Sunday, April 20, 2014


If you can't take it with you, don't go.

Place: grindz
Location: 832 Clement Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
Hours: open for "Brunch" Friday, Saturday, & Sunday at 9:00am 
Meal: French Toast ~ grindz famous bread pudding, pineapple compote, confectioners sugar (and maple syrup upon request ~ which I requested, of course); a side order of Plantation Potatoes; and a cuppa ("Organic") Bicycle Coffee co (and lots of "organic" refillas)

(Sorry. I can only link so many Bruddah Iz EweToob videos, bra'.  These Bob and the Bobs videos will have to suffice for today.)

I went back to grindz (see last 'blog-entry from January 25th, 2014) for Easter "Brunch" (their terminology, not mine; but seeing as they open up kind of early on the weekends, this snooty-assed moniker can be overlooked). It was a pretty nice, sunny Sunday morning, so I figured I would just walk the twenty-three blocks there (Sure, it might not seem like that far, but it was another twenty-three blocks back home afterward… and uphill both ways!). This actually came in really handy as I was more than sufficiently stuffed with all the carbohydrates in today's breakfast and really could use the exercise to burn off some of the calories afterward.

Along the way, I passed by heartbaker (see 'blog-entry from October 5th, 2013) and saw that they are now open for "Brunch" on Sunday mornings. I will have to keep this in mind if I am ever looking for another close-by, local locale on Sundays.

Q: What do you call a "Vegetarian Paleo Diet"? 
A: The Karen Carpenter[1] Memorial Buffet 

No milk, no bread, no sugar??? No thanks! That would mean no Pizza or Ice Cream! I wonder if maple syrup is legal on this Pele Soccer Diet. (And I highly doubt that Joe Caveman was brewing any fresh-roasted Arabica beans with his breakfast.)

This was an interesting version of French toast and executed well enough. I can only guess that their bread pudding is made from Portuguese sweet bread. It was made with two large 1"-thick slices of bread pudding, dipped into an egg batter, and grilled like French toast. It was topped with some kinda cinnamon(?)-pineapple compote stuff, which actually had a reddish hue to it for some reason. They used to have a dish called Hawai'ian French Toast, and it was made a little differently (see 'blog-entry from April 27th, 2013). I think they have tweaked it a few times since they have opened; it even has another completely different description on their web-site ("fresh baked apple banana bread, pineapple mango compote, confectioners sugar"). I think that I preferred the way I had it last year a bit more; it was a little lighter dish and the vanilla-poached pineapples were tastier, too.

I really like their Plantation Potatoes ~ made with lots of red bell peppers, onions, and celery (and even a bit of potatoes, too).

I finally ran into one of the Bicycle Coffee co delivery guys last week at some coffeshop to which they provide coffee. This really is a cool idea for local deliveries.

For (bottled) condimentary supplements, grindz only has Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (the standard red). They do make their own Hawai'ian Ketchup and have plastic squeeze-bottles of it on all the tables (you used to have to ask for a small bowl of it); I used a small amount of this on part of the Plantation Potatoes. I also used some of my own Youk's Hot Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) and some Hula Girl Chipotle Habanero (Thanks, Jim!) on different areas of the potatoes. I didn't feel that the French toast needed any additional supplementation (other than the above-mentioned maple syrup).

Unfortunately, I have made the generally managerial decision to demote grindz to AAA-status and call up Cafe Golo (see last 'blog-entry from March 23rd, 2014) to my Breakfastary Rotation. I did like that grindz was very local (and actually within walking distance) for me; however, now that I have found out that the kimchi that they use in several of the dishes isn't "vegetarian-friendly" (Why do so many people hate vegetarians? It's not as if we are anything like those stupid, obnoxious, unfriendly Vegans.), there really are only four different items (French Toast, Kalua Benedict, Veg N Eggs, and Apple Banana Pancakes) offered on their "Brunch" menu for me. So, the next time 'round (probably July or August) that it would have popped up in the Rotation, I will just go(lo) to Cafe Golo instead. I would have gone there this morning, but I had just gone there exactly one month ago. I am sure that I will still get back to grindz a few times a year, anyway.

Hau'oli Ka la i ala hou ai ka Haku, bra's and bra'-ettes!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: French Toast ~ 6.5; Plantation Potatoes ~ 7.1; Bicycle Coffee co ~ 7.2

1. Okay, maybe that is a little mean, but it's been over thirty years now, folks. Just lighten up, Francis.

It seems that most men usually don't suffer from Anorexia Nervosa. One guy making fun of another for being overweight doesn't really seem to bother most men. Now, make fun of our penis size… 

Maybe they will come up with a new male-only disorder called "Anorexia Penosa".

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