Saturday, July 23, 2011


(A Q-tie two-fer for Saturday)

Breakfast was at Q Restaurant once again this morning (see 'blog-entry from April 16th, 2011 for last visit). It was very crowded this morning when they first opened up; apparently Eats (see 'blog-entry from last week) was closed today due to a family emergency and most of their overflow headed up the street to Q instead. Because of which, I got stuck seated at a boring table with some kind of Plexiglas layered design tableau.

They always have some very interesting choices on their Specials menu. Today they offered Fried Green Tomato Benedict and Black Bean Corn Cake Benedict, both of which I have had before and knew were good; however, I just ordered off the standard Brunch menu and got the Grilled Corn, Peppers, Cilantro, and White Cheddar Scramble ~ which included… well, everything that was stated; and it came with a side of homefries and toast. I also had a House Lemonade to drink.

This was a good choice and was made with two kinds of peppers: red (Bell) and green (Pasilla). It also had lots of fresh, roasted corn, always a good thing. This was no Chayote Benedict (see 'blog-rave-entry from July 31st, 2010), but it was still a good choice and I am glad I got to try something different. I was going to go with the Fried Green Tomato Benedict again, otherwise; I even talked someone at the next table into this one, she said she really enjoyed it, too (I did not ask her for a Glen Bacon Scale Rating on it, though).

Q actually has a decent enough selection of condimentary supplementation: Tapatío®, Castillo® Salsa Habanero, and Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce; but I used some of my own again: El Yucateco Chipotle on the scramble and some Trees Can't Dance ~ Belizean Habanero Sauce (Thanks, Cindy and Greg!) on the homefries.

As is their custom, with the check they brought out Tootsie Roll® in place of mints (2 minis, the plain ol' cocoa-flavored type).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Scramble ~ 6.8

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