Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chloe♥s Cafe

"Any Norwegian Jarlsberger[1]?!"

1399 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Phonicular contact: (415) 648-4116

(Still no official web-site.)

(Unlike some people *cough-Greg-cough*, I am one who delights in all manifestations of the terpsichorean muse.)

Whenever I feel like curtailing my Walpoling activities, and suddenly come over esurient, I sally forth and infiltrate Chloe
s Cafe (see last 'blog-entry from February 26th, 2011 ~ coincidentally enough, one year ago) and negotiate the vending of some breakfastary comestibles.

I can't believe it has been exactly one year (well, a year and a day, but the same calendar date) that I last ate at Chloe
s Cafe; I used to go there at least 5-6 times a year, but designated them for assignment out of my Breakfast Rotation due to the distance and (lack of) parking situation over in Noe Valley; now I just like to check in every so often to see how their arm is doing.

Chloes Cafe doesn't have a very extensive breakfast menu, but what they do have to offer is usually very good. I generally will order off the "Specials" board, which is what I did this morning. I had the Special: two scrambled eggs with fresh spinach, tomato, leek, and a choice of cheese (Jarlsberg, Cheddar, Cream Cheese, or Feta); served with home fries or a cup of fresh fruit and a choice of toast. I topped off the meal with a large glass of orange juice.

I went with the Jarlsberg cheese today as I just had Feta in yesterday's breakfast (and also the night before with dinner); plus, Jarlsberg happens to be one of my favourite of the "fermented curds", anyway. I opted once again for the rosemary bread for the toast (which was a great choice, as always); and whenever the choice of sides is between potatoes and fruit, potatoes will always win out (I can make a fruit cup myself). This was a good scramble, and I liked all of the fresh ingredients (of which there was a lot of all); however, I just think it was missing something special in it (fresh mint, perhaps?). Maybe I am just being a bit overly hypercritical because I always expect so much more from Chloes Cafe ~ of course, this is like saying: "Sure, Timmay Lincecum[2] really has his Fastball working today… but wouldn't it be nice if he mixed it up once in a while with a Knuckleball?"

Chloes Cafe only has Tabasco® and Tapatío® as condimentary supplements (I knew this from my many trips there); so I had come prepared with some of my own collection: in honour of the start of Spring Training, I went with a little Big Papi En Fuego Hot Sauce ~ Original Mild (Thanks, Kerry!) on the scramble and some Sylvia's Restaurant® ~ Kickin' Hot Hot Sauce on the homefries (Thanks, Sean!), which really has nothing to do with Baseball, but goes well on potatoes.

I forewent a cuppa at
Chloes Cafe as I figured I could get a much better one over on Main Street Noe Valley (24th Street) afterward. I was correct and got a very nice cuppa at Bernie's "A Local Coffee Shop", their daily roast today was "La Donna" (which beats the St*rbucks swill available just down the block and across the street). They are situated in the bottom of a cool old Victorian, which was previously the location of Tully's and Spinelli's before that. Bernie's is also a very dog-friendly place: they have a large water bowl outside so that your four-footed, furry friends can quench their thirst while you do, too; and they have a jar on the front counter full of freebie dog biscuits to give to the pupsters (I made sure to steal a few and give them out to some well-deserving dogs ~ making sure to ask the dogs' human companions for permission first).

3966 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Phonicular contact: (415) 642-1192

(No official web-site either.)

Luckily breakfast was a success and it was not necessary to shoot anyone through the head…

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Special scramble ~ 6.8; Bernie's "La Donna" ~ 6.9

[1] Now, I would normally defer (or demur, perhaps) to the "right propa" British spelling/pronunciation, and far be it from me to correct someone as intelligent as John Cleese; however, the correct word for this particular cheesy comestible is "Jarlsberg" ~ I couldn't find any references to "Jarlsberger" in any of my on-line searches.

Additional information courtesy of Wikipedia:

[2] Boston Red Sox fans, feel free to substitute Jon Lester* or Clay Buchholz in Timmay's place. Y*nkees fans, feel free to "Bite me!"

*(Not the cheese of the similar name, Red Leicester, of course: )


  1. I'm sure the pups thanked your for your generosity... and as usual, I'm reading this at night and want breakfast... curse you!

  2. Penny:

    1) There was one HUGE mastiff that ate them right outta my hands (they were not even a nibble for this big girl). She drooled all over me (which I figured on); after the fact, her human told me to be careful as she drools a lot...

    2) Breakfast for dinner is always okay.