Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

The times they are a-changing'…

Welcome to Post #200.

With this 'blog-entry I start my third centenary[1] of posts here in just a little under two years.

As it's
New Year's Day, and I really doubt that many places will be open for breakfast, I am staying at home this morning and really won’t have anything breakfastarily about which to write. (Hence the extra EweToob music/video links to take up space.) Don't get me wrong, I am still going to eat breakfast, I will just have to "prepare" it on my own. I figure I will have some tasty home-made (gluten-free) granola that was given to me at Christmas (Thanks, Kim!), mixed in with some good "organic" yoghurt (maybe Tropical or Peach), along with a nice cuppa Peet's® Holiday Blend coffee (in my Dottie's True blue café mug), which was also a Christmas gift (the coffee, not the mug; the mug I had bought on my own a long time ago from Dottie's True blue café). (Thanks also, Owen and Kim!)

Dottie's True blue café is moving.

Now the real news for 2012. After about twenty years in the same rather small Tenderloin location,
Dottie's True blue café is moving to a new and (from what I can see on Google Maps) much larger (possibly two-storied with an outdoor roof-deck?) space. I only know of this as I was planning on having breakfast there tomorrow and hopefully once again having their Black-eyed Peas Cakes (see 'blog-entry from January 2nd, 2011) for good luck, Fergie. I had called the other day to make sure that they would be open on Monday for breakfast; the recording on their answering machine stated that they will be closed possibly until mid-January while they move to their new location at 28 6th Street (between Market and Mission Streets).

They are really only moving about 5-6 blocks away from their old spot, but the neighborhood really isn't much of an upgrade (it might even be more of a downgrade than a lateral move). They are moving from a sketchy Tenderloin location to another sketchy (just) South of Market Street neighborhood (there may be less hookers in the area, but probably more crack-heads) with even less available street parking. It will be fun watching the touristas (who I hope will still flock to the new place) waiting in line for an hour dealing with the indigenous populace here.

As I have no pictures of which to regale you today with
Dottie's True blue café scrumptious repasts, here is another EweToob video from a recent visit by some idiot from Marin:

After viewing that video, I have another idea to add to my breakfast (and this will serve as both a
Dottie's True blue café tribute and a condimentary supplementation), I will also have some toast (sorry, I don't have any cool cornbread in the house to grill) with some of Dottie's Own Chipotle Pepper Jelly (which I had bought a few months back and still have a little left).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Dottie's True blue café (in general) ~ 7.6; Kim's Amazing Gluten-Free Granola ~ 7.5; Peet's® Holiday Blend ~ 7.5

[1] I know that "centenary" normally refers to a period of 100 years, but I am using this word in the original Latin sense of the word "centenarius" meaning "of hundred" (so there, you get your stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day in the form of an etymological explanation), and, technically, the third hundred would not really start until Post #201, but let's not pick any nits here.

However, you are completely okay with a totally made-up word like "breakfastarily"?!

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