Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunrise Restaurant

(Happy 235th Birthday, 'merica! You don't look a day over 234...)

What better way to spend Sunday on the 4th of July weekend than having desayuno patriótico at a Mexican restaurant? I had heard some good things about Sunrise Restaurant ~ over on El Camino de Real, distrito de la Misíon (24th Street, between South Van Ness and Folsom Street) ~ and finally got around to eating there. They aren't a very large place: just eight tables of four seats, and four tables of two seats (with probably room for 3-4 more tables if they felt like it). The walls are covered with some cool, local artwork (for sale, I assume).

My touchstone for desayunos mexicanos is normally Chilaquiles ~ just as for cucina italiana I usually order either eggplant parmesan/parmigiana di melanzane or gnocchi if unfamiliar with a new place ~ and I was glad to see it on the menu. I ordered this sin chorizo. I also had a cuppa café mexicano ~ which is just what I call a coffee with three sugars and two creams ~ made with Mr. Espresso® (¿®Senor Espresso?).

Now, much like tiramisù*, this dish is made differently by almost everyone ~ every family seems to have their own take on it. This was a very basic take on chilaquiles ~ just a mess o' corn tortilla chips, scrambled with eggs, queso fresco, crema, and a light salsa (which had a decent enough sabor, but was nothing especial). This was not even served with a side of frijoles refritos y arroz or warm, freshly-made corn tortillas; this was a bit of a disappointment. Both Chava's (see 'blog-entry from August 8th, 2010) and SanJalísco offer much better versions of this dish.

For condimentary supplementation there was solemente Tapatío® ~ this was pretty disappointing, too. Figuring that un restarante de comida mexicana auténtica in the Mission would have a seleccíon completa of hot sauces from which to choose, I didn't even bother bringing any of my own collection. Big mistake!

Well, this place didn't really knock my "socks"** off; it was all nice enough, but probably won't be worth a return visit.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Chilaquiles ~ 5.6

*(Useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, prima parte:
"Tira-mi-sù" literally means "pull me up/pick me up" in Italian.)

**(Useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, segunda parte:

Back in the 90's, there used to be a local radio commercial here for a Spanish-English course and they would try to make it as easy for
gringos estúpidos as possible. They had one lesson where they said if you can spell "s-o-c-k-s" you can learn Spanish; as read phonetically en español it is "eso si que es", which sorta means "that's what it is".

I wonder what the MLB team from Boston means in Spanish…)

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