Sunday, March 13, 2011


Truly the Marilyn Monroe* of breakfast joints

For my anniversary 'blog-entry (I started musing breakfastarily one year ago here now) I had to go back to Dottie's TRUE BLUE CAFE. Not only is it my favourite place for breakfast in San Francisco, it really is one of the best breakfasts for your buck (or my doe, even). What with the time change due to stupid Daylight Saving Time**, it was still a little early to have to get up and deal with the lines waiting to get in, but I got there a little before they opened and was seated with the first wave of eager diners. I actually found a legal (and relatively secure) parking spot right on the corner for a change (and by "for a change", I mean I was only hit up twice for some spare money on the way back to my car).

I sat at the counter again this morning, which is always fun as you get to meet some great people (and you can watch to make sure Kurt doesn't slip in any extra ingredients or spit in your food). Sitting next to me were Patrick and his girlfriend, Mikako. Patrick and Mikako actually live right in the neighborhood; however, Patrick is originally from Alabama, and Mikako is from Japan (
こんにちは美香子). Sitting next to Mikako was a guy named Chris from London (the one in England); Chris actually speaks fluent Japanese*** (and Korean) and he kept Mikako entertained while I bored… er… talked with Patrick about everything from other good, local breakfast places (it turns out that they are also fans of Brenda's ~ French Soul Food, see 'blog-entry from January 3oth, 2011) to the upcoming Green Lantern movie this Summer, starring Ryan Reynolds (or as I like to call him "the idiot that actually dumped Scarlett Johansson****").

Today's kitschy salt-and-pepper shakers nearest me on the counter were some souvenir kind from Arizona. Interestingly enough, (most of) Arizona is one of the only States (Hawai'i being the other; Thank you, Mrs. Huneycutt!) that does not participate in stupid Daylight Saving Time.

As always, the specials board had lots of great items from which to choose, but I wanted to try something completely different, Monty, so I ordered off the printed menu for the first time ever in eighteen years of dining at Dottie's. I stylized my own three-egg omelette and had it with Feta, spinach, and Καλαμάτα olives in it. It was great as always and had lots of all my favourite stuff in it; there was no scrimping on the Feta, spinach, or Kalamata olives. All omelettes come with a pile of Dottie's home fries and toast (made from their fresh-baked bread).

To make up for not ordering off the specials board, I talked Patrick into getting the Zucchini Cakes Benedict. I have had this a few times before and knew it to be a winner (see 'blog-entry from October 10th, 2010); plus, Patrick was leaning toward it (no really he almost toppled off his stool while looking at the specials board) to begin with. Both he and Mikako really seemed to enjoy it, I was very happy to see.

Oops! I completely forgot to take a picture of my meal plate. (I blame this on Patrick, he kept asking me so many questions about breakfast places and such, and, of course, I had to answer him to the full extent of my knowledge. It took me all of about two minutes, I believe.) It was an omelette-looking thing.

As for condimentary supplements, I went with some Chipotle Tabasco® (from
Dottie's own collection of hot sauces) on the home fries, and some fresh-cracked black pepper (from my portable McCormick® grinder) on everything.

And just to reiterate ('cause one iteration is never enough) from my first 'blog-entry on
Dottie's from a year ago:

"Anyone coming to San Francisco, or even those locals that might read this, do yourself a flavour and go to
Dottie's for the real San Francisco breakfast treat (Rice-A-Roni® be damned)."

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: My Special Omelette ~ 7.3

*(You know you have to be a pretty hot female when Dame Elton writes a song about you. I am pretty sure Marilyn even gave him a bit of a balsa-woody as a young man in the 22nd row.)

**(Corn-ball joke of the day:

Why are Londoners so grumpy? Because they live in Greenwich Mean Time.

Okay, sorry, but it is still kinda early and I lost an hour of sleep… why exactly do we do this again, Mr. George Vernon Hudson?!)

***(I made sure to point out to Chris that he was quite the cunning linguist in his own right, as he is proficient in four languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and 'merican.)

****(While no Marilyn Monroe, Ms. Johansson is one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywoodland today. Glen Bacon Scale Rating: 7.5, at least.)

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