Sunday, December 20, 2015

ilana Coffee

Richmond (District) Coffeehouses; #19

(No official web-site.)

Place: ilana Coffee
Location: 2314 Clement Street (between 24th and 25th Avenues); phonicular contact: (415) 387-2313
Hours: open daily at 6:00am
Meal: Egg & Cheese Croissant; cinnamon-raisin bun; and a medium Chai Latte

Plodding along on through the Richmond (District) Coffeehouses series, the next coffeehouse heading eastward along Clement Street (and just a few doors down from last Sunday's stop) is ilana Coffee. As best as I can discern, that is the actual name of the place, with "ilana" in all lower case (and non-possessive) and with "Coffee", not "Café" nor "Coffeehouse" designator. After this place, there is going to be several blocks (at least twelve to fourteen from my best guesstimate) before we come upon the next café, coffeehouse, or Coffee, even.

There are eleven tables for two inside and two tables for two-to-three outside on the sidewalk area. I mistakenly decided to sit outside this morning as it was not raining (yet) and it was comfortable enough as long as I kept my coat on. (And, yes, I am well aware that one should never end a sentence a preposition with. However, you try writing "... and it was comfortable enough as long as on me I had kept my coat." and see if that makes any better sense.) The reason I stated "mistakenly" is because I figured (again, mistakenly) that by sitting outside, I would also get some fresh air. However, there were a few Vietnamese guys smoking cigarettes (after cigarettes... after cigarettes...) the entire time I was eating. They were not smoking in the sidewalk café area, but were close enough that the (ob)noxious fumes kept wafting over to me and it really was off-putting. I suppose I could have just gone back inside and eaten my meal, but I had no idea they would be chain-smoking for the entire fifteen minutes I was eating there. Of course, as soon as I had finished eating, I didn't linger there finishing up my Chai Latte; I got up and left right way.

There are only a few other breakfastary ideas on their menu. Such as: Bagel with Hummus; Egg & Cheese Bagel; or maybe even a House Veggie Vietnamese Sandwich (Bánh mì? Bánh yù!).

I liked that the croissant came toasted, but the scrambled eggs were of the nucular version and the cheese wasn't really "cheese", but just that faux 'merican cheese nonsense. You know what would really have made this an interesting and fresh sandwich was if they had put some sliced jalapeños and cilantro leaves on top of the scrambled eggs (or even in with the eggs while being nuked).

I didn't check to see what they might have had in the way of any condimentary supplements. And for once, I had decided not to schlep any of my own hot sauces with me. This was another mistake, as some good hot sauce may have perked the sandwich up a bit.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Egg & Cheese Croissant ~ 5.9; Chai Latte ~ 6.5

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