Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kate’s Kitchen

"Rainy days and Mondays always get me 
down… "*, but a nice breakfast on Sundays always is a pretty good pick-me-up.

I went to Kate's Kitchen again (see last 'blog-entry from June 6th, 2010), over in the Lower Haight for breakfast this morning. It was a pretty rainy/dreary Sunday morning (and after such a decent weather Saturday, too), but I lucked out and got there before they had even opened and found a parking spot right in front for a change. This is a rather smallish place with seating for just a little over 40 ~ 43 to be exact (well, 39, actually, as the corner table by the specials board always seems to be filled with the wait staff). Kate's Kitchen is another local place that must be a favourite of Bob Saget's as they had his rating in their window, too.

Kate's Kitchen has a pretty decent standard menu, plus a daily specials board that is usually interesting. One of these days I really should try something off the standard menu, the Flanched Farney Garney (which they have spelled two different ways in their on-line menu for some reason) looks like it would be good with a side order of homefries; and for the same price as the sandwich, you can get it as the Rooster Booster (which they also mispeled) with a cuppa coffee ~ nice.

I ordered off the specials board and went with The Medley: Stuffed hash browns, eggs, bacon (No thanks, Glen), onions, and Cheddar cheese. It comes with a choice of bread/toast; I chose the fresh, home made biscuit (Cheddar cheese and green onion; at first I thought it might be a Cheddar cheese and jalapeño biscuit as I had put a lot of hot sauce on the Medley and really couldn't taste much else); this was a no-brainer (which is normal for me). I also had it with a good, strong cuppa coffee.

The Medley was a great idea, and it's really a pretty simple idea (whenever potatoes are the focus of a breakfast, it's a good thing, Martha). It comes as a kinda hashbrowns sandwich basically, with all the ingredients wrapped inside layers of the hashbrowns. (This is hard to explain and I know my photo won't do it any justice… "Spot? Did you do that?!"**) I thought it interesting that this is another place that offers both hashbrowns and homefries on their menu. The Cheddar and green onion biscuit was excellent, too, and made that selection worthwhile. They make their coffee New Orleans style with roasted chicory*** in the blend, which always makes for a pretty decent cuppa.

I knew that their condimentary supplements are actually pretty good, but I came prepared with a few from my own collection and tried a newly opened bottle of
Trees Can't Dance ~ African Hot Sauce (Thanks again, Cindy & Greg!) on the whole mess. This was another flavourful sauce, but not too hot. "A Traditional Congolese recipe, this deliciously fruity sauce is made from the tastiest Habanero chillies, sweet bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes." Ingredients: Red Pepper - 27%, Vinegar - 26%, Onion - 22%, Water, Tomatoes - 5%, Garlic, Habanero Chillies - 2%, Sugar, Salt.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: The Medley ~ 6.9; Biscuit ~ 7.0; Coffee ~ 6.5; African Hot Sauce ~ 7.0

*(Okay, I am a music geek! I admit it, I actually like the Carpenters music, well, Karen's great voice, at least. She had one of the best female voices of the 70's, is it my fault if they chose to sing such sappy songs?)

**(This is an inside joke, but I guess by explaining it, it is now an outside joke, too. My friend, Cindy, once told me that most of my photos of the egg dishes look like something her cat would hack-up. I blame the photographer, not the chefs.)

***(Anyone else ever wonder whatever happened to Postum®? I used to like this once in a while as a non-caffeinated hot drink. I think the last time I bought a jar of it was more than twenty years ago now.

I blame its demise on St*rbucks, but I also blame St*rbucks on 9/11, the Economy, and anything else bad in general.)

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