Sunday, March 3, 2013

Taylor Street Coffee Shop

Pay It Forward Weekend… or bugger off! ~ Part III (cont.)

(No official web-site)

375 Taylor Street (between Ellis and O'Farrell Streets)

phonicular contact: (415) 567-4031

(There really is no connection with today's EweToob selections and the restaurant; maybe someone can think up a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon ~ or even Six Points of the Glen Bacon Scale ~ but none was intended. I just like Sarah Borges and will continue spamming with her here until I stop. And Neko Case is just simply sublimely Neko Case.)

This morning was also keeping with my self-imposed 2013 breakfastary restrictions, and I ate at Taylor Street Coffee Shop (coincidentally enough, they are located right on Coffee Shop Lane). They open early enough for my liking, at 7:00am each day of the week, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. This is a very tiny little place; it really is no more than ten feet wide with four tables that seat four and six tables that seat two; so, if my math is any good, that is just under thirty people give or take a few. They have one wall covered with old Hollywoodland photos and movie posters, especially several of Marilyn Monroe.

Coffee Shop Taylor Street is located right across the street from the Hilton (so it is mostly a tourista destination) and around the corner from Glide Memorial (so this is just borderline in the Tenderloin). Luckily, parking on a Sunday is pretty easy and I parked just a block away ~ legally and somewhat in a relatively safe enough spot.

Pay It Forward Interlude

I stopped at the Peet's on Geary on my way home and handed $5.00 to the barista (baristette?) and explained that she should use it for either the next two cups of standard coffee or for the next single cup of frou-frou Mocha or Latte ordered, but to make sure the cheap ingrates still tip her on the total amount. It may be a freebie and a Pay It Forward gesture, but that doesn't mean we have to stiff our friendly servers, people. (I am happy to say that I actually made it to my expected destination this morning and was not mugged along the way by any street thugs in Girl Scouts uniforms.)

Tailor Shop Coffee Street has a pretty decent gamut of breakfast items: Omelets, Scramble Plates, Eggs Benedicts, and Pancakes And French Toast. However, what really caught my eye (well, both of them really) was that they have a Specialty Hash Plates section and offer three different meals featuring hashbrowns. I decided on the Hollandaise Hash (which is actually legal in most cities in the Netherlands, of course) ~ seasoned hashbrowns with habanero onion, bell pepper, mushroom, tomato, and bacon (Sorry, I skipped this one, Kevin and Glen) drizzled with Hollandaise sauce; served with two eggs and toast. I also had a cuppa the house coffee.

This was great; I especially love it when the potatoes are the main attraction in the dish. I ordered the eggs over medium and sourdough for the toast choice. They serve this with the eggs on the side. I probably should have slid my eggs on top of the whole mess, or, better yet, they should just bring them out on top of the hashbrowns already and cover it all with the Hollandaise sauce (à la the ex-Pope). The habanero onions were excellent, they added lots of flavour and just a touch of heat; these were made with red onions pickled in some kinda habanero-infused vinegar, I think. For a "coffee shop" their coffee was just "Meh?!", though. I was also a little disappointed that this didn't come with a side of home fries.

For condimentary supplements, Street Shop Coffee Taylor offers Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (both the standard red and the green Jalapeño) and Tapatío®. Of course, I forewent the former offerings and it was a foregone conclusion that I would use some of my own hot sauces which I had the forethought to bring with me. I used some Serious Food… Silly Prices Sweet Heat (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on both the hashbrowns and eggs, and additionally eight drops only of Blair's After Death Sauce (Thanks a lot, still, Sean! This is another bottle of liquid fire that will last me several more years) on the eggs.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Hollandaise Hash ~ 6.8

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