Saturday, April 14, 2012


"The one with the grilled asparagus, pea sprouts, roasted garlic, and Havarti."

Seeing as Baseball season is finally upon us, I thought it was about time to revisit some of my Starting
Rotation so I went back to Ella's (see last 'blog-entry from January 8th, 2012) over in Laurel Heights, Norvell. I took a "window seat" at the counter that overlooks the bakery/kitchen area (no extra charge for the show, but I did make sure to tip the four guys working there a dollar apiece). There was even one dancing prep-guy: I saw him a-swayin' and a-boppin' to the beat of his own drummer while he was chopping up a heap o' potatoes; at first I had thought that he just really liked his job, but then I noticed that he had an MP3 earphone in.

(Yes, I know Linda Ronstadt's version is better, but Mike was the writer and recorded it first. Besides, Mike was another musician that was also a fellow veteran of the Air Force: e.g. Glenn Miller, Johnny Cash, Harry Chapin, Ginger Baker[1], etc.)

Ella's really doesn't offer too many choices on their Weekend "Brunch" menu (I think there are only ten items from which to choose), but what they do offer are usually very interesting and always incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients. Most of the items can be made into stupid vegetarian dishes with the exclusion of the dead, decaying animal flesh without really altering the taste (that is, if you are a stupid vegetarian, like me). I cheated before I even headed over there this morning and checked out this weekend's menu and knew exactly what I was going to order: Potato Scramble ~ with grilled asparagus,
pea sprouts, roasted garlic, and Havarti (with two eggs added in to the mess). This comes with a choice of fresh baked bread/toast; once more, I went with the honey-oat-raisin toast. I also had a glass of Ginger Orange Juice Punch.

If it were just asparagus in the scramble, I might have opted for this dish anyway; however, with the inclusion of the pea sprouts I knew it was a foregone conclusion that I was going to 1) order this, and 2) enjoy it mightily. I was also happy to see that there were lots of both the asparagus and pea sprouts; not to mention that the roasted garlic was a nice sweet and savoury addition to the whole mess.

Before going to Ella's I stopped across the street to get a cuppa mighty fine joe[2] of Blue Bottle Coffee, Giant Steps blend. I drank most of it while waiting in line for Ella's to open, and brought the remainder in with me (they never seem to complain).

Ella's has as condimentary supplementation just Tabasco® (both the standard red and green Jalapeño) and Tapatio®. Knowing very well what they had to offer from many visits there, I came prepared with some of my own collection and used some Serious Food… Silly Prices ~ Mango Hot Sauce[3] (Thanks, Cindy! This was newly opened and did not cause any heart palpitations like some of the other hot sauces you tried to poison me with… er, gave to me at Christmas.) and some Oaxacan Hot Sauce (Thanks, Manny![4]). Today's home-made (well, restaurant/bakery-made) jelly was a pretty decent strawberry jam.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Potato Scramble ~ 7.5; Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Giant Steps coffee ~ 7.0

[1] Only a few old hippies will get that joke.

[2] Here's a little-known fact, Mr. Clavin:

The Americanism "joe" as a slang term for coffee is a reference to Johann Sebastian Bach in honour of his "Coffee Cantata".*

[3] Unlike some of the more recent fiery hot sauces I was given at Christmas, this one was much more mellow and easily palatable without having to bring along an emergency supply of oxygen. The main ingredients are carrots, tomato sauce, habanero powder, and natural and artificial mango flavouring. I am sure that this one will not still be around the turn of the next millennium.

[4] Well, "Thanks, Me!" actually, but I am sure my old Air Force buddy, Manny Oaxaca, would get the joke.

*(Nah! Just kidding. You really have to check your sources before you believe everything you read on the Intro-Net.)

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