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Breakfast on Geary, Part 1

(Now there may be better versions of this song, but Nat King Cole's dulcet tones along with pictures of "the delicate flower" really can't be beat, Professor Higgins.)

Geary Street/Boulevard is a major transverse (and I don't mean a song by RuPaul[1]) thoroughfare in San Francisco. Beginning at Market Street across from Lotta's Fountain (see 'blog-entry from April 18th, 2010) and heading due west towards the Pacific Ocean, ending at 48th Avenue and Sutro Heights Park. Geary Street (and strangely enough, Geary Boulevard) was named after John W. Geary, the first Mayor of San Francisco after California became a U.S. State. It is one of the longest streets in San Francisco (maybe second only to Mission Street in length) and it happens to be the street upon which I live. It is called Geary Street from Downtown, through the Tenderloin, and once it crosses Van Ness Avenue it turns into Geary Boulevard, on into Japantown and through the Richmond District. 

I decided to do a little series of Breakfasts on Geary this year. There really aren't that many breakfast joints to hit along Geary, so it shouldn't really take me that long (if I hit one every other weekend or so). I have posted about a few of them already here (just click on the Geary Street/Boulevard Label link along the right side here to view more) and won't need to redo any of them (unless I really feel like it; my 'blog, my rules). There are a few good choices Downtown where Geary Street runs past Union Square and through the Theatre District, but, after that, through the Tenderloin… not really much of which to speak (or dare to try).

My first breakfast in this series was at Daily
Grill, which is right next door to (or part of) the Handlery Union Square Hotel and Lefty O'Doul's Restaurant & Piano Bar (see 'blog-entry from April 18th, 2010, again). Apparently, Daily Grill is a chain of restaurants in several cities in the U.S. This one happens to be a very nice, old place with lots of dark wood (mahogany?) and mirrors, and the walls are covered with old photos of San Francisco. They were playing old Jazz and Blues standards on the house stereo this morning: Tony Bennett, Lady Ella, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, etc. This is really too nice a place for the likes of me.

They have a pretty decent breakfast menu and there are several things that I could have tried. I ended up going with Spanish Scramble ~ Three eggs scrambled with red and green bell peppers, onion, black olives, and diced tomato; served with sliced avocado, Queso Fresco[2], and grilled jalapeño. Egg dishes are served with Breakfast Potatoes, seasoned sliced tomatoes, or fresh fruit (of course, I opted for the potatoes). I also had a cuppa coffee to round out the meal.

The scramble was huge and just full of fresh, chopped vegetables (however, the black olives were omitted somehow; this was no big deal as there were plenty of other junk in it to really notice). Now, I was not expecting, but was pleasantly surprised to see that a whole (and pretty large) grilled/roasted jalapeño on the side of the scramble; it was very tasty and not really all that hot. I probably could have eaten another one even (if you ever go, see if they will skip the avocado ~ and I am a big avocado fan, I just like this spicy option for a change ~ and substitute another jalapeño in its place). The Breakfast Potatoes were very good and chock full o' red and green bell peppers, as well as onions in the mix (and all were nicely charred/caramelized, too).

Daily Grill only has as condimentary supplements: Tabasco® (just the standard red); figuring on this, I brought some of my own and used a little Benito's Original Naranja on the potatoes (Thanks, me!) and a little Cherry Republic KaBob's Kick'en Hot Sauce (Thanks again, Greg and Cindy!) on the scramble. For such a nice (read: ritzy) joint, I thought it funny that they only have those little packages of Smucker's® jams (the usual suspects, Mr. Söze: grape, strawberry, and orange marmalade) on the tables to use on your toast (this is a very minor quibble, I just think they could have at least real jars on the tables).

Next up on Geary: either David's Delicatessen or Max's on the Square (I am trying to be methodical and work my way westward, ho').

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Spanish Scramble ~ 6.5

[1] I am very happy to see that RuPaul is finally getting involved in Politics. This Texas Congressman has my vote for the Republican Primary this year. Nice to see you out of that dress for a change, ma'am!

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "But, Brian, you are not a registered Republicano!" and you would be Right (Get it "Right" ~ "Republican"? Ah, never mind!). However, in Californica, all non-denominational voters or Independents can vote in the Presidential Primaries; it's all pretty stupid, but what the heck. 

Truth be told, my "official" Political Party is the Rock-and-Roll Party… seriously. When I first moved to Californica, I had never voted before and finally decided it was about time to register to vote (this was during the Presidential Election of 1988 ~ sorry, Mike, we gave it a shot); so I registered to vote at some Democratic Party booth at a local street festival. I filled out the form where it stated "Political Party" with Rock-and-Roll Party. The poor schmuck signing all the people up looked at me and said, "You know you won’t be able to vote in the Primaries." (which was the case at the time), like I really cared which Leftist was chosen to represent them. The main problem with my political affiliation is that I can never seem to get Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty (or, better yet, Sheryl Crow) to get on the ballet. Think about it: What is more 'merican than good ol' Rock-and/or-Roll?!

[2] Stupid, useless cunning linguist (and pseudo-culinary) pointer of the day:

"Queso Fresco" simply means "fresh cheese" in Spanish. It is a type of creamy, soft, and mild unaged cheese, usually made from cow's or goat's milk. Think "cottage cheese with an Hispanic attitude".

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  1. With a name like Smucker's® it has to be good.