Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wiener Frühstüuck

Suite Novotel Wien Messe, Vienna, Austria[1] (12/11-13/2011)

(Yes, I went there.)

From Budapest, my Christmas Holiday hosts, Greg and Cindy Kipe (Vielen Dank, Freunde!), and I trained it on over to Vienna for three days where we stayed at the Suite Novotel Wien Messe[2]. I have been to
Österreich before, but this was my first trip to Wien (Greg and Cindy have been there a few times on their own before, though). Once again we really didn't get out of the hotel for ein authentisches Wiener Frühstück. I had wanted to try some good place near our hotel, but really couldn't find anything close by; I asked at the front desk and they said the best places were in the city centre and usually didn't open until 9:00am or so, but this really wasn't conducive to a tourista's schedule.

The breakfast buffet at the hotel was decent enough, but generally more of the same as the past few mornings in Budapest (and basically the same as ein typisches deutsches Frühstück): Rührei, Käse, Brötchen, süßes Gebäcken, Orangensaft, und Kaffee oder Tee (dön't yöü jüst lövë äll thësë ümläüts?). I did like their scrambled eggs a little better than the ones in Budapest, and their selection of rolls was pretty decent, too.

I really didn't notice any additional condimentary supplements on either the tables or along the buffet wall.

I had two main goals while visiting Wien. The first was to make sure to have some authentic Viennese apple strudel with warm vanilla sauce. Several times during the trip in both Budapest and Wien we had some decent apple strudel, but it wasn't until our very last night in Wien that we were fortunate enough to get die volle Monty[3]. And it was wirklich ein riesiges Stück, auch; both Cindy and I could only finish half of each of our portions, we probably should have split one order between the two of us. Secondly, I couldn't find the Hotel New Hampshire anywhere, though.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Daily breakfast buffet ~ 6.1; Wiener Apfelstrudel mit warmer Vanilles0ße ~ 7.9

[1] I was a bit disappointed that I saw neither any kangaroos nor koalas during my entire stay there, Karl.

[2] Interestingly enough, this place was just two blocks away from the Danube/Donau/Duna, also. One morning I made a point of it to cross over the river just to say I had crossed it both in Vienna and Budapest.

[3] We ate dinner the last night in Wien in of all places an amusement park, Wurstelprater. This was within walking distance of our hotel (or just a short U-Bahn ride away for us lazy touristas). The restaurant was directly below the Wiener Riesenrad.

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