Saturday, September 19, 2015


(Sorry, there is no accompanying photo of grindz this morning. It seems that someone forgot to pack a camera this morning. I will not point any fingers or name any names.)

Location: 832 Clement Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
Hours: open for "Brunch" Saturday & Sunday at 9:00am
Meal: The Big Island ~ 2 eggs, 2 apple banana pancakes, Plantation Potatoes, & choice of: Portuguese sausage, SPAM®, Kalua pig, or bacon; and a cuppa (and three refillas) Bicycle Coffee co (I have no idea which roast/blend they serve, though; when asked, the Nepali [or Nepalese; take your pick, apparently both are correct] waiter-server guy said that he didn't know)

(Today's EweToobular juxtaselections should be easily figured out; it's common knowledge that Johnette Napolitano is one of Hawai'i's biggest native sons [or daughters] stars ~ right after Don Ho and Bruddah Iz, of course.

Nah. It's just that September 22nd happens to be Johnette's birthday and I felt like dedicating the song portion of this weekend's 'blog-entries to her music. Of course, "her music" here happens to be a coupla cover songs, but, whatever.)

Continuing along with my end of the season (that would be Regular MLB Season) workout of my Breakfastary Starting Rotation, I headed on over to grindz (see previous 'blog-entry from April 25th, 2015) for breakfast today. 

(Again, sorry, there is no photo of my breakfast this morning. Cut me some slack. I have only been doing this for five years now.)

This was the first time that I had ever ordered The Big Island before. I have had all of their other stupid vegetarian-friendly (or, at least, those that can be made stupid vegetarian-friendly) items from the menu a few times over now. I had my eggs prepared "over medium" this morning. This was a simple enough meal, but I did like that there were plenty of chopped (which they call "crushed") Macadamia nuts on top of the pancakes and coconut Crème Anglaise (as can be seen in the above photo... oh, wait...). 

I asked the Nepali (or Nepalese) waiter-server guy if I could get extra Plantation Potatoes in place of any of the dead, decaying meaty choices and they did supply me with a good amount of them. These were very good again, with lots of chopped celery, (white) onions, and red bell pepper pieces in them (the last visit there they had forgotten these extra ingredients).

As in the past, grindz has on all the tables their own Hawai'ian Spicy Ketchup for condimentary
supplementation. They also have their own bottles of chilli-vinegar, too. Because I have had it in the past and know it to be very tasty, I used a good amount of their homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) Hawai'ian Spicy Ketchup on the Plantation Potatoes. I also supplemented their supplementation with a little (and by "a little" I mean just the amount that would cover the end of a toothpick; this ended up being the perfect amount to add a bit o' heat, but not the uncomfort; and, at this rate, I may be able to finish off this bottle by the year 2525... if man is still alive, of course) of my own One Stop Hot Shop "Son of Smart Arse" Sauce (Thanks a lot, Cindy & Greg! [enter "sarcasm" emoji here] Luckily, no Korean [or Nepali (or Nepalese)] waiter-server guys were injured with this hot sauce this morning.). I also used some of my own Florida Gold Premium Habanero Hot Sauce (Thanks, Kerry! [no "sarcasm" emoji needed here]) on top of both of the eggs. In my opinion, the pancakes didn't really necessitate any supplementary heat. (Sure, I may have forgotten my camera, but I didn't forget to bring any of my own hot sauces with me. A man has got to know his limitations, Detective Callahan.)

While I was sitting there waiting for my breakfast, one of the other waiter-server guys (I am pretty sure he was an actual Hawai'ian [or Hawai'ianese] waiter-server guy) opened up the transom over the front door. This prompted the following dialogue with the Nepali (or Nepalese) waiter-server guy.[1]

Me: How do you say "transom" in Nepali?
Nepali (or Nepalese) waiter-server guy: What is a "transom"?

(Here is where I had to point to it and explain it to him as best as I could in my broken English. Apparently 
the Three Stooges weren't very big in Kathmandu when he was growing up.)

Nepali (or Nepalese) w-sg: Oh. Maybe "djalay". (I have no idea how that might actually appear in Nepali characters/letters.)

I did also ask him how to say "Thank you!" in Nepali, which is "धन्यवाद" and is pronounced much like it looks. I suppose that I should have asked the Nepali waiter-server guy what his name was, but I am sure that it would have been something unpronounceable, anyway.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: The Big Island ~ 6.7; Bicycle Coffee co ~ 7.2


1. To understand that particular completely à propos o' nuthin' request, see this previous 'blog-entry:

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