I discovered that they had that Chinese-style chilli-garlic hot sauce, I used a good amount of it with what was left of the potatoes and eggs all mixed together.

Well, even if I have no idea when they actually open, I liked this meal a lot and will definitely be back… I am just not sure how soon or at what time, though.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: #hashtag ~ 7.4;  Equator Coffees ~ 6.8-7.1

1. This was all one word and all in minuscule on the menu and on their official web-site. I had to ask if they were Moriarty fans with the whole "Homes Killet" name, but they corrected me and let me know it actually stands for "Hom Eskillet"; it's a Mexican thing apparently.

2. To any of you that are new to the Blues, Bessie Smith was the original Empress of the Blues. Before there was Lady Ella, before there was Billie, and before there was Etta, there was Bessie Smith.

3. Dammit! As much as I wanted to slam Wild Bill and his Nazi-boys spellcheckers, I was wrong in my thinking that "peanutbutter" was one word. I will only concede this minor defeat to those verdammt Braunhemden at Microsoft because both Jif® and Skippy® list it as "peanut butter" (two words), too. It really doesn't matter, as I am still going to call it "peanutbutter" whenever I feel like. So, bite me, Billy-boy, and I hope I stick to the roof of your mouth, too!

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