Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baker Street Bistro

"Let them eat Pain Perdu!"

(I figured something classic and something newer, which should be a classic in another 25-30 years.)

It has only been a few months since my last breakfast at Baker Street Bistro (see 'blog-entry from June 11th, 2011), but I felt it necessary to stop by there again for a really good breakfast al fresco (I wonder what the French equivalent to that phrase is, or even the Italian) before the Fall/Winter sets in and we are forced to dine indoors. It was a bit chilly when I first sat down outside, but le Soleil popped over the roofs of the houses across the street while I was eating and it warmed up tout de suite.

I may or may not have used the above weather-worn signage as a 'blog-header before; it really doesn't matter as I like it. As I have eaten here several times in the past few years and have made many 'blog-entries about it already, (much like all my visits to Dottie's True blue café) I am running out of things to take pictures of (and I know it should be written grammatically correctly as "I am running out of things of which to photograph" or such, as it is improper to end a sentence a preposition with; however, anyone that would like to correct my grammar can either: 1) talk to grampar about it, 2) start your own stupid 'blog, or 3) off screw).

I parked over by the Presidio's Lombard Street Gate again, near the small grove of eucalyptus trees, and could only see about 3-4 Wild Parrots of San Francisco at the very top of one of the trees. This is a terrible shot, but hopefully you get the idea.

As I just had their Pain Perdu plus excellent on my last visit, I went with Oeufs Baker Street Bistro ~ ratatouille, poached eggs, English muffins[1], tomato sauce; served with home fries and mixed greens. I also had a goood cuppa their house coffee (well, several refills, too, to be exact) to round out the breakfast.

The Oeufs were très bons as always. As I have stated in the past, I am not that big of a fan of greens for breakfast (What, am I some kinda stupid vegetarian or rabbit or something?), so I asked my server to skip those; she suggested they would add more potatoes instead ~ "no salad, extra potatoes" ~ you can never have too many underground tubular fruits... nice!

For condimentary supplementation I used some of my own Trees Can't Dance ~ African Hot Sauce on the Oeufs (Thanks again, Cindy and Greg!) and a little Benito's ~ Original Naranja (Thanks, Brian!) on the potatoes.

The only thing I can think of that might make this a plus savoureaux meal would be to use home-made (restaurant-made) English muffins instead of plain ol' Thomas'® (nooks and crannies notwithstanding); it really matters not, as this is still my second favourite breakfast dish here ~ nothing really compares to their Pain Perdu, after all.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Oeufs Baker Street Bistro ~ 7.4

[1] I am pretty sure that the correct term en français is les muffins des porc-chiens kaniggits anglais.

This can not really be counted as a stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, as it is a generally known fact, especially if you are a fan of Le Cirque Volant de Monté Pythón.

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