Sunday, December 16, 2012


"The one with the spinach, roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives, and Feta (just no dead, decaying ground pork) scramble."

In continuing going to all of the restaurants in my Breakfastary Rotation before the end of the year, I went back to Ella's this morning for their early morning meal (and even though they open up early enough ~ 8:30am, they still call this meal "Brunch"). Now this just leaves me with Dottie's True blue café left to visit before the end of the year (man, I sure hope the stupid Mayans are wrong). I got there early enough this morning (I was actually the first in line and I had only gotten there fifteen minutes early) to score a table if I wanted, but I opted for a counter seat right in front of the kitchen/stove area. I like to make sure they aren't gonna try and sneak in any of that sausage crap in my meal.

Ella's weekend "Brunch" menu changes weekly (or weekendly) with whatever is fresh and seasonally available. For those of you porkers, the Bacon, Cheddar, and sweet corn pancakes sounded interesting; I doubt that it would make much sense to order that without the pig belly bits, though. Today's Potato scramble ~ with butternut squash, pasillas, green onion, and Jack ~ also sounded good. I ended up ordering the House made sausage scramble (just without the piggy byproducts) with spinach, roasted red peppers (which, as mind-blowing as it may be, are an actual botanical berry, Cassy), Kalamata olives (which are not a berry, but, much like the faux-berry cherry, are also a drupe) and Feta. This is served with a side of home fries and choice of toast (I went with sourdough rye today). I also had a glass of Ginger Orange (and, strange as it may seem, this is botanically called a "modified berry") Juice Punch.

This was all simple enough, but had lots of great ingredients (most of which are some of my favourites). It was made with lots of fresh spinach, Kalamata olives, and Feta. The sourdough rye toast came with homemade strawberry (also not an actual berry, sorry again, Mrs. Morin) jam; both the toast and jam were very good. I am not sure if I have had this toast before, as I usually am pretty boring and always go with their honey oat raisin (Hey, good news! Grapes are a botanical berry.) toast. The only minus with today's meal was that the Ginger Orange Juice Punch was a little off; it didn’t seem to have enough orange juice in it.

I knew from all the times that I have eaten at Ella's that they only have Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (both the standard red and the green Jalapeño) for condimentary supplements. So I used some of my own Palo Alto Fire Fighters Pepper Sauce ~ the original/standard version ~ (Thanks agains, Amys and Brian!) on the potatoes. I left the scramble as it was and unencumbered by any of my stupid savoury sauces.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Scramble ~ 6.8

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