Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Corner Store

(There were actual photos to go along with this morning's 'blog-entry, but the stupid photographer has somehow misplaced all of the photos that he downloaded. His incompetence knows no bounds, it seems, when it comes to all this computer-stuff.)

Place: The Corner Store
Location: 5 Masonic Avenue (on the corner of Geary Boulevard)
Hours: open Saturday & Sunday at 10:00am for "Brunch"
Meal: Breakfast (even though this was actually served at "Brunch") Sandwich ~ sunny-side egg, bacon (which I subbed with slices of avocado), basil aioli, burrata[1], arugula, pain de mie bun, home fries (which I subbed with a potato pancake); a glassa Apple Cinnamon (off the House Soda and Shrubs portion of their menu); and, afterward, a cuppa (pour-over style) Costa Rica La Tirra Honey at Snowbird Coffee

I am surprised that it has been over three years since I last went to The Corner Store (see previous 'blog-entry from December 2nd, 2012). I remember really liking the breakfast ("Brunch", whatever) that I had there at the time, but for some reason (probably due to their "Brunch" hours ~ it's really close enough right down the street from me and on the corner of Geary Boulevard to almost be eligible for a Breakfast on Geary series entry) I haven't been back there, well, until this morning.

Unlike yesterday morning, the Sun was up early and shining brightly so that I sat outside again on their sidewalk patio-café area. It was even warm enough to take off my coat the entire time that I was there, too. I had arrived only a few minutes after they opened and the place was already hopping. There was no real wait to be seated, but they did seem to fill up quickly enough with the "Sunday Morning Brunch" crowd while I was there.

Their menu changes seasonally and they did not have the Ricotta Pancake that I had on my first visit. They really only offer a few options for stupid vegetarian-types (this was probably another reason that I hadn't bothered to make a return visit until now) on their "Brunch" menu. Some other ideas that I could have had were: French Toast (which they offer two ways: with fresh berries and berry jam, or with whipped cream and Chocolate sauce; I was thinking about getting this, but only if I could get it with both toppings); (off the Bennies portion of their menu, Elaine) Spinach Benny (aka Eggs Florentine; served with home fries); or I could have made a mish-mosh[2] breakfast with Veggie Hangover (biscuit with housemade [restaurant-made, whatever] veggie gravy), a side of two eggs (I was thinking "poached"), and either Cheddar Grits or homefries or a potato pancake.

This was a pretty decent breakfastary ("Brunch"-ary, whatever) sandwich and a much nicer looking meal (see above photo... oh, wait, never-mind) than you will ever get at Ronald's Rainbow Room (or the likes). The pain de mie proved to be a much better vehicle than that which Mr. Thomas would normally provide. I also liked the inclusion of arugula instead of plain ol' lettuce (and there was a good amount of it, too, as can be seen in the above phot... D'oh!).

I like that they have a choice of potato side dishes: potato pancake, homefries, or French fries. The potato pancake was not that bad either.

I did not really look around or ask to see what 
The Corner Store might have to offer in the way of condimentary supplements. I did use a little of my own Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Pepper Sauce on the breakfast sandwich (it actually paired very nicely with the fancified mayonnaise stuff) and some Fan The Flames Sriracha Hot Sauce on the potato pancake (mainly because they don't serve it with any sort of Apfelmus/applesauce; Was ist oben mit dem?). (Thanks for both hot sauces, Mom!)

Pay It Forward Weekend… or bugger off! ~ Part VI (cont.)

Disappointingly, The Corner Store no longer offers the choice of a cuppa French-press Blue Bottle Coffee and only has Mr. Espresso®, which is a fine enough cuppa, but I was looking forward to a really good cuppa this morning. Because of this, I skipped any Coffee with my breakfast and decided to head over to the Sunset to grab a really great cuppa Coffee instead. The Costa Rica La Tirra Honey at Snowbird Coffee is a single-origin roast, which they describe as "Bing Cherry, Tangerine, Brown Sugar"; I don't know about all that, it just tasted like a very good cuppa to me. This is the fourth or fifth different roast/blend that I have had now at Snowbird Coffee and they have all been truly exceptional.

While I was there, I figured this was a great time and place to carry on this weekend's Pay It Forward session. I gave the barista-lady (baristetta?) an additional $5.00 and told her to use it to pay for the next person's Coffee and if there was any leftover (and I bet there wouldn't be a whole lotta, as the prices here are juuuust a bit higher than your normal coffeehouse usually are) to make sure to put the change (if any) in their tip-jar.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Breakfast Sandwich ~ 6.5; 
Apple Cinnamon (soda-thing) ~ 6.8; 
Snowbird Coffee Costa Rica La Tirra Honey ~ 7.2


1. Burr-what-a?

(One again, I would like to point out that just how cool is it that there is a!)

2. (Not necessarily) stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day (mainly because Yiddish or Yinglish really isn't a language):

"Mish-mosh" is just Yiddish/Yinglish for "hodge-podge". (What "hodge-podge" means in English, you can look that up yerdamnself!)

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