Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lucky Penny Coffee Shop

Breakfast on Geary, Number nine... number nine... number nine...

(No official web-site)

2670 Geary Boulevard

Phonicular contact: (415) 921-0836

(As today is Earth Day, I really wanted to link the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song "Mother Earth (Provides for Me)", but stupid EweToob didn't have it. Sorry. Hope these songs will do instead. I have no idea why Al & Peg Bundy pop up at the beginning of the Waterboys video. Be good to your Mother, Earth.)

(Am I in Stars Hollow, Rory? This is my kinda place! )

When I first started my "Breakfast on Geary" series, I really expected there to be many more restaurants to eat at for breakfast. Geary Street/Boulevard runs about 6.5 Miles East-West (or West-East, depending on which direction you are heading) across San Francisco; and there are probably over a hundred restaurants along it, but not that many that are actually open for breakfast. However, here I am at about the half-way west point (or half-way Annapolis) and I think I can count on one hand the number of restaurants left to try (even less, if my name were Ronnie Lott).

I went back to Lucky Penny Coffee Shop (see last 'blog-entry from October 1st, 2011) for today's breakfast. It is on the corner of Geary (Boulevard) and Masonic (Avenue), in the Laurel Heights/Western Addition/Inner Richmond triangulated area, right above the Geary Boulevard tunnel. If you are wondering why I have the restaurant name spelled as "Shop" with just the "S" in bold lettering, it is not a typo, this is because the last time I was there it was still dark out and the "hop" lights were out. Of course, this lame joke makes no sense in the light of day, but I can assure you, it really killed with Barnabas Collins and his group.

This morning I had a Spinach Omelette ~ chopped spinach and Jack cheese; served with hash browns (they also have it as two words on their menu; looks like I am losing my battle with the Spell-check Nazis at Microsoft®) and toast. They specify that you can order "3 buttermilk pancakes for substitution instead of hash browns and toast", which is a nice choice.

This was a decent enough, diner-style omelette. It was made with just (chopped) frozen spinach, but at least the omelette was very large and it was loaded with a lot of the green stuff. I stuck with the hashbrowns (Sorry, I prefer this as one word, Billy-boy; my 'blog, my rules!) and toast instead of the pancakes substitution and had English muffins as my toastery choice.

Remembering that Lucky Penny doesn't really offer anything more than the typical dinerish coffee (even if they have "Coffee Shop", or "Coffee Shop", in their name), I stopped beforehand for a cuppa coffee at Royal Ground Coffee (the one that is just a few blocks away; there are actually two shops on Geary Boulevard, by the way). Royal Ground Coffee is a mini-chain of coffee houses in the San Francisco Bay Area. This may have been a slightly better choice than ordering coffee at
Lucky Penny, but probably not by much; it was actually pretty disappointing for a place that specializes in coffee.

Lucky Penny only offers Tabasco® as its condimentary supplements. I came well prepared and used a little Palo Alto Fire Fighters Pepper Sauce (Thanks agains, Amys!) on the omelette and a little Cholula® on the hashbrowns.

Next up on Geary Boulevard: Mel's drive-in (redux)

Glen Bacon Scale RatingSpinach Omelette ~ 5.7; Royal Grounds Coffee ~ 5.9


  1. I'm suing for name infringement

    1. Hey, we have been through this once before. Unless your name is "Coffee Shop", you ain't got a leg (or paw) to stand on...