Sunday, August 14, 2011

mo's Grill

Imbeciles, porcupines, and knuckleheads welcome…
eye-poking and face-slapping frowned-upon

I wanted to try a new place for breakfast this morning and remember passing mo's Diner a few times along Grant Street in North Beach. They are a little upscale diner/burger joint with two location in town, the other is downtown in the Yerba Buena Center. It appears that they are best known for their dead, decaying, ground-up bovine patties, but they actually have a pretty decent breakfast selection.

I ordered the Vegetarian Omelette ~ mushrooms, spinach, scallions, tomato, & cheese; all egg breakfasts are served with home fried potatoes and toast. I also had a large glass of orange juice.

I asked for Swiss cheese (of the choices: Sharp Cheddar, Monterey Jack, 'merican, or Imported Swiss) in the omelette and sourdough toast. The huge 3-egg omelette had lots of fresh spinach and melted Swiss cheese; I only ended up finishing about 2/3 of it as it was a very large portion.

mo's has as condimentary supplements just Tabasco® (the standard red) and Tapatío®, which seems to be a pretty typical fare with most diner-ish places. I had come fully-prepared with some of my newest collection (Thanks, mom!) ~ a 4-pack of Blair's Death Sauce®: Original (with Chipotle), Jalapeño (with Tequila), After (with Chipotle), and Sudden (with Ginseng). I used a little Original,
Jalapeño, and Sudden on different areas of the home fries.

As I have a bottle of After already from a birthday gift this year (Thanks a lot, Sean! ~ <sarcasm>) and knew it to be pretty hot (read: very hot, Gringo), my assumption was that the Sudden Death Sauce® would have to have been a little milder than the After Death Sauce® (however, you know what they say about "assumptions" they make an "ass" out of "umps" and "tions", or something like that)… Ooops! But after checking out their website, I found out I was "dead" wrong, Sudden Death Sauce® is actually a little higher on their heat scale (plus it is rated at 105,000 Scoville Units, as opposed to "just" 50,000 Scoville Units for After and 35,000 Scoville Units for Original; I could not find a rating for
Jalapeño, but it is lower on Blair's website scale still). I should have known, as I only used a smidgen on a portion of the home fries and it nearly choked me ~ the problem is it is an oil based sauce with "Pure Pepper Resin" as one of the ingredients; so this ended up being mo' hotter than I had planned on, too. 

I purposefully (and purposely) didn't order a cuppa coffee at mo's with breakfast as I knew that one of the oldest and best local coffee houses/roasters in San Francisco, Caffè Trieste, was located just on the corner. I got a great version of a doppio espresso. I can't say for sure, but the barista may have even been Dean Moriarty, Jack.

All in all, this was a nice breakfast morning; I am sure that Moses Horwitz would approve, but I don't know about Louis Feinberg or Jerome Horwitz.

N'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Vegetarian Omelette ~ 6.4; Caffè Trieste Coffee ~ 7.3

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