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"Pop-up" @ Parada 22 Comida Puertorriqueña

El desayuno puertorriqueño completo, perhaps?

Place: Boogaloos
Location: (well, for Parada 22 Comida Puertorriqueña) 1805 Haight Street (between Shrader and Stanyan Streets)
Hours: open at 9:00am for "Pop-up" breakfasts only on Saturday and Sunday 
Meal: Vegan Chorizo & Eggs ~ 2 scrambled eggs with white beans, salsa, and green onions; a "side kick" of home fries; a large glassa orange juice to drink with the meal; and, for afterwards, while just walking up 
and down Haight Straight, a cuppa pour over-style Counter Culture La Golondrina from 
Stanza Coffee

(Sorry. I could not locate an official-type web-site for the coffeeshop itself.)

("Hey, Brian?! What's up with these the Beatles EweToobular juxtaselections here? I thought this place was supposed to be some kinda Comida Puertorriqueña." 

Well, first off, there was no way I was ever gonna link any m*ldito Ricky Martin songs on MY 'blog-thing.

Secondly, the restaurant was playing the Beatles songs exclusively this morning. It was very interesting, too; all the versions that they were playing sounded like the standard album versions, but seemed to have been enhanced[?] to sound like they were being played at a live concert or something. When I asked my waitress/server lady-person [who was una salvadoreña, by the way] about it, all that she could tell me was that they were being played off a Pandora® radio station.

And, yes, I suppose that I could have done a mucho bettero EweToobular juxtaselection by linking the Richard Starkey, MBE solo song "back off boogaloo", but, let's face it, everybody knows that the REAL the Beatles drummer was the much more talented Pete Best! the Beatles music went straight downhill after he left the group. Just look at the history: they only lasted another eight years or so after he left the group, and they have never recorded together ever again!) 

I headed over to the Haight for breakfast this morning and ended up at Boogaloos (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, February 8th, 2015) "Pop-up" at Parada 22 
Comida Puertorriqueña. I can only assume that there is some kinda relationship between these two restaurants (same ownership?). I have been meaning to get back to their original location over in the Mission, but it is still closed due to a fire from several months back (May-ish 2016). I confirmed with my salvadoreña waitress/server lady-person that they should be opening again... one of these days.

My original point-of-attack was going to be to revisit Sparrow Bar & Kitchen (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, November 14th, 2015). I had arrived on Haight Street a little after 9:00am and was just planning on walking around a bit until Sparrow Bar & Kitchen opened at 10:00am. I then remembered that Parada 22 Comida Puertorriqueña was now doing a "Pop-up" breakfast for Boogaloos and decided to go directly there instead; it ended up saving me about forty-five minutes of waiting, anyway.

I have eaten at Parada 22 Comida Puertorriqueña a few times before for lunch and dinner and knew that I liked their food, anyway. It is not a very large restaurant; it only has seating of five tables for two (three of which could have been made into one long table for six because they had those wing-extensions on the sides of each table), one table for four people, one large table for ten people (which could also have been used to seat five couples if they didn't mind table-sharing), and seven stools at a counter-seating area. As I was the only person eating there the entire time that I was there, it was plenty enough space for me. 

The "Pop-up" Boogaloos menu that they offer is not the entire normal Boogaloos menu, but it still offers many good choices. Additionally, there was a separate menu with three versions of Eggs Benedict from which to choose. If I hadn't gone with the choice that I did, I would probably have gone with Eggs Valencia ~ English muffing [ sic, I kid you not, and it was mispelded that way for each of the Eggs Benedict dishes descriptions ] topped with poached eggs, avocado, bacon (which I would have had omitted, of course), and Hollandaise sauce (I think a nice salsa ranchera would work better here, though).

Yeah, I mucho liked this desayuno. I really liked that this came with a side of habichuelas puertorriqueños (hence the silly subtitular remark above); these were braised white beans with green olives, potatoes, carrots, sweet peppers, and pumpkin. I have had this side dish before when I had lunch at Parada 22 
Comida Puertorriqueña and liked them then, too. I was also very happy to see that it came with a side of Tostones (fried traditional pressed green plantains with salsa rosa); I was even thinking of ordering a "side kick" of those in place of the homefries. Of course, this all ended up being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food for me; I did finish it all, but just barely.

Like BoogaloosParada 22 Comida Puertorriqueña offers their own fresh-made salsa habanera in bottles on all the tables. I asked my salvadoreña waitress/server lady-person if it was the same as the one that was served at Boogaloos, but she stated it was similar, but a different recipe. However, if her knowledge of las salsas was anything like her knowledge of la música, I am not so sure that it wasn't exactly the same. It tasted a lot the same to me, anyway. Because I was originally planning on going to a different restaurant, I had brought a few of my own hot sauces with me this morning; I ended up using just a skosh[1] 
of my own Florida Gold Premium Habanero 
Hot Sauce (Thanks, Kerry!) on top of the scrambled eggs and Vegan chorizo stuff. I suppose the usage of both of today's habanero-based hot sauces could 
be in honour of the passing of ol' El Presidente hisdammself (but don't count on it)[2].

Today's Coffee input was truly exceptional. I am not sure if I have ever had any Coffee from this particular roastery before. I liked this cuppa so much that I even bought a different 12 oz bagga their Tairora to check out for later use at home. I haven't tried any yet, but when I was grinding up the whole beans, it smelled realllly good. My kitchen still smells great (for a change).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Vegan Chorizo & Eggs ~ 6.7;
Parada 22 Comida Puertorriqueña's fresh-made salsa habanera ~ 7.2;
Counter Culture La Golondrina ~ 7.3


1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

It is well-known that "skosh" is Spanish for "just a smidgen". I have no idea how to say "skosh" in Japanese, though.

2. You can look up the origin of the word "habanero" yerdammself!

Now this is pretty funny. I saw several posts and references about "Fidel is dead!" this morning on defacedbook; it never occurred to me that it might be Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. I was reading "Fidel" as if it were a Hebrew or Israeli name in origin and was pronouncing it as "FIE-dle" (rhyming with "bridal") in my head and really couldn't understand whom they meant. 

Hey, don't judge me before I have had any Coffee that early in the morning! 

"Let ye who is without Coffee cast the first bean!"

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