Sunday, March 20, 2011


Where have you gone, Woody Guthrie?

This was my first visit back to Boogaloos, which is located over on Valencia & 22nd in the Mission, this year and since moving it out of my "Breakfast Rotation" (see last 'blog-entry from November 7th, 2010); unfortunately, much like a Starting Pitcher, it's really all about location, location, location. They still have great breakfasts to offer, I am just getting lazy and felt like bumping a few closer restaurants up into the "Rotation".

When they opened this morning, they were playing some Woody Guthrie* on the house stereo and all the while I was eating there (hence the above Steve Earle EweToob link).

They have many great vegetarian and even Vegan dishes from which to choose. I noticed that the Harvey's 'Soy Beef' Hash is now called Soy-rizo Hash & Eggs on their newly printed menus, but is still listed as this on their website (apparently Harvey must have pissed someone off… again; well, if you knew Harvey…). I went with the Polenta-n-Eggs ~ grilled polenta with Ranchero sauce, served with 2 eggs any style (my style: over medium), black beans, sour cream and cilantro (this also comes with a red cabbage salad that they don't show on their new menu; another omission, I am sure). I also had a cuppa the house coffee with some maple syrup in it; their coffee is strong and good by itself, but this has just become a Boogaloos tradition with me (Hey, it's on the tables, might as well use it).

The two grilled polenta triangles were very tasty and topped with some queso fresco; there were red peppers, green onions, and some herbs and spices in the polenta mix. As their Ranchero sauce was pretty tasty on its own, I did not feel it necessary for any condimentary supplementation (I had come fully prepared with a few bottle from my own collection as I knew that they only have Tapatío® on the tables).

You gotta love a place that has books, toys, and crayons** for kids to play with while their grown-ups are busy ordering and eating (and generally ignoring the kids).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Polenta-n-Eggs ~ 6.8

*(For any of you younguns out there that have never heard of Woody Guthrie, here is a little "borrowed" information from my friends at Wikipedia: )

**(I just love crayons. I think they are a great gift for any kid today. It beats them wasting time on those new-fangled video games like Pac-Man and Asteroids, if you ask me. Plus, they are very therapeutic; it is very hard to be angry with a fragile wax toy in your hands. Maybe we should send a box of the Crayola® 64 count set to Colonel Gaddafi… nah, the 48 count set is good enough for that despotic bastage. )


  1. When I was a kid, I only got the 8 count box of crayons. I never had the cool 64 count with built in sharpener, therefore I only know the basic colors and have no idea what burnt sienna looks like.

  2. Penny:

    It's kinda ironic that you now have a multitude of colours from which to choose with your Mac drawing program.

    Maybe you can send your old 8 count box to that no-account Gaddafi.