Saturday, October 15, 2011

Irving Street Cafe

The Pasión-lessness of the Breakfast

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After driving over to the Sunset District and finding out that Pasión doesn't actually open until 11:00am[1] on Saturdays for "Brunch", I thought about going to Art's Café (avec accent aigu) again (see 'blog-entry from August 14th, 2010) which is right next door, but there was a little bit of a line already out the door. It looked like it might be about a half-hour wait, so I decided on going to Irving Street Cafe (sans accent aigu) instead. There is nothing fancy or special about this place, but they were open and there was no waiting to get in, and they were just across the street (that would be Irving Street, by the way). Irving Street Cafe is a medium-sized, old-timey coffee shop/dineresque place; they have probably eight to ten tables of 4-6 seats and another eight counter seats or so. I sat at the counter to get the best view (and make sure the cooks didn't spit in my food).

I had the Vegetarian Scramble ~ Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach, Zucchini, & Red Onion; served with hash browns and toast (I went with Rye toast today). I also had a cuppa freshly-brewed coffee (it was from a brand new pot, but it was still just diner-style coffee) and a glass of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice.

This was made with three eggs scrambled and lots of fresh spinach and zucchini[2], which are always a good thing, Martha; it was really a lot to eat. I like that they make their hashbrowns fresh per order, they are not sitting on the grill waiting to be served ~ not that that is always a bad thing; and they were very good, too.

The condimentary supplementation at Irving Street Cafe is Castillo® S
alsa Habanera (both the green and red/orange versions) and Huy Fong Foods® Sriracha Hot Sauce. I used some of the Castillo® red/orange on the hashbrowns and the last drops of my Trees Can’t Dance African Hot Sauce (Thanks again one last time, Cindy and Greg!) on the scramble.

After ordering off their standard menu and more than half-way through my meal, I heard a couple of other diners ordering the Breakfast Burrito. Apparently, this was on their "Specials Menu/Board" and I had overlooked it. Now, I am not usually a breakfast burrito kind of guy (breakfast pizza is another story altogether), but the beauty of this one is that you could basically order it any way you liked with any of the ingredients that they have. They offer two different types of sausages (for you dead, decaying meat-loving fans) from which to choose: both a porky product and an applewood-smoked chicken one; as well as a steak choice, too. Then there are all of the veggies and cheese choices that they have. I also asked the server if you could get this with some of their good hashbrowns in it too, and she said that people do that all the time. Maybe if I am ever in the neighborhood again and there is a long line outside Art's and stupid Pasión hasn't yet opened, I might just have to try this.

Normally I could care less about what my meal costs (I figure if I can't afford to eat out, I won't), but I got out of there for just under $10.00 for the entire breakfast, which is nice ~ I know I would have paid at least twice that if I had eaten at Pasión.

I also liked that when they bring you the check they give you either a stick of Wrigley’s Spearmint®[3] gum or some other fun candies stuff.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Vegetarian Scramble ~ 6.5 (with their good hashbrowns factored in)

[1] Ironically, I had just mentioned this morning to my brother Sean that I draw the line at going to a "fancy-shmancy Brunch" place that doesn't open before 11:00am for breakfast. Unless, of course, it is absolutely great with some extra tasty entrees, Absinthe Brasserie & Bar falls in this category (I haven't been there in a few years, mainly since they changed their opening time from 10:30 to 11:00am, but it is a great place if you like to sleep in and go out to a late "Brunch") ~ especially check out their Brioche French Toast and Brunch Potatoes. I have never been to Pasión, so I don't know if it falls in that category or not; however, I may or may not check out this snooty sister to the Fresca (see 'blog-entry from May 28th, 2011) chain of restaurants, on another Sunday morning, when they open at 10:00am.

[2] Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:
"Zucchini" comes from the Italian "zucchina" (plural: "zucchine"), and it is the word normally used in North 'merica and Australia; this word comes from the diminutive of "zucca" (gourd). However, the French word "courgette" is the word that is commonly used in Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa; this word comes from the diminutive of "courge" (gourd). Go figger.

[3] Did you know that Wrigley's® is now a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated?

Does this mean that the Chicago Cubbies actually play their home games at Snickers® Stadium now, Harry?
Hey, Ernie, let's play two!


  1. I LOVE breakfast burritos! I got hooked on those at Goodbuddy. This place actually sounds really nice. I was totally expecting a horrible experience because usually if there's a line at the place next door and no line at that place, that means they do spit in your food... among other things.

  2. These are not just "breakfast burritos", these are "San Francisco-style breakfast burritos"; they are usually HUGE and a complete meal.

    Just in case you thought I made up that term.

    Don't get me wrong, there was absolutely nothing wrong with this place. It was a very nice little dive (and I use the term "dive" in the good sense of the word); they were on a first name basis with a number of the customers. The place was mostly full the whole time I was there, it is just about twice the size as Art's Café, but not as popular is all.