Saturday, March 19, 2016

Honey Honey ~ Cafe & Crepery

Place: Honey Honey ~ Cafe & Crepery
Location: 599 Post Street (on the corner of Taylor Street)
Hours: open Monday - Sunday at 7:30am
Meal: Mediterranean (Savory Crepe) ~ Cheddar, onion, tomato, Feta, artichoke, olives, & avocado; and a cuppa (and a 1/2-refilla) America's Best 
Coffee Roasting Company (I didn't get which specific roast/blend, though)

(Sure, I have used this Sir George Ivan song [and more than once] before, but I am pretty sure that this is the first EweToobular juxtaselection of this particular cover version.

The second song is another cover by Sir George Ivan's daughter.)

I went to a new (well, for me) crêperie joint called 
Honey Honey ~ Cafe & Crepery. For some reason (like many other 'merican establishments), they do not use either the "é" in "Café", nor the "ê" in "Crêpery" (and I prefer the spelling "Crêperie", anyhow).

Due to it's location close to Union Square and the Theatre District, this place seemed to be very popular with the tourista crowd (well, those stupida touristas that didn't mind getting there as early as 7:30am). Like a lot of crêperies, you order at the front counter and get a number (mine was #4 this morning, Mr. Orr) and then they bring out the food when it is ready (I suppose if they brought out the food before it was ready, people might stop going there). This is a pretty large space with seating for about 50-60 people (or touristas); plus, there are three or four sidewalk tables for two people each.

There are still many other good ideas from which to choose: 

(also off the Savory Crepes section of the menu) 
Torino (Feta cheese, fresh basil, tomato, mushroom; this was going to be my second choice); Eggplant (Cheddar, tomato, garlic, fresh basil, sundried tomato, eggplant); or Salsa (Cheddar, onion, tomato, avocado, olives, salsa, sour cream);

(off the Eggs & Omelettes section of the menu)
Post Street (Cheddar, ham, onion, mushrooms, green pepper; which I would have ordered without the porky-stuff) or Athens (Feta, spinach, and olives; if I had been in an omelettey mood, this would have been my νούμερο ένα choice);

(and off the Dessert Crepes section of the menu)
(the classic) Crepe Suzette (orange zest, orange juice, sugar, and butter) or (get this) Baklava(!) (cinnamonwalnut, and white syrup; they didn't actually have an explanation point after the name, I just added that because it should; this one definitely deserves a return look-see).

This was a very decent crêpe, and I liked it a lot. There was a good amount of Feta (which a lot of places seem to skimp on); plus, it included real (whole) Kalamata olives. The artichoke hearts were of the brine-marinated type (which I much prefer in omelettes and crêpes), not the vinegar and oil-marinated type (which are okay in salads, but tend to muck-up the flavour in omelettes and crêpes). Now, I am not so sure how "Mediterranean" an avocado really is (well, to tell the truth, neither are Cheddar cheese nor tomatoes [historically]), but it all worked out nicely.

All Savory Crepes are served with either a salad, fruit, or potatoes. Of course, I went with the potatoes (Who in their right [or left] mind orders a d*mn salad or fruit when there are potatoes offered as a choice?!); and I was very glad I went with this choice, too. First impression: these are some excellent homefries!!! These were made with lots of burnt crispy-cracklies just like I like 'em. These are worth a return trip all on their ownsome. Because of which, I am claiming these as: Best New Potato Side-dish Find for 2016.

Unlike many crêperie places, they offer free Coffee refillas. So I made sure to get at least a half cuppa more.

Honey Honey ~ Cafe & Crepery offered the standard San Francisco Triumvirate of Hot Sauces (Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce [both Original Red Sauce and Green Jalapeño Sauce], Cholula® Hot Sauce Original, and  Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce) for condimentary supplementation. I just used some of my own Old St. Augustine Datil Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on half of the potatoes and some Lucky Dog Medium Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on the other half of the potatoes.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Mediterranean (Savory Crepe) ~ 6.8; homefries ~ 7.4

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