Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baker Street Bistro

(Bruce Cockburn was the closest I could find to any "Frenchy" singers. Besides, I like his stuff[1]; you got a problem with that?!)

What better way to celebrate Christmas Eve morning than to have un petit-déjeuner supérieure dans Baker Street Bistro? It had been several months since my last visit and I figured it was about time for a Pain Perdu fix (see last 'blog-entry from September 17th, 2011).
There were French Christmas carols[2] playing on the house stereo while I was there. Even though the Sun was out and shining this morning, it was still just a little too cold to sit outside on the sidewalk patio this morning; however, I did give it a (brisk) thought.

I didn't even need to peruse the menu as I had come specifically for the Pain Perdu, encore une fois (mais bien sûr). I ordered it with a side of home fries and a cuppa coffee.

At this point, what else can I say about this great breakfast treat that I haven't already said before? The picture doesn't really do it justice, it's 100X better tasting than it looks. (On a side note, I did have some plain ol' "toasts français" last week at the French café in Ripon, it just wasn't "pain perdu".) Les fruits du jour: pastèque, melon, ananas, pommes, et oranges.

Knowing what Baker Street Bistro has to offer for condimentary supplementation, I had come prepared with some of my own and ended up using a brand new one that I had gotten for Christmas (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!), Cherry Republic KaBOB's Kick'en Hot Sauce, on the potatoes. The new hot sauce wasn't too spicy, but it did have a nice flavour. I was afraid that it was going to be too sweet and was wondering how cherry would match with chilis.

Unfortunately, I didn't see or hear any of my fine-feathered friends, the Wild Parrots of San Francisco this morning.

Even if I was too wimpy to sit outside this morning, there was one couple braving the cold, but they had no choice as they had their dog with them, which happened to be a very large (and friendly) French poodle.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Pain Perdu ~ 8.2; Cherry Republic KaBOB’s Kick’en Hot Sauce ~ 6.4

[1] I am just not sure who this Gloria person is he is singing about in the second song. And why does she have to be "an excelsior day whore"?

[2] Stupid, useless cunning linguist/etymological pointer of the day, numéro un:

The word "carol" comes from the Old French word "carole" ~ "a circle dance accompanied by singers", which in turn derived from the Latin word "choraula" ~ "a dance to the flute".

I actually know a real "Christmas Carol". The mother of my oldest family of friends (Hi, Bruce, Cheri, Holly, Laura, Charlene, and Chris!) was born on Christmas Day; her name is Carol.

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