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"Pay it forward weekend… or bugger off!", Part 2[1]

(The first EweToob video link happens to be one of my favourite Beatles songs from their Hawai‘ian[2] period. The second video is a recently discovered one of a very young Paul McCartney doing the same song; I always though he was left-handed, though. The third song is just a fun cover; plus, it's just always nice to see Gwen Stefani jumping around scantily clad ~ you got a problem with that, Mr. Kipe?!)

Initially I was not planning on having a large breakfast this morning as I was going to take my car into my neighborhood tyre shop[3]; however, they were closed this Saturday. As I had already eaten at most of the nearby breakfast joints recently (Eats, Q, Troya, and Hamburger Haven), I had to scramble for a back-up plan and boogied on over to Boogaloos (see last 'blog-entry from March 20th, 2011) on 22nd and Valencia in the Mission. I got there just as they were opening and serendipity reared it's ugly head again as I was able to find a legal, free parking spot just a half-block away (which is always nice), and got a seat right away before they started to fill up (as they will always do on a sunny Saturday morning ~ there was a short sign-in line waiting to get seated when I was leaving).

I love their Breakfast Time! menu as they offer several great thing that I know I can eat. I have tried everything that is remotely vegetarian that they offer and have enjoyed them all in the past. I wanted to try something different this morning and went with the "Make it Funky" Scram (which I have renamed "Pay It Forward" Scramble for this weekend) ~ 2 eggs scrambled with your favorite ingredients; served with homefries (which they have as one word on their menu, Billy-boy!) and choice of: sourdough, wheat, rye, English muffin, biscuit, corn muffin, or blueberry coffee cake (now, that's a serious list of bread/baked products from which to choose). My "favourite ingredients" today happened to be: basil, Parmesan cheese, and
"Fake Stake" (seitan[4]). I also had a large glass of grapefruit juice.

They have many excellent "favourite ingredients" from which to choose and I could probably have chosen a better selection (tomato, basil, and Parmesan is a much better classical pairing); but I wanted to see what the "Fake Stake" tasted like in a scramble dish, as I have had it before as a side dish only and knew I liked it. They say that this scramble has "2 eggs" in it; however, they are a bunch of big fat liars ~ it looked much more like three eggs to me, as there was an awful lot of food to eat (and they did not scrimp on any of the ingredients, either). I also probably shoulda gone for one of their fresh baked bread/baked goods choices ~ English muffins are kinda pedestrian and the blueberry coffee cake looked so much tastier.

Boogaloos only offers Tapatío® as condimentary supplementation, which I used liberally on the homefries. As I was planning on just winging it, Sir Paul, at a café for breakfast this morning with whatever might be available, I did not bring any of my own hot sauces with me to use.

Thinking I was going to be bringing my car into the shop and might have some time to kill before they opened, I stopped at the
Peet's Coffee & Tea® on Geary Boulevard before heading over there and got a small cuppa Blend 101®. I ended up bringing it in with me to Boogaloos; they were cool about it, anyway. While at Peet's®, I made sure to implement my first stupid "Pay It Forward" act of the weekend: I gave the barista (Is that term used for both male and female coffee-servers? Shouldn't a guy working the counter be called a "baristo" at least?) an extra fiver and told her to make sure that the next idiot… er, customer that came along gets both a cuppa and a pastry (that would probably eat up the bulk of $5.00, anyway) and to keep the change (if any) for their tip-jar (I also told her to demand another decent tip from the freeloading patron, too).

"Happy ever after in the breakfast place… la-la-la-la, life goes on…"

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Pay It Forward Scramble ~ 6.8; Peet's® Blend 101® ~ 7.5

[1] Exactly 1 year ago today early in the morning I was in a such great mood after reading a nice, heartfelt story on defacedbook (Thanks, Gene!) and went to breakfast with a great attitude and decided to make that weekend "Pay it forward weekend" (see 'blog-entry from March 5th, 2011 and related "tamales" story/link) and inflict random acts of kindness upon stupid, unsuspecting strangers. However, that all changed when I got home and read some very sad news (on that very same defacedbook place, too); I found out that an Intro-Net friend (someone whom I had never met, but someone that I had had daily contact with for about three years and considered a "virtual friend") had died a few days prior. I was shocked to say the least and that really put a damper on the rest of my "happy week-ending". As a tribute, on the anniversary of that disturbing news, I am resurrecting "Pay it forward weekend… or bugger off!"

The next cuppa is on you, Scott.

Rest in peace, Mr. XV.

[2] How else can you explain the line: "Life goes on, bra‘…"?

Which brings up the next nonsensical phrase: "Koo-koo-kachoo" /"Goo Goo G'Joob". (Gesundheit!*) So what came first: "Mrs. Robinson" or "I Am the Walrus"? (The chick or the egg, man?)

(Truth be told, the Beatles song was released on November 24th, 1967 and the Simon & Garfunkel** song was included in the movie "The Graduate" which was released on December 21st, 1967; however, they really couldn't have been influenced by one another as they would have had to be written well before the actual release and the similar sounding phrases are just a silly coincidence.)

*(Once again my friends at Microsoft® have absolutely no clue. They didn't recognize this word in their stupid spell-check thingy. Seriously?! They must be a buncha Nazi-haters over there.)

**(And poor Art gets no love from the geeks at Microsoft®, either. His surname was not recognized as a valid word. They must be a buncha anti-Semites, too!)

[3] It is not often that you can find a good, local automobile place that you can trust to give great service. A few years back I was in need of a new tyre due to a flat and was very happy to bring my car back to Paul's Battery and Tire Co. I could repeat the entire tale here or just post a hyperlink to the story from my family 'blog:

Now hopefully my two tread-bare, worn-out back tyres can hold out one more week; otherwise, this will not be a very serendipitous weekend after all. Think anyone will pay it forward and spring for a tow for me?

[4] Apparently, the geniuses at Microsoft® aren't a bunch of non-dead, decaying animal flesh eaters as the spell-check thingy on Works Word Processor does not recognize this as a valid word.

So, byte me, Billy-boy… of course, I am not made from wheat gluten.

Here is some information on seitan borrowed from our friends at Wikipedia:

Seitan is not for the "wheat(-intolerant) at heart".

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