Friday, November 25, 2016

Dave's Gilroy Café

A Breakfastary roadtrip

hit me like an omelette on a plate?

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Place: Dave's Gilroy Café
Location: somewhere in Garlic City, CA
Hours: open Sunday through Saturday at 7:00am for canine service only; open at 9:00am for human consumption (that is, if you are of the Walking Dead-type)
Meal: Dave's Special Tomato, Mushroom, Chedda[1], & Feta[2] Omelette ~ I really can't confirm exactly what ingredients were in this omelette, served with pancakes (as many as you can eat, too); a glassa freshly-opened-cartoned (no pulp) orange juice; and a cuppa (and several refillas) Dave's Gilroy Café house Coffee, a very robust ~ even though, I am pretty sure the beans were Arabica (that's just a little Coffee humour there) ~ Dark Roast Italian

I had heard very good things about a new restaurant way down Gilroy-way, so I decided to make the 83-mile trek to Dave's Gilroy Café on Thanksgiving Day; however, when I had arrived there yesterday afternoon, I found that they were not open due to some local holiday. So, I had to make the long 83-mile trek back home and try again this morning. Luckily, this quaint little place (have you ever heard of a "quaint large place") was open for business today.

As an extra added bonus for my efforts, I did get to sit at the Chef's Table for a change. This was an honour that I had never experienced before. Of course, I had to share the table with some guy named "Dave" (and three pushy dogs around and under the table). 

The only complaint that I might have about this joint is that the menu really needs some expanding. I was told that the only breakfast dish that they would be serving this morning was the one that I ordered. Jeez, give a customer some variety or something!

There are a couple of interesting points that I would like to make about this tasty omelette dish: 1) the inclusion of two cheeses (and I must say, I really liked the mixture of both the Chedda and Feta here) is always a good thing; and 2) the mushrooms were first sautéed in a separate pan and then deglazed with a nice White Wine before adding them into the middle of the omelette, this added a very nice flavour to the whole mixture.

I also liked that you got the side-option of pancakes instead of boring ol' toast. There was a large stack of pancakes provided (I think that I may have had four or five myself). And like many other fine dining establishments (that Casa Internazionale di Frittelle place comes to mind), they leave the potta Coffee on the table so that you can serve yourself as many cuppas as you like (I am pretty sure that I "liked" at least two or three myself).

Because I was not sure exactly what hot sauces might be provided at this restaurant (and because Dave had warned me to bring a few of my own with me the day before),  I came prepared with some of my own hot sauces and used a little Dixie Crossroads Hot Habañero [ sic ] Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on my omelette and Chef Dave even used some of my 
Old St. Augustine Datil Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on his omelette, too.

Due to the fact that I enjoyed the meal so much (and you can't beat the price), I will not be sending a formal complaint to the Board of Health. I really didn't think that it was very sanitary with several dogs walking around all over the dining area. Gawd-knows what kinda diseases with which we may have contaminated those poor canines...




Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Dave's Special Tomato, Mushroom, Chedda, & Feta Omelette ~ 6.5;
Dark Roast Italian Coffee ~ 7.0


1. In case none of you have ever heard of this extremely hard-to-find imported-type cheese:

2. And just because I can, here is a link for Feta, too:

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