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Cranberry Cottage

Wareham*, MA (Wednesday, 08/03/11)

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While on vacation last week in Massachusetts, I had breakfast at Cranberry Cottage, which is along the Cranberry Highway**, in Cranberryville***, MA.

This is a fun little local place and as there really are only a few good places in town for breakfast it was pretty busy at 9:30am on a mid-week morning. I have no idea what the Wizard of Oz has to do with either cranberries or Cape Cod ("Toto, I don‘t think we're in Hyannis anymore."), but they had this interesting diorama of the Tin Woodsman hanging from the ceiling; maybe it was made from empty cranberry sauce tins.

They have a lot of good stuff from which to choose on their menu, but seeing as we were in Cranberryville, USA, I had to go with something with cranberries in it: Cranberry Stuffed French Toast ~ made with Texas Toast; a glass of cranberry juice and a cuppa coffee; and a side o' home fries (no cranberries in it, though). My brother Sean joined me and had the Irish Benedict ~ Corned beef hash on an English muffin, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, & home fries; and an orange juice. (What do you expect? He's from New York and just didn't get with the whole cranberry idea.)

I really liked the French toast and it was over-stuffed with lots of sour cranberry goodness; it was a lot to eat as they give you four halves. I probably shoulda got the "Combo" which included Granny Smith apples in two of the halves instead of cranberries. I blame Sean for his negligence and not pointing this option out to me until after we had already ordered. The coffee was really nothing much of which to speak, but the flavour of the French toast more than made up for the bland coffee.

Sean's meal looked pretty good, too. I like that they had several "Benedict Selections" from which to choose. He seemed to enjoy it, but did mention that the corned beef seemed out of a can, not fresh. It was an original idea, still.

They offer as condimentary supplementation both Tabasco® (the standard red) and Frank's® RedHot (Original). Sean and I both went with some Frank's® on the potatoes; and I used just a little maple syrup (which I assume was 100% pure Vermont) and butter on the French toast.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Cranberry Stuffed French Toast ~ 7.0; Irish Benedict ~ 6.6

*(Wareham is in Plymouth County and was named after the town in Dorset, England. While not technically "on the Cape", Wareham is known as "the Gateway to Cape Cod".

Wareham is also the Home of your Wareham Gatemen of the Cape Cod Baseball League:

I always try to take in a game or two when I am visiting there. It really is the best value for your dollar ~ free, but they do ask for donations ~ and what is Summer all about if not live, local Baseball and Cape Cod beaches.)

**("The Cranberry Highway" is actually Route 28 which takes you to Cape Cod, not Route 6, where the restaurant is located ~ but what fun is there in calling it the "Marion Cottage on the Marion Road". Route 28 was called "the Cranberry Highway" because there were many ~ and still are some ~ cranberry bogs all along the side of the road.

One time while driving to the Cape, my brother Nick mentioned to his step-children to keep an eye out along the way for any cranberry bogs. When they had reached their destination, his step-daughter refused to get out of the car. When Nick asked her why, she said she was afraid of all the "raspberry bugs".

And for relating that story, I am sure that my step-niece, Christina Greena, will de-Friend me on defacedbook now.)

***(The headquarters of Ocean Spray® is actually in Middleboro/Lakeville, MA, which is just a town or so away from Wareham.)

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