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Family Owned Since 1937

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It had been a few years since I last ate at Louis', and they had just recently reopened (in late August) after a lengthy and much needed remodel (after they were awarded a new 10-year lease by the National Park Services[1]). You can't get much further west in San Francisco unless you are at Cliff House just down the street, about a block away. Louis' is a pretty small diner-ish place with just five red/burgundy vinyl-covered booths, some larger tables, and several counter seats. Their clientele seems to be mostly regulars and straggler touristas, probably not wanting to wait for Cliff House to open or seat them.

On a clear day (hence the cornball-y Babs EweToob link) the views are fantastic of the Pacific Ocean, Seal Rocks (which can be seen in the background of the above photo), and the ruins of the Sutro Bathhouse (which it overlooks on the bluff); however, today was still a little overcast while I was there early in the morning. It is a family-friendly restaurant with Crayolas® and colouring placemats for the kids (I was a bit upset that no one offered me some, though).

Louis' is a Greek family-owned place, but they really don't offer any Greek breakfast specials; I think that a nice Greek Omelette (with spinach, real Kalamata olives, and Feta) would be
πολύ καλά (well, I always think it would be a great addition to anyone's menu). They do offer spinach and Feta as one of the cheeses of choice if you want to make your own omelette, though.

I ordered the Veggie Benedict ~ Grilled Seasonal Veggies, Poached Eggs (they specify "cage free eggs" on their menu, which is good as I hate to see eggs mistreated in any way), and Hollandaise Sauce; served with breakfast potatoes. I also had a (bottomless) cuppa Peerless® coffee.

I was pleasantly surprised with this dish, as this was very good and much better than I was expecting. It had lots of fresh seasonal veggies, which were: baby spinach, tomatoes, red onions, and mushrooms; a pretty nice season if you ask me (go ahead, ask me). I am sure their version of Hollandaise was decent, too, but I really have no idea what makes a good one, anyway; besides, I poured some hot sauce on it before even tasting it.

As for condimentary supplements, Louis' has all "the usual suspects": ketchup and (standard red) Tabasco®. I used some of my own collection, Mr. Blaine: Trees Can't Dance ~ African Hot Sauce (Thanks again, Greg & Cindy!) on the potatoes; and some Big Papi En Fuego Hot Sauce ~ Monster Double Medium Hot (Thanks, Kerry!) on the eggs and Hollandaise sauce.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Veggies Benedict ~ 6.7; Today's (not so) Clear Day View ~ (just) 7.0 (but still better than most)

[1] Louis' status is currently a concessioner contract with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area with a lease that runs through October 2020.

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