Sunday, February 8, 2015


"The meeling is futual."[1]

Place: Loogaboos[2]
Location: 3296 22nd Street (on the corner o' Valencia Street)
Hours: open Monday - Sunday at 8:00am
Meal: Temple O' Spuds (with) Lay an egg on top! ~ Our famous homefries (and let it be noted, your Honour, that they have this as one word, as I would normally do) topped with melted Jack & Cheddar (they had "Cheddar" in the minuscule, but I prefer it in the majuscule, as I consider it a Proper Noun… and a right propa cheese it is, Gov'nor!), salsa, sour cream, (I added the last Oxford comma there, though) and green onions; and a cup o' Coffee (with three refillo's, too)

(I will let you try and figure out today's EweToobular juxtaselections.

Sometimes this stuff really ain't Rocket Surgery.)

I went back to Loogaboos after a rather lengthy hiatus (see last 'blog entry from August 4th, 2013). I lucked out with parking (and especially because it started raining a bit harder than when I started out this morning) and found a spot right across the street. I never really have much problem finding a close enough spot if I arrive a la Misión early enough, especially on a Domingo plàcido, Señor Embil.

I had a minor panic attack as I was driving along Valencia and nearing the joint. For some reason I had thought Loogaboos was actually on the corner o' 20th and Valencia Streets. As I was approaching the expected corner, I saw that there was brand new construction going on where I thought Loogaboos was supposed to be. I had to quickly come up with a back-up plan and figured I would just proceed to Chloes Cafe (another place that used to be in my Breakfastary Rotation and really deserves a return visit soon, anyway) and just follow Valencia Street to 26th Street. Luckily, after driving a few more blocks along Valencia, I noticed that Loogaboos was in the same spot that it has been for the past twenty-plus years now. Whew! Let that be a lesson to you, kids: 1) always recheck ahead o' time if it's someplace that you haven't been to in over a year, and 2) always have a back-up plan in mind, too, just in case (okay, maybe that should o' read: "Let that be lessons to you, kids…")

As I have eaten at Loogaboos many, many times over the years, I have probably eaten all the specific vegetarian options that they offer, but a few old favourites that I wouldn't mind trying again were: 
Soy-rizo Hash & Eggs (2 eggs any style in a pile o' our own Vegan Soy-rizo; I always like to point out that adding eggs to a Vegan dish is kind o' counterproductive) or Desayuno Típico[3] (2 eggs any style, black beans with salsa, grilled plantain cake topped with tamarind sour cream, served with corn tortillas); both o' these dishes are great back-up plans on their own if needed, kids.

Now that's some potatoes! (Unlike the absurd skimpiocity from yesterday's breakfastary repast.) This was definitely a temple worthy o' worship on a rainy Sunday morn. This was made with tons o' potatoes (no, really, I had them weigh it, and it tipped the scale at a little over 4,000 pounds) and lots o' cheeses, too. It was a great ooey-gooey mess o' goodness. You get your preferred choice (because an un-preferred choice is not really a choice now, is it?) o' egg; I had mine done "over-medium". Should o', would o', could o'... had avocado'
added to this mess, too; next time. They say this includes "salsa", but it was more o' a very decent pico d' gallo[4]. This was really an awful lot o' food, but not a lot o' awful food, thankfully.

The one thing that I forgot to do that has become a bit o' a tradition with me when eating at Loogaboos was to add some maple syrup to my Coffee (mainly because it is on the table and I can).

Loogaboos only offers Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce as a standard bottled condimentary supplement; however, since the last time I ate there, they now have bottles o' their own homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) Habanero sauce on every table. I made sure to make good use o' their hot sauce and used a good amount o' it on half o' the pile o' spuds. I also used some o' my own The Wiltshire Chilli Farm Hell Mouth (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the other half. Their Habanero sauce was not overly spicy (I made sure to try it first before pouring it all over the mess) and could be used in generous amounts. It had a nice flavour and there was some spice in it that I just couldn't put my finger (or tongue) on. I thought it might be cinnamon and asked one o' the waiter-server dudes, but he said they don't let them in on any kitchen secrets (probably under threat o' death, too); so, I am going with cinnamon until I am proven wrong.


Lots o' good Coffee, a heap o' potatoes, and homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) Habanero' sauce… Temple O' Spuds, I am not worthy!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Temple O' Spuds ~ 7.1; Loogaboos own Habanero sauce ~ 7.2

1. There really is no reason for that opening spoonerism. It just hopped into my ped on the way to breakfast this morning.

For anyone not familiar with the term "Spoonerism" (or spoonerisms themselves), here is a link from WikipediA explaining it (let someone else do all the work for a change):

2. Okay, the name o' the joint is really "Boogaloos", but where is the spooneristic fun in that?

3. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer o' the day:

"Desayuno Típico" is simply Spanish for "typical/ordinary breakfast".

4. See what I just did there with the Spanish "de"? It's kind o' like what I have been dong with "of" throughout this 'blog-entry.

5. This cartoon is courtesy of Doc Estes. He posted it this morning on defacedbook and I figured it would work well enough here (this is supposed to be some kind o' breakfast 'blog-thing, right?). I don't know who the actual artist/cartoonist is, but I felt that I should at least mention it and give some credit to Doc (even though Doc didn't feel it necessary to give any actual credit where it was due). 

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