Sunday, March 25, 2012

Olympic Flame Cafe

Πρωινό στο Geary, Έβδομο Μέρος

(No official website)

555 Geary Street (Maybe this should be another Thai restaurant, hahaha![1])

Phonicular contact: (415) 885-0984

(I may have linked "Never On Sunday" here in the past, but tough! You try to find a decent Greeky song/video on EweToob! As for the song from the Law Firm of Simon, Simon, Simon, Simon, and Garfunkel, I am also running out of versions of "On the Street Where You Live" and other "Street" related songs, what can I say?)

In continuing my epic breakfastary Odyssey along Geary Street/Boulevard, Mr. Simpson, this morning I ate at Olympic Flame Cafe, which is located on the corner of Geary Street and Allée Shannon[2]. This is a little diner-looking place; they only have counter seats and booths ~ nice! Most of the clientele all seemed to be regulars as both the cook, Louie, (whom I assumed to be the owner, and hopefully was Greek, as I greeted him with a hearty "Γ
ειά σου!" when I entered) and the waitress greeted many of them by name as they walked in.

Their menu is exactly what you might expect from a little, local diner ~ nothing really extravagant, but they did have many breakfast choices. You know what they say, "When in Greece, do as the Romans do and order the…" Greek Special Omelette ~ mushrooms, Feta cheese, and olives; served with country potatoes (they didn't specify which country, though) and toast (I chose sourdough again,
Ζορμπά). I also had a cuppa καφέ (just not a cuppa καφές ελληνικός ).

This was a strange combination of ingredients. When I think of Greece (which I do often), I usually don't picture μανιτάρια. Spinach, Feta, Kalamata Olives, sure, but not mushrooms. (There used to be a pretty decent pizza joint in "My Little Town" of Σούρμενα called The Red Mushrooms ~ Κόκκινο Μανιτάρια, though.) However, it all worked somewhat, and there was a good amount of Feta in it, which is always a plus. But I think this would have been 100% better with real Kalamata Olives and not the standard sliced canned ones; and, perhaps, some Greek herbs and spices.

Olympic Flame Cafe only has Tapatío® as its condimentary supplements. Once again I used some Sylvia's Restaurant® Kickin' Hot Hot Sauce (Thanks again, Sean!) on the country potatoes and a little Big Papi En Fuego Hot Sauce ~ Monster Double Medium Hot (Thanks, Kerry!) on the omelette.

Next up on Geary Street: Moulin Restaurant
(Which should be the last place on Geary Street proper, the next closest breakfast joint would be another mile or so west on what will now be Geary Boulevard.)

Καλή όρεξη!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Greek Special Omelette ~ 5.55

[1] I don't know if I have ranted here before on my complete and utter dislike of all the stupid, useless Intro-nety jargon: "LOL", "ROFLMAO", "OK", etc. The first time I saw "LOL", as a novice to message boards, I thought someone was commenting about me being a "Loser On Line"; it took me several months to determine that they weren't just big fans of butter in Minnesota, either. I even tried Google Translate on "ROFLMAO", thinking it might be some Italiano cursing of which I was not familiar. I still have no idea just what the heck "OK" is supposed to mean.

To counteract all of this stupidity, I will usually post "555" back to the person. The number "5" in Thai is pronounced "ha". Let them figure it out, buncha Losers On Line!

That can be the stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day.

Bonjour, Shannon!

Why a Frenchy street name in San Francisco, you ask?

Shannon Alley is just two blocks long; it only goes from Post to O'Farrell.

Sorry, Cam, the closest foreign street name I could find in San Francisco to your name was Dummkopfstraße.

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