Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dolce Amore

Place: Dolce Amore
Location: 1477 Van Ness Avenue (on the corner of Pine Street)
Hours: open Tuesday - Friday at 8:00am, Saturday - Sunday at 9:00am
Meal: Caramel Sea Salt Waffle ~ our (well, "their") popular Belgian waffle served with fresh bananas, berries, Maldon®[1] salted caramel sauce, Tahitian vanilla butter, Valrhona[2] chocolate, & crème chantilly; and a cuppa illy® Coffee

(I know that I have used this EweToobular song [at least once] before, but you try coming up with good juxtaselections for either "dolce" or "amore". 

I suppose I mighta coulda used "Ballroom Blitz", "Fox on the Run", "7 and 7 is", or "She Comes in Colors", but everyone knows that Glam Rock and Psychedelic Rock don't go very well with breakfast.)

Just as a complete whigmaleerie[3], I decided to head back to Dolce Amore (see previous 'blog-entry from September 28th, 2014) for another sweet take on breakfast. This morning I sat at the counter/jewelry display case/table-thing area in the front window. There are five high stools which are adjustable (luckily, as when I first sat down, I could not even get my fat, stubby legs under the table-base).

There are still many other good (dolce e salato) ideas yet to try here: Crêpe Omelet[4] (eggs, Gruyere [ sic ][5] wrapped in house made crêpe topped with spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, & onions; this dish will have to be tried on my next visit); Signature French Toast (our [again, "their"] signature croissant French toast served with gelato, fresh berries, cinammon [ sic ] granola & orange caramel sauce with a hint of Grand Marnier®); Baked Eggs Benedict (baked eggs on house made puff pastry served with artisan cheese, house special sauce, & your choice of hot link sausage, Canadian bacon, or mixed veggies; I saw this ordered by another guy at the counter/jewelry display case/table-thing area and it comes with three [3] eggs and looked very good, too); or Breakfast Croissant (soft scrambled eggs, spinach, & Parmigiano Reggiano on our house made butter croissant).

What was not to like with this dish? Sea salted caramel... and Chocolate?! This was ridiculously good. Plus, the fresh bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries[6] easily added to the whole effect.

Once again, due to having a colazione dolce, I didn't bother to find out what Dolce Amore might have in the way of any condimentary supplementation. I had come prepared with a few of my own hot sauces, but none were used or needed.

Not that any GBS Rating points are ever deducted or added for the celerity in which an order is taken or a meal is served, but it was nice to see that today's service was noticeably faster than my first visit there (I was in and out of there this time in under a half-hour). Plus, I had been there more recently for an afternoon dolce snack (Thank you, Colonel Rocco and Emily!) and there was no undue delay in ordering or getting served then either. So, I am happy to say that I will be getting back there again one of these mornings (which probably means in another year or so).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Caramel Sea Salt Waffle ~ 7.2




3. I saw this word on defacedbook recently. It was on a picture of a window/storefront of a shop in North Yorkshire. Of course, I had to look it up and share it here.

Not really a stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day (as this is an actual English [via Scottish] word), but more of a stupid, useless etymological pointer of the day:

noun (Scottish)
1. a trinket, whimsical ornament, or trifle
2. a whim or caprice

Word Origin
C18: of unknown origin

I would also like to point out that Wild Bill Gates and his goose-stepping band of Nazi-Spellcheckerers at Microsoft had absolutely no idea what this was and offered no suggested alternative spelling for this word. I love it when I beflummox the flummoxers!

4. Why they have "Crêpe" spelled with the correctly accented French "ê", but do not spell "Omelet" as the French word "Omelette", je ne sais pas.

5. I also don't know why they have "Gruyère" mispèldèd. They obviously have the use of the "è" as it is on their menu in both "crème chantilly" and "crème brûlée".

6. The real joke here is that of these four fruits, only bananas are an actual botanical berry, Chuck.

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