Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just For You Cafe

(Yeah, it's a corny song, but I still like it and it's perfect for the coming new year.)

Once again I trekked it all the way over to Dogpatch to eat at Just For You Cafe (see last 'blog-entry from May 28th, 2012) for breakfast this morning. I got there just as they were opening up this morning (8:00am) and joined the other early-bird eager customers.

I cheated again and knew what I was going to order even before looking at their menu. I have their Page "Liked" on defacedbook and it listed what their Weekend Specials were. I ordered A Special Frittata ~ open faced omelet with asparagus, red bell peppers (a real berry), cherry tomatoes (another real berry), and Swiss cheese; choice of home fries or grits (substitute a cup of fresh fruit $2.00) and bread. I also had a cuppa (well, and several refills) very good N'Orleans-style coffee (that would be with roasted chicory in it). Anytime a special includes asparagus, I am usually right there.

I had the frittata with homefries, of course, and I chose cinnamon-raisin bread for my toast. The frittata was an excellent choice as it was made with lots of fresh asparagus, which is always good when it is stated as one of the ingredients, but I have seen it before where you are lucky to get one measly spear in a dish. I assume the asparagus must be from South America to be fresh this time of the year as it's a spring vegetable. Swiss cheese was an interesting choice; in a frittata, I would probably have gone with something more Italiany (like Parmesan), but the Swiss worked very well. The cinnamon-raisin bread toast was also a very good choice; all of their breads are fresh-baked on the premises.

It didn't look like it at first, but it was a lot of food to eat. I suggest that if you ever go there with a group of people to be sure to order their fresh beignets, also, as they really are very good and shouldn't be missed if you have room for them.

Just For You Cafe has a very good selection of condimentary supplements. Knowing this, I usually don't bother to bring any of my own collection with me and usually make a choice from one of theirs. I used some El Yucateco® XXXtra Hot Sauce Salsa Kutbil-ik® de Chile Habanero (which I also have in my collection currently, anyway) on the potatoes. I also saw that they have a new bottle that I have never tried before ~ Chef Michael's Ruin Your Day Pepper Sauce. It has a minimal warning on the label, but from past experience I knew better than to pour a large amount out before testing it. I literally used one drop on one of the potatoes and dipped my finger in it to taste it. It wasn't "the hottest" sauce that I have ever had, but it's up there. Like a lot of these sneaky bastages, it doesn't smell as if it would be that potent (it smelled very tasty), but it really is. I immediately felt the heat and it actually made me choke for a bit. I can't image someone using a lot of this stuff at one time. How hot is this stuff you ask? It is so hot that they don't even dare put up a web-site (well, I could find no links on either Google or Yahoo!) in case there are any legal repercussions (or plain ol' concussions caused).

For a change, it was a nice morning for the long drive cross-town, but it's always worth the trip to eat at this place, anyway.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: A Special Frittata ~ 7.0; Chef Michael's Ruin Your Esophagus… er, Day Pepper Sauce ~ fuggedaboudit!

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