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(Sunday, July 17th, 2011)

No thufferin' netheththary

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Ate at Eats again (see 'blog-entry from April 10th, 2011 for last visit) on Sunday morning.

They have added a few nice egg dishes to their printed menu (they have been tinkering with the printed menu since they opened last year). I went there planning on getting the Caprese Scramble ~ heirloom tomatoes, pesto, fresh mozzarella, parmesan; but I happened to notice something else new on the menu: Succotash* Polenta & Poached Eggs ~ cherry tomatoes, asparagus, corn, portabella** over corn polenta***, fresh basil, parmesan (this also included peas, but it wasn't printed on the menu). This dish does not come with any sides (potatoes or toast), so I made sure to get a side order of their most Excellent!
Roasted Home Potatoes (with all the great roasted cloves of garlic), as this is one of the main reasons I added Eats to my regular rotation. I also had from their juice bar a Refresher ~ cucumber, pineapple, romaine, lime.

The succotash was made with both white and yellow corn and lots of other fresh ingredients. You could even skip the poached eggs if you wanted to make this meal entirely Vegan (but I don't know why you would want to) and it would still be a stellar winner. It didn't hurt that it was chock full o' fresh asparagus, either (Sorry, Ms. Blankenship!). The Refresher was just that… the cucumber made this a very clean, refreshing drink with just an undertone of pineapple; ignore the colour, this is all about the flavour, though.

Before going to Eats, I grabbed a cuppa from Cumaica® ~ "Artesanos del café"; this is in the spot where Martha & Bros.® used to be on Clement Street. They have even kept the deep purple awning from before. The coffee was good, but I think I liked
Martha & Bros.® better.

Eats condimentary supplementation: Tabasco® (standard red), Cholula®, and Tapatío®. That is a pretty decent selection, but I had brought three of my own Big Papi En Fuego Hot Sauce and went with some Original Mild on the Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes and Monster Double Medium Hot on the egg dish (Thanks, Kerry!).

If Eats keeps coming up with new, interesting, and tasty dishes, I may just have to stop going there… I can only make so many tough decision that early in the morning, Tweety.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Succotash Polenta & Poached Eggs ~ 7.5; Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes ~ 7.5; Cumaica® ~ 6.6

*(Stupid etymological and pseudo-cunning linguist pointer of the day:

"Succotash" comes from the Narragansett/Algonquin word "msíckquatash", which simply means "ear of corn". It is a cooked vegetable dish usually made with corn and some form of shell beans ~ usually, Lima beans; however, there were no Lima beans in this one for some reason. Not everyone is a fan of that particular legume, but I like 'em. I have concocted my own version of a Japanese succotash using edamame in place of the Lima beans that works very well, too.)

**(I just found out that "portabella" is an acceptable spelling of the mushroom as well as "portabello" and "portobello", which I normally use.)

***(I always just assumed that "corn polenta" was a redundancy; however, polenta is a porridge that can be made from any grains, most noticeably barley or corn.)

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  1. sounds like a great spot. how long has it been open?