Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ashley's Breakfast Shoppes

Dorchester*, Boston, MA 
(Sunday, August 7th, 2011)

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(This song doesn't seem quite as creepy** when sung by the King.)

On the way to Logan Airport for my flight back home on Sunday morning, my brother Kerry and I once again stopped at Ashley's Breakfast Shoppes for breakfast (see 'blog-entry from July 23rd, 2010). Again, I am not sure why it is a "Shoppes" (plural?), but I still like this little local neighborhood place in Dorchester. Apparently it was Elvis hour on a local Boston radio station on Sunday morning as that was all that was being played on the radio while we were eating. There were a few very interesting covers sung by the King (including a couple of Beatles songs) as well as several classic Elvis standards.

While checking out their specials board (they still have the Obama Special that was on there last year), I happened to notice this sign:

And I was very pleased that I did, as it was a great addition to the meal. Of course, any time there is an interesting potato dish to try, I am right there.

I ordered their Eggs Benedict ~ two dropped eggs with ham and Hollandaise sauce on English (sic) with fries and coffee. They let me substitute the standard home fries for a side o' Sweet Potato Home Fries, and they let me substitute the ham for turkey sausage (or turkey bacon) ~ which I gave to Kerry. I also had a glass of orange juice. Kerry just went with their basic breakfast meal: eggs, grits, and toast; he also had a cuppa coffee and orange juice.

There was nothing really special about the Hollandaise sauce, but it was all good and better than I would ever attempt to make. Kerry was pleased to see that they offered two different types of turkey breakfast meats. The Sweet Potato Home Fries were very good, not greasy at all; actually, they were ½-sweet potatoes and ½-regular (white) potatoes with lots of diced white onions. This was a good combination, as just sweet potatoes may have been overkill. If they had added some fresh, diced jalapeños ~ and maybe some whole garlic cloves ~ to the mess, they would really have had something extra special.

Ashley's only has as condimentary supplements Tabasco® (standard red) and Frank's® RedHot (Original). I went with just a little Frank's on the home fries.

As Ashley's coffee was just your typical diner fare, I felt it necessary to get a good cuppa
Peet's Coffee® House Blend at Boston Beer Works at Logan Airport. It was a little too early for a Watermelon Ale (well, not for me, just for the restaurant, as they don't serve Beers on Sunday until after 10:00am). I also missed out sampling this seasonal Ale the other night at the Boston Beer Works at Fenway Park as the wait for food was about an hour and we had to get to the game (Red Sox ~ 3, stupid Cleveland Indians ~ 7). I was surprised to find that Boston Beer Works has a pretty decent breakfast menu, too. I might have to wait to get breakfast next time and eat at the airport… as long as it's after 10:00am.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Eggs Benedict ~ 6.0; Eggs, Grits, Toast, & Turkey Sausage ~ 6.5; Sweet Potato Home Fries ~ 6.8

*(Dorchester is a neighborhood of Boston, located due south from the city center along the water.,_Boston )

**("Sweet Caroline" is the Unofficial 8th Inning Stretch song at Fenway Park, Home of your 2011 World Champion Boston Red Sox. It was written and originally sung by Neil Diamond. Supposedly, he wrote the song after seeing a picture of a then 11-year old Caroline Kennedy. I really can't stand this song and don't see why the Fenway Faithful sing along to it at every home game; it has nothing to do with Boston, or the Red Sox, or Baseball in general even. But, then again, I hate having to be forced to listen to the National Anthem at every sporting event, too.)

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