Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Elite Cafe

"American Cooking with a New Orleans Accent*"

(Because "Jack the Spoon" just wasn't quite sinister-sounding enough for Herren Weill und Brecht.)

(I really have no idea what Tom is saying, but I like how he says it, all the same. Perhaps we should get Bob Dylan or Joe Cocker to translate this song into English.)

I went with a little touch o' New Orleans on Fillmore Street for breakfast this morning: The Elite Cafe. They were actually playing the above classic Mr. Armstrong song when I got there this morning, Macheath. The building has been on Fillmore since 1928 and The Elite Cafe has operated there for thirty years now. I had initially headed over to Fillmore Street to see if Citizen Cake had finally opened (see 'blog-entry from May 15th, 2010); they have, but they don't open until 11:00am now for "Brunch", which is way too late for my tastes, and their menu has changed since they have moved (read: not as many good things from which to choose, Orson).

The Elite Cafe is located along the Allée Café section of middle-Fillmore, Millard. There are several coffee houses all within a two to three block radius: Pe
et's®, St*rbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, Royal Ground, and a few other small local places.

The Elite Cafe is definitely a typical "Brunch"-ified place: cloth napkins on the tables (Who am I Dame Elton John at the Royal Wedding or something?), Cocktails Galore (that would be Pussy's hotter, younger sister), and they don't open until 10:00am. They did offer a complimentary mini banana nut muffin while I was waiting for my meal; it was only about the size of a shot glass, but free is always nice, no matter what the size, Lemuel.

Their "Brunch" menu isn't really all that extensive (at least for the likes of stupid vegetarians). I simply went with the Veggie Omelet of the Day ~ Spinach, tomato, onion, Crimini mushroom, and Brie cheese; with Baked Mashed potatoes and sourdough toast. (Once again, I would have expected a N'Orleans style place to use the more Frenchified spelling of “omelette”, which I normally use.) I also had a cuppa Thanksgiving Coffee and a glass of the Meyer** Lemonade off their non-alcoholic Eye-Openers menu.

My breakfast was not an awfully large portion (neither the omelette, nor the potatoes), but it was more than enough to fill me up (musta been that freebie mini-muffin). The spinach and Brie was a nice combination in the omelette, but I think that perhaps sautéed pears or apples may have been a better touch in place of the mushrooms. The Baked Mashed potatoes were good (some roasted garlic blended in the mess?), but I still prefer home fried or hashbrowns better with breakfast.

The cuppa coffee was not bad at all, and, because of which, I really didn't feel the need to hit Peet's® or The Coffee B
ean & Tea Leaf® afterward for another cuppa. Again, I was very surprised that for a place that is N'Orleans inspired that they didn't offer coffee from a local New Orleans roastery, or even coffee with some chicory in it.

Their condimentary supplements were the full-range of Tabasco®: Standard Red, Chipotle, Jalapeño, Garlic, and Habanero. I used some Chipotle and Garlic on the omelette, and some Habanero on the potatoes. I had come prepared with three from my own collection, but figured I would stick with the New Orleans/Louisiana theme (even if The Elite Cafe doesn't).

Just one little propriety/society rant of the day:
While I was eating my breakfast, there was a woman seated nearby that felt the need to breast-feed her baby. Now, I am not a prude, and I know this is a beautiful and natural thing, but the damned baby's head kept getting in the way…

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Veggie Omelet of the Day ~ 6.4; Meyer Lemonade ~ 6.5

*(For some reason, it is just sans accent aigu in their name, which I found kinda strange for a N'Orleans-inspired establishment). 

**(I really couldn't tell a Meyer Lemon from a Meyer Lansky. So here is a little info courtesy of our good friends at Wikipedia: )

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