Saturday, December 5, 2015

Angelina's Deli-Café

Richmond (District) Coffeehouses:
Episode 16

Place: Angelina's Deli-Café
Location: 6000 California[1] Street (on the corner of 22nd Avenue)
Hours: open Monday-Saturday at 6:30am, Sundays at 7:30am
Meal: Breakfast Bagel ~ scrambled (well, nookulered) eggs with spinach and cheese; a cranberry-walnut scone; and a small (12oz) cuppa whatever the House Blend was

(I may or may not have linked this Louis Prima song here before, but you try finding another decent "Angelina" EweToobular juxtaselection. Plus, it is a well-known fact that "C'e' la luna mezza 'o mare" translates loosely as "Breakfast Bagel with scrambled eggs, spinach, and cheese"; however, it is not confirmed that "Zooma-zooma baccalà" translates as "cranberry-walnut scone".)

Thus concludes all of the Richmond (District) Coffeehouses along California Street (up next: Clement Street ~ from West-to-East). The last coffeehouse along California Street happens to be Angelina's Deli-Café (alternately known as: Angelina's Café & Deli). This deli-café (or café-deli) has been a Richmond District mainstay for over thirty years now (since 1983). It is an Italian family-owned and -operated place, but for some reason, like a lot of other places, they have opted for la parola francese dannati: Café.

This place is super dog-friendly (that would be "super" as in the adjectival sense of "very"; I didn't mean to imply that Krypto frequents the joint). There must have been about eight to ten pupsters waiting patiently for their humans to caffeinate themselves while I was there this morning. Plus, there is a large jar of (freebie) dog biscuits at the front door to be handed out to the mutts. (I made sure to first ask the humans if it was okay to ply their grateful canine masters with a few of these before doing so.)

It isn't very large inside (the deli-display case takes up most of the space). The seating consists of: (inside) just five tables for two; and (outside/on the sidewalk) twelve tables for two (with lots of open sidewalk space for canine companions, too).

Other than the Breakfast Bagel (which, if you like, can be made con la carne di maiale morto in decomposizione) for breakfastary offerings, there really are only bagels with various toppings (I did like the sound of either the chipotle or sun-dried tomato shmears), a house-made (well, deli-café made [or café-deli made]) granola, or a house-made oatmeal (served with cranberries, raisins, brown sugar, milk). Additionally, there are many other pastries (muffins, scones, croissants, etc.) and deli sandwiches (if you want a deli sandwich for breakfast, I suppose) from which to choose.

This wasn't a bad version of a Breakfast Bagel (seeing as it was my only viable option, anyway). I went with a standard sesame bagel as the base. The pluses were that they use real Cheddar cheese (well, they are an official deli, so they had better not use any of that fake 'merican "cheese" crap) and the (sautéed) spinach comes from their deli-display case. Minuses: the scrambled eggs were of the nuked version (al di un forno a microonde); and (especially) they are un altro autentico salumeria italiana that uses formaggio inglese maledetto. Whyano Mozzarella or Parmigiano-Reggiano? Eh, Luigi?!

I didn't ask what they may have to offer in the way of any condimentary supplementation. I also didn't bother packing any of my own hot sauces with me this morning (due to recent tragedies, everyone knows that California is a non-"open carry" hot sauce state).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Breakfast Bagel ~ 6.2; cranberry-walnut scone ~ 6.7


1. Here's a little-know Cliff Clavinoid fact:

"California (Street)" is not named after the U.S. of A. State. It is actually named after the first Alcalde (a Spanish municipal magistrate; basically a Mayor) of Yerba Buena (the city which is now named San Francisco): Francisco José Ygnacio Jesús Maria y Joseph de Haro California*. The U.S. of A. State takes its name from him, of course.

*(No one really bought any of that majaderías, did they?)

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