Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jim’s Restaurant

Otra plácido domingo en la Misíon.

(No official web-site.)

2420 Mission Street (at 20th Street)

phonicular contact: (415) 285-6020

(Today happens to be Día de la Bandera in Mexico ~ that means "Flag Day"”, it's not Melanie Griffith's husband's birthday. So to honour our neighbor to the south, I am including these two EweToob videos for your enjoyment.

When is Canadia's Flag Day, you ask? Who cares? Besides, it's not as if any Canadianlander hosers have ever provided anything to the World of Rock-and/or-Roll like those great 'mericans: Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Sarah McLachlan.)

I went to Jim's Restaurant in the Mission this morning for desayuno. This was just a coincidence and had nothing to do with Antonio Banderas Day. I am not sure if there is even a "Jim" still involved with the place. They open at 7:00am every day of the week and have a very large, open area with lots of seating: 12-13 booths that can seat four people or more, plus twelve diner-counter stools.

After breakfast, as it was really a very nice morning and still pretty early, I strolled down Mission Street for a bit and came across this pretty cool Superhero Mural (with both DC and Marvel characters in it; I am just sorry that Spider-Man appears to be coming out of a garbage can, Tim Rice) on the corner of 19th and Mission Streets.

Jim's Restaurant offers all of the standard diner breakfast fare. There were several items from which I could even choose. I was debating on either the Vegetarian Omelet or Vegetarian Eggs Benedict, but ended up ordering the Avocado, Onion, & Cheese Omelet ~ served with hash browns (You win again, as they have this as two words, Señor Gátès.) and toast (you can substitute fruit for the hashbrowns for an additional charge, but why would you ever want to do that?). I also had a cuppa coffee.

There are several options for cheese and I went with (Monterey) Jack[1] cheese, and sourdough toast as my bread choice. The omelette was made with lots of grilled (white) onions and fresh avocado; the grilled onions really added a lot of flavour and there was at least a half an avocado inside.

Jim's Restaurant just offers as bottled condimentary supplements Crystal® and Tapatío®, but they have their own keeler homemade Tomatillo Salsa and I made sure to use it con liberalidad on the omelette. Homemade salsa is always the best (this is la Misíon, after all)! I also used some of my own HP Guinness® (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the hashbrowns.

There was nothing really spectacular about this morning's meal, but I wouldn't hesitate either recommending this place or going back again sometime. It was good, honest diner-style breakfast food and the service was extremely polite and friendly for so early on another peaceful Sunday morning.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Avocado, Onion, & Cheese Omelet ~ 6.0; Homemade Tomatillo Salsa ~ 7.2

1. In case you don't know jack about cheese:

Monterey Jack cheese is an American semihard cow's milk cheese and used to be made by the Mexican Franciscan friars of Monterey, California in the early 19th Century ~ hence the first part of the name. Later on, Californian businessman and dairy owner, David Jack, began producing this cheese commercially ~ and there you have the second part of the name.

I suppose it could have ended up being called California David cheese, too.

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