Sunday, August 4, 2013


"Let the children lose it,
Let the children use it,
Let all the children boo-gay…"

~ David Boney, "Starman"

(Just for clarification purposes, the first EweToob song was actually written ~ or co-written with George Harrison, supposedly ~ by Richard Starkey. While he really wasn't very prolific in his writing many songs, what he lacked in quantity, he more than made up for with his vocal prowess; everyone knows that he was really the most talented of all those mop-topped Scousers.)

It had been a while since I last ate at Boogaloos (see last 'blog-entry from December 24th, 2012), so I figured it was about time for a revisit. I used to go there a lot more often when I still had them in my Breakfastary Rotation; unfortunately, I had DFA'd them a few years back ~ due to no fault of theirs, just due to distance. They open up at 8:00am daily, which is always nice. It seems like just yesterday morning that I was on Valencia Street for breakfast.

LARGER than normal stupid parklet mini-rant of the day
There are three
(trois, drie, oder drei) of these parking-obstruction abominations along just one block of Valencia Street, between 2oth and 21st Street. At least these were all of the one- or two-car space blockades only. However, there was another just up the road between 22nd and 23rd Streets that took up three (trois, drie, oder drei) spaces. I won't bother mentioning the establishments that all of these are in front of: 1) I don't want to give any unnecessary publicity to these Nazi organizations, and 2) more importantly, I didn't bother to write down the names.

At least, the smaller execration in the top photo has a pretty cool triceratops topiary and takes up less than one parking space as it actually is blocking a driveway (of whom,  I can only assume the owner is the main sponsor of the stupid thing) and only hangs over a bit in either direction. But the second photo shows a three-space absurdity. I wonder how many of these joints actually have the proper city permits to even serve food on the sidewalk, let alone in the street in one of these plagues upon parking. Because, let's be honest here, folks, these really have nothing at all to do with making San Francisco a greener place to live; these are all about showing how "hep" your stupid hipster-doofus business is to have one of these newest abhorrences in front of it.

Back to the good part of the 'blog-entry ~ that would be the breakfast part, of course. I have eaten at Boogalos so many times that I have tried most of their breakfast dishes many times over (and they offer one of the best selections around for stupid vegetarians). This morning I simply went with the time-worn classic, Boogaloo Classic ~ 2 eggs, homefries, and a big ol' biscuit smothered in even more famous veggie herb-cream gravy, green onion. I also had a cuppa bottomless coffee (luckily I had remembered to wear my rubber pants this morning).

I had my eggs prepared "over medium". That they even offer a veggie gravy is a big plus; that it is very good is even better. The meal itself is all pretty simple, but the fresh made biscuit with the veggie gravy made it simply sublime, Mr. Nowell. They have some of the better version of homefries in San Francisco, too. As is my tradition whenever eating at Boogaloos, I added some maple syrup to my coffee. (Why? Because it was there on the table, of course.) Now the eggs over medium were outstanding, too. These may have been the best eggs over medium that I have had. I will go as far as to say that they may have been the best egg dish I have ever had in my entire life. Really?! No. They were just eggs "over medium"; even I can almost make those.

Boogaloos has plastic serving bottles of Tapatío® on all the tables for condimentary supplements. I used some of my own Hula Girl Chipotle Habanero (Thanks, Jim! Hoo-ray for Luray!!) on the eggs and some CaJohns Fiery Foods Oaxacan Hot Sauce (Thanks, Brian! Let's go, San Francisco?!) on the potatoes. The herb-cream gravy was plenty tasty enough on its own without me messing with it, though.

"There's a Starman waiting in the sky, He's told us not to blow it, 'Cause he knows it's all worthwhile, He told me: Eat at Boogaloos!"

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Boogaloo Classic ~ 6.5; big ol' biscuit smothered in even more famous veggie herb-cream gravy (by itself) ~ 7.2

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