Monday, September 5, 2011


(Sorry, I really couldn't find any good Labor Day Carols.)

I went back to Q restaurant & Wine Bar on Clement Street this morning (see 'blog-entry from July 23rd, 2011 for last visit). As it is now officially September (I hate those unofficial months), and this being "down-the-stretch" month for MLB, I want to make sure to utilize all of the Starters in my rotation before the playoffs begin. I once again sat at the "Wooly Willy" table, but there was still no magnet with which to decorate him; I really need to remember to bring a good, strong magnet with me the next time I go there.

There were a few good Labor Day Specials offered (which is just very fortuitous that it wasn't Memorial Day today): Horacio's Muy Delisioso Chilaquiles and Black Bean Corn Cake Benedict. I have had the Benedict special before (it was very good) and didn't really feel like Chilaquiles today, so I ordered off their standard "Brunch" menu: Make Your Own Omelette or Scramble ~ there is a list of about fifteen items from which to choose, you get to choose three ~ served with home fries and buttered toast. I went with Brian's Labor Day Special Scramble ~ smoked (red) onions, corn, and Cypress Grove[1] goat cheese. I also had a large glass of grapefruit juice.

Before they opened this morning, I stopped by Blue Danube Café/Coffee House (I wrote it like that as their menu says "Café", but their awning says "Coffee House") and got a cuppa House Blend. They offer both a House Blend and a French Roast, which is nice. The House Blend was decent enough. I don't know if they roast their own coffee or whose coffee they serve. I do know that they have been open since at least the late 80's when I first moved to San Francisco and are one of the older cafés/coffee houses in the Richmond.

This "Brian" guy is truly a genius as this was a very nice combination of ingredients, if I do say so myself. It was made with fresh roasted corn off the cob, Ty. The only problem is that I am trying to cut down on my smoked onion intake, and was down to a ½-pack a day. The Cypress Grove chèvre[2] was very good in here, too; creamy and smooth throughout the scramble. 

Q's condimentary supplementation are actually pretty diverse: Tabasco® (standard red), Tapatío®, Castillo® Salsa Habanero, and Original "Louisiana" Brand. I had come with a few of my own, though, and used some Tree's Can’t Dance ~ African Hot Sauce on the scramble (Thanks again, Greg & Cindy!) and also some of my newest Benito's Original Naranja on the home fries (Thanks again, Brian!).

Provided with the check today were two Tootsie Roll® Midgees® (the standard cocoa-flavoured ones, again) in lieu[3] of boring ol' mints.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Brian's Labor Day Special Scramble ~ 6.7

1. Cypress Grove Chevre (and in case you are wondering, "Hey, Brian, where's l'accent grave on the first 'e' in 'chèvre'?", Cypress Grove excludes it in their spelling; you got a problem with that, you take it up with the goats) is a local Northern California award-winning maker of goat cheeses.

I thought this was kinda cute, they are actually located at 1330 Q Street.

2. First off, I can't believe that my stupid Microsoft® Works Word Processor spell-check thingy doesn't recognize the word "chèvre". Doesn't Bill Gates ever go out for la cuisine française?

Deuxiemement, here is the stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

"Chèvre" is simply the French word for "goat", and generally it is the term used to signify goat's milk cheese.

3. Hey, Billy-boy, "lieu" is a French word, too, how come your spell-check thingy had no problem with this word?!

Stupid Microsoft®, that merde really gets my chèvre

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